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This podcast series explores the current and future landscape of privacy and security, while also delving into the challenges professionals face in an increasingly turbulent privacy-conscious world.

PrivSec Global Podcast with Microsoft – Privacy as a fundamental human right

Episode 1 – Steve Wright, GDPR Advisor to Bank of England

Episode 2 – Joe Dignan, IoT & Smart City Expert 

Episode 3 – Rowenna Fielding, Professional Data Protection Nerd & Information Governance Geek

Episode 4 – Julia Porter, Marketing Leader & GDPR Specialist

Episode 5 – Chris Combemale, Group CEO, DMA

Episode 6 – Anthony Lee, Anthony Lee, Partner at DMH Stallard specialising in Data Protection

Episode 7 – Vicki Gavin, Head of Cyber Risk at Artemis Fund Managers

Episode 8 -Flavius Plesu, Former Senior Information Security at Bank of Ireland

Episode 9 – Ralph O’Brien, Vice Chairman of UK Data Protection Forum 

Episode 10 – Zoë Rose, Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Baringa Partners

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Nigel Tozer of Commvault discusses Back-up and Recovery in the Cloud

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Abigail Dubniecki & Gilbert Hill discuss Privacy-by-Design

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Hayley Jaffrey discusses GDPR Implementation: Herding Cats

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Tash Whitaker discusses the Ever-Changing Faces of Anonymity

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Richard Merrygold discusses challenges and solutions for SARs

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Alex Pezol discusses meeting data protection compliance and obligations

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Panel discussion – Managing Data Flows with Third Parties

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Panel Discussion – Privacy By Demand For Data Migration To The Cloud

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Paul Breitbarth discusses building a global data privacy compliance program

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Nigel Hawthorn discusses cloud security

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Ivana Bartoletti discusses privacy in the age of big data and algorithms

Live @ EU DPS ’19 – Max Schrems discusses data transfers after Brexit

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – Emma Martins – “What Does Effective Regulation Look Like?”

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – Steve Wright – “Where Are We In The Global Privacy Landscape?”

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – David Sinclair – “What GDPR Pros Need to Know: The CCPA & US Privacy Laws”

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – Panel Discussion – “Designing An Effective Privacy Team”

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – Brian O’Connor – “Practical Implications Of Data Protection”

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – Panel Discussion – “International Data Flows”

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – Stevan Stanojevic – “Creating a Global Privacy Programme”

Live @ PrivSec Dublin ’19 – An Interview with Max Schrems and David Carroll

Episode 10 – Richard Merrygold, Data Protection Officer, iSTORM Solutions

Live @ PrivSec London – Bernard Swierczyna – ‘The Top Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Companies Today’

Live @ PrivSec London – Bharat Thakrar – ‘Cyber Security Culture: Skills Retention & Training’

Live @ PrivSec London – William Long – ‘Data Protection and Brexit: The UK as a Third Country’

Live @ PrivSec London – Richard Merrygold – ‘Article 27: Appointing an EU Representative’

Live @ PrivSec London – Aisling Costello – ‘Evolution of Blockchain’

Live @ PrivSec London – Tash Whitaker & Rowenna Fielding – Health and Data Protection FAQs

Last Thursday in Privacy – Johnny Ryan – The Data Protection Crisis of Online Advertising

Last Thursday in Privacy – Panel Discussion – COVID-19 And Data Privacy And Surveillance

Last Thursday in Privacy – Panel Discussion -Privacy by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments