European Commission adopts adequacy decision on Japan, creating the world’s largest area of safe data flows

The Commission has adopted its adequacy decision on Japan, allowing personal data to flow freely between the two economies on the basis of strong protection guarantees. The last step in the EU-Japan agreement procedure was finalised yesterday, which allows the world’s largest area of safe data flows. Launched in September 2018, the adequacy decision included […]

‘Finished Intelligence’ is a requirement for successful security

For executive protection teams tasked with safeguarding business leaders in an increasingly complex threat landscape, having rapid access to relevant information is essential. But as more threat actors shift operations online—and often to illicit, exclusive communities and platforms—many of the insights most useful to executive protection teams are becoming decentralised and difficult to access. These […]

Report reveals the dangers and trends of malware through 2018

Last year, the arrival of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation sent shockwaves through the world of data protection. Big corporates registered record-breaking data breaches, while pre-GDPR transgressions such as those committed in the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal fell under heightened scrutiny of a more privacy-conscious age. But as the global drive to protect user data […]

20,000 advisers hit by BlackRock data leak in the US

Last week the asset manager BlackRock revealed that it had been hit by a data leak which has impacted upon around 20,000 of its advisers, including 12,000 at LPL Financial. Among details lost in the leak were names, email addresses and other items of sensitive information. In an official statement, BlackRock said: “BlackRock inadvertently posted […]

Has GDPR made marketers more data conscious?

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 has undoubtedly disrupted inbound and digital marketing strategies. From adding compliance overhead to the soaring cost of inbound campaigns and fear of non-compliance undermining confidence in outbound campaigns, marketers are struggling to meet revenue targets. But GDPR has also served as a massive […]