Data privacy pioneer and founder, Max Schrems to speak at EU Data Protection Summit

In 2011, Austrian law student, Max Schrems requested his personal data from Facebook as part of college research, and was shocked by the results. Facebook had a record of his entire user history, from pages he’d ‘liked’ to private messages he’d sent. Even personal communications regarding a friend’s health, which Schrems had deleted, were still […]

EU to consolidate and network cybersecurity to help fight online crime

The EU is enhancing its efforts in Europe’s ongoing struggle against net-based crime with a new initiative set to unify and network its expertise in research, tech and industrial development for cyber-security. The Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee recently gave the green light to authorities in Romania to begin discussions with the European Parliament to create […]

One Year on from the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Just one year after news broke of the shocking relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, the scandal has lost none of its relevance in terms of how organisations worldwide handle data on consumers and employees. The UK-based analytics company created an app linked with Facebook that uncovered personal information about millions of the social network’s […]

Tokenex: GDPR and the Future of Privacy

In 2018, the information security industry received a new standard for privacy: the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since its implementation on May 25, the law has revolutionised the way companies around the globe handle and store personal data, forcing entities to re-evaluate their methods for securing sensitive information and pushing security, IT […] suffers major data breach

Email platform, has suffered a major data breach that has compromised around 2 billion records, reports reveal. The intrusion, discovered by security research, Bob Diachenko, has put countless personal email addresses and names into the public domain. Working in collaboration with colleague, Vinny Troia, traced the breach back to, an email validation service. […]