Tips to securing a privacy budget

Privacy is historically underfunded when it comes to company budgets, even as “data privacy” has become a popular topic. Some stakeholders view regulations, like the GDPR or CCPA, as a one-time, check-the-box project, and therefore fail to fund appropriately. However, those handling privacy management on a day-to-day basis know this is not the case when […]

Josephine Harriman explores privacy as an enabler for Financial Services at PrivSec London

We are delighted to announce that cybersecurity expert, Josephine Harriman will be speaking at PrivSec London, coming to the QEII Exhibition Centre on February 4th and 5th 2020.  PrivSec London will bring together industry professionals from around the globe for two days of presentations and discussion, to tackle the biggest challenges and opportunities in the […]

How to Maintain an Up-to-Date Data Map with OneTrust Vendor Risk Management

In aiding more than 2,500 companies mature their privacy and security compliance programs, we’ve heard one question more than any other: “How do I keep my data map up to date?” There are many methods to maintaining an evergreen data map, such as with integrations and assessment automation. But emerging techniques, ones that use the OneTrust Vendor Risk Management platform in combination with our data mapping […]

Sheila FitzPatrick on the panel to discuss global privacy laws within organisational programmes at PrivSec London

Opening at the QEII Exhibition Centre on February 4th and 5th 2020, PrivSec London is a two-day conference packed full of the very latest expert insight on data privacy and cyber security issues affecting the world today. The event offers CEOs, CISOs, data practitioners and IT professionals opportunity to network, share knowledge and ideas while […]

#Privacy: Facial recognition tech is destined to face the regulators

Proving your identity with your biology has quickly become a large part of our daily life, driven by exponential rise of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, with facial recognition technologies at the forefront of this trend. Across the world, customers of Delta can use facial recognition to board at certain airports; Aibo, Sony’s robot dog, can interact differently with […]

Exclusively at PrivSec London, Greg van der Gaast discusses a fundamental necessity for data protection

PrivSec London presents two days of content-rich keynote talks and panel debates designed to address the most pressing business issues on today’s data privacy and cyber security landscape. Coming to the QEII Exhibition Centre on February 4th and 5th 2020, delegates at PrivSec London can share knowledge, experience and ideas while learning from industry experts […]

For fintech to gain mainstream adoption, the spotlight must be turned to data privacy

In 2019, the fintech world was abuzz with new players and developments. Much of the attention had turned to rising startups, taking on traditional financial institutions with non-bank alternatives powered by tech such as blockchain. However, for consumers tempted to take the plunge, data leaks and hacks continue to be a haunting shadow that is […]