PrivSec Job Focus: Paul Lanois, Director, Fieldfisher

In our latest reader-submitted Q&A, Paul Lanois talks about the ever-evolving nature of privacy What is your full job title? My full job title is Director, Technology, Outsourcing and Privacy, at Fieldfisher (a European law firm) in their Silicon Valley (USA) office. Which industry do you work in? My practice covers information governance, data protection, privacy, cybersecurity […]

What the Brexit trade agreement says about data protection, privacy and cybersecurity

We now have a trade agreement in place in time for the end of the Brexit transition period tonight. But what does the document say about data protection, privacy and cybersecurity? PrivSec Report pulls out the key points.   DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY The agreement makes it clear that as a general principle nothing in […]

At-a-glance: Canada’s proposed new privacy law

Privacy legislation in Canada will expand data privacy obligations. PrivSec Report summarises the key changes in the bill in its current form. In November, Bill C-11 for the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020 was introduced to the House of Commons as part of Canada’s updated privacy legislation, which will enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act […]

PrivSec Job Focus: Clive Hamilton, Managing Director, Orange Cyberdefense UK

In our latest reader-submitted Q&A, Clive Hamilton describes the challenge of countering ever-evolving security threats What is your full job title? Managing Director, Orange Cyberdefense UK. How long have you worked in the industry?  30 years. How long have you worked in your current role? 4 months. How did you get into your current role? […]

Microsoft – Reduce risk with an integrated approach to internal and external threats (sponsored video Q&A)

CISOs and security teams are facing more challenges than ever due to increasing complexity of expanding attack surface, more sophisticated cyber-attacks and additional security challenges brought by the remote work. This video session discusses a framework modern enterprises can use to implement internal and external protection across the threat kill chain thus containing exfiltration by […]

The importance of training: an interview with Lawpilots CEO Philipp v. Bülow (sponsored)  

Remote working, rising cyber-crime and increased data protection regulation mean that it has never been more important to ensure your staff are well-trained. In this Q&A, Philipp v. Bülow of Lawpilots explains what a good training programme should include. Could you present yourself and Lawpilots? I’m Philipp von Bülow, the Chief Executive Officer of Lawpilots. […]

Data locality is a compliance control, not a security control (sponsored)

Data locality is increasingly seen as important, but is there confusion as to why it matters? Microsoft’s Mark Anderson explains what he believes to be the real reason for its importance How important to you is that your data storage and its computation are kept close together? Intuitively you might think that long, cross-border distances […]