GDPR Summit London: the GDPR story so far

One month after May’s deadline, the GDPR Summit London comes to 155 Bishopsgate on 25th June to provide an overview of the GDPR story journey so far, and to offer industry-leading insight on how businesses can continue to grow compliantly. The dangers of non-compliance were brought into the public gaze recently with the Commissioner’s fining […]

One month in: marketing under the GDPR

Marketing is all about knowing your customer, but how are executives managing this amid the GDPR and a culture of data privacy awareness that is only going to strengthen? Make no mistake, we need to welcome enhanced data security and the tenets of Privacy by Design that the GDPR seeks to instill in our data […]

GDPR compliant secure enterprise messaging

With GDPR in full effect now, a GDPR-compliant Enterprise Messaging is no longer a recommendation for the enterprises doing business in Europe – it’s a necessity. With these key changes coming in place, it is evident that enterprises doing business in EU would need to take appropriate measures to protect the data of their customers […]

Buyer beware

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are likely to involve the movement of personal data in some way, whether that be relating to employees, customers, third parties or targets for marketing communication. And you don’t have to look very far to find a recent example of how personal information, or more specifically the safety of it, can […]

Navigating the future of GDPR

As we cross the first-month marker of the GDPR’s implementation, how are organisations managing their journeys to compliance and what have we learnt so far? One of the first issues to note concerns the negative and positive hits that user experience (UX) is suffering. Traditionally, UX optimisation has been fueled by huge swathes of indiscriminately […]

GDPR: what next?

According to The Economist, the GDPR is the most complex piece of legislation the EU has ever produced. It’s taken many months, possibly even years, for companies to comprehend the 99 articles and 173 explanatory comments that make up the legislation and put them into practice. And now, the GDPR is finally here. Pre-25th May, […]