The Great Hack documentary arrives on Netflix this month

This summer sees the arrival of The Great Hack, a documentary exploring the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal and how it lifts the mask on the dark arts of personal data processing. The scandal has its roots in the start of this decade, when an apparently innocuous personality app appeared on Facebook in which millions […]

The dangers of not being aware of our data selves

The issues surrounding personal data has come into the spotlight, especially since the GDPR legislation came into play. The legislation condemns companies and industries that haven’t fully followed best practice guidelines when it comes to handling consumer data. We’ve seen tech giants come under fire for the way they’ve mishandled consumer data, passing it off […]

PrivSec:Report Weekly Roundup

Each week, PrivSec:Report presents the top 5 headlines from the week’s news and upcoming events in the privacy and security industry. This week the ICO showed it’s teeth by intending to hit both British Airways (BA) and the Mariott with massive fines for data breaches, and the NHS has revealed how badly hackers want to […]

Three ways data and privacy regulations are impacting the marketing industry

Since GDPR came into effect, consumers have become ever more aware about how their data is used by brands. In fact, complaints against companies misusing customer personal data have almost doubled from 21,000 to 41,000 since last year, according to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. Regulations have also impacted the way in which brands are […]

Is your business ready to notify everyone it needs to in the event of a data breach? 

With data breaches an increasingly common (and costly) experience, most organisations understand the need to put in as many defences as possible against cyber attacks. While those efforts might keep out most, a single breach can wreak havoc across an organisation. It is therefore imperative that every business has a data breach response plan in […]

An enterprise-wide view of risk management

The third instalment in the PrivSec Podcast Series sees Nick James, CEO and Founder of Data Protection World Forum discuss risk management with Rowenna Fielding, Data Privacy Lead at Protecture.  Beyond being a fundamental pillar of organisational compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), sound risk management strategy will shed light on business problems […]