Deepfake Danger: How to protect your business

Deepfake technology is more affordable and accessible than ever. Where they once typically resided in the porn industry, we’ve seen deepfakes now infiltrate other spaces, from politics to popular culture to fraud vectors. A recent example is well-known indie band, The Strokes, appearing as though they are 20-years-old again in their latest music video, “Bad […]

#Privacy: Ensuring a privacy-respectful future for Direct Marketing and AdTech

As many countries around the world enforce “stay at home” orders and lockdown decrees due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our attention is rightly focused on the health and safety of citizens, medical care providers and other essential personnel. However, in addition to healthcare, concerns are also understandably being raised around how the global economy […]

Can ‘surveillance tech’ help defeat a second wave of coronavirus?

As the coronavirus crisis continues, governments are rightly concentrating on slowing down the spread of the virus and ensuring that hospitals and other vital services are not overwhelmed. But, as time goes on, thoughts will inevitably turn to what happens once the initial wave of the virus has dissipated. One possible outcome, in the absence […]