Third and fourth parties and data security requirements under the GDPR

Why it is essential for organisations to go beyond contractual protections to ensure appropriate data processing risk management in relation to vendors and their subcontractors. Managing risk around the processing of an organisation’s personal data by third party vendors and their subcontractors is complex and resource-intensive, and, in the effort to minimise costs, is not […]

Theatre Focus: GDPR Refresh at Data Protection World Forum

In the run-up to Data Protection World Forum (DPWF), the inaugural data security conference presents the GDPR: Refresh Theatre. Free of charge to attend among the Exhibition Theatres, GDPR: Refresh is two-day toolkit where delegates can source the knowledge they need to orientate themselves and progress on their organisations’ journeys to GDPR compliance. Attendees can […]

Robert Baugh, CEO at Keepabl: Document, document, document

Robert Baugh is CEO at Keepabl, a lawyer-led, Privacy-as-a-Service provider which implements compliance programmes that can prove decisive in the era of GDPR. With over 20 years’ international experience as a TMT lawyer, Robert is highly skilled in interpreting the regulatory environment into commercial, actionable, risk-managed-based compliance programmes. Below, Robert reveals his top tips for […]

Q&A with Simon Loopuit, CEO of trust-hub

Simon Loopuit heads trust-hub, a software firm specialising in personal data management technology that protects customers and employees alike. Ahead of his speaker session at Data Protection World Forum, our Q&A with Simon explains data governance and reveals how companies can leverage privacy by design to overcome the challenges of modern business. After dealing with […]

Data Quality Management: the key to successfully implementing GDPR

Data has a tremendous impact on the trajectory of an organisation as it relates to predicting customer behaviours and buying patterns, assisting with effective product management, providing organisations with competitor information and more. However, if your data is not accurate, complete and consistent it can lead to major missteps when making business decisions. Gartner estimates […]