Whitepaper: How to strengthen information security with data discovery

Today, every company is a data company. Every business, no matter which sector it claims to be in, is producing extraordinary amounts of data which is growing in size every day. We are all operating in the information age and data has become the most valuable commodity a business owns. There’s so much value locked away within it.

With massive increases in data comes risk too. And when nowadays there’s no longer a perimeter to protect, maintaining a strong security posture is challenging.

The problem most organisations have is getting visibility of their data at scale, right across the organisation. The sheer volume and complexity of data is a huge challenge. It’s easy enough to find the data held in one data store, particularly when it’s structured. Most storage comes with rudimentary data discovery. But it’s perceived as impossible to get visibility of structured and unstructured data across multiple data stores for the purpose of securing it.

The reality is that the management of data is a concern for data security and governance professionals. With remote working becoming the norm since Covid-19, getting visibility of devices, users and who owns them is almost impossible. Which means nowadays, a lot of the burden of privacy and protection relates to securing the data that’s held by the organisation, so getting to grips with it is crucial.

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