eBook: From Privacy to Preference

2 years after GDPR’s implementation (Europe), and just a couple of months after CCPA’s launch (United States), marketing departments are still in the dark about the data they can collect and how they will be authorised to use them.

Consent management is still causing headaches to those who are involved in collecting, storing and sharing it across digital assets. This is even more complex when operating in several markets, where different regulations apply!

Heads of marketing, heads of CRM and Data Protection Officers (DPO) are now all supposed to know and be aligned on key questions such as:

  • When am I required to collect consent, when not?
  • How do I make sure that user consent is properly collected?
  • How do I distribute my customers’ preferences across my client base?
  • How to manage consent in a satisfactory way across the users’ journey?
  • What KPIs should I follow to gauge whether my marketing efforts pay off?

This whitepaper addresses various issues around consent & preference management, and helps you better manage its complexity.

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