PrivSec200: Recognising privacy and security professionals from across Europe

The PrivSec200 sponsored by OneTrust recognises and celebrates those individuals who have made significant contributions to the privacy and security sectors. Our editorial team considered several factors in compiling this list, including; social media impact, knowledge sharing and community support.

Commenting on those who will be awarded, Ian Evans, Managing Director – EMEA, OneTrust said:

“I wish to pass on my preliminary congratulations to those who will receive the inaugural PrivSec200 recognition. These privacy and security professionals have led their organisations through significant regulatory change and created sustainable programmes to keep up with the changing global environment.”

Founder and CEO of Data Protection World Forum, Nick James added:

“We’re delighted to unveil the PrivSec200, featuring privacy and security professionals who are making a difference to their organisations and the wider community.”

If you appear on the list but you’ve not yet had your complimentary VIP tickets to PrivSec Dublin, please let us know here.

Alexander Porsman
Head of Legal Affairs
Nomeco A/S
Alexander is currently the Head of Legal Affairs at Nomeco A/S. Prior to that role, Porsman was the Senior Advisor, Privacy Officer at DK Hostmaster A/S. Additionally Porsman is a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM).

Linkedin: Alexander Porsman

Andre Stivala
Data Protection Officer & Privacy Consultant
GDPR Services Malta
Andre initially started his education career in Sound but then found a new path in Data Protection and Privacy for GDPR Services Malta. Stivala has worked as a DPO & Privacy Consultant for over nearly two years, and helps organisations design a tailored data protection and privacy framework around their data processing activities.

Linkedin: Andre Stivala

Andrea Ravaioli
Global Privacy Officer
Schroders Group
Andrea has over 10 years of experience in Information Security and Data Protection. He began his career as Program Manager  and ascended to Manager of Compliance, Security Architect and finally into a strategic advisory role in a risk management consulting firm with Global Presence.

Linkedin: Andrea Ravaioli

Andrew Cox
Head of Privacy
SNC- Lavalin
Andrew is the Head of Data Privacy and Group DPO at SNC-Lavalin. Prior to this, Cox worked at Atkins as the Group Head of Data Privacy. Due to his extensive knowledge around Data Privacy, Cox has become a prominent conference speaker.

Linkedin: Andrew Cox

Andrew Fisher
Data Privacy Officer
Andrew is an expert in International Data Protection, GDPR and the EU-US Privacy Shield. Globally, in the IT sector, he has been a prominent figure in language translation and legal compliance. Prior to his role as Data Privacy Officer at SLD PLC, Fisher worked as a senior consultant at Fisher Legal Risk Management.

Linkedin: Andrew Fisher

Anna Maria Björklund
Data Protection Officer
Anna Maria is currently the Nordic DPO at Capgemini. Prior to this role, she was a Group Privacy Officer at Swedbank.

Linkedin: Anna Maria Björklund

Anny Pinto Zeballos
Group Data Protection Officer and Head IT Legal

The Adecco Group
Anny is the Chief Privacy Officer and Head IT Legal at The Adecco Group. She leads a programme that impacts jurisdictions around Privacy as well as manages initiatives to streamline privacy in the organisation,advising 23 privacy experts to carry her vision through. 

Linkedin: Anny Pinto Zeballos

Anthony Barratt
Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary
As Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary, Anthony manages all legal officers for the global leader in plant-based Nutrition, Upfield. He has provided support to multinational organisations  across Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand and is responsible for global IP and all privacy related matters.

Linkedin: Anthony Barratt

Attila Kovacs
Information Security Officer
KPMG, Global Services, Hungary
Attila works at KPMG as the Information Security Officer. He ensures compliance with KPMG’s global information security policies and standards. He has been instrumental in establishing local policies and initiatives to facilitate maximum compliance within the organisation.

Linkedin: Attila Kovacs

Aurélie Pols
Data Protection Officer
Aurélie is the DPO at mParticle. Prior to that, Pols was the Co-Founder of Competing On Privacy and Mind Your Group, in Spain, which addressed social issues around Social media among other important themes. Pols has used her prominence to teach others on the topic of Ethics and Privacy.

Linkedin: Aurélie Pols

Biju Mukund
Global Head of Consumer Data Governance and Privacy
Having established the global privacy programme for Unilever, as Global Head of Consumer Data Privacy and Governance, Biju’s present role is to take the privacy portfolio to the next level of data excellence. Mukund is tasked with transforming the perception of privacy from a ‘legal’ obligation to a ‘core’ capability for Marketers.

Linkedin: Biju Mukund

Caroline Hooper
Global Data Protection Officer
Prior to working as Global DPO at, Caroline worked as a Senior Privacy Counsel and Legal & Privacy Counsel for the same company, providing  an advisory role for the development of the companies necessary privacy initiatives and products. Her role in the company has continued on a trajectory of ascending prominence. 

Linkedin: Caroline Hooper

Charlotte Staples
Data Protection Manager

Charlotte has worked for Harrods, within a protection capacity, for nearly 4 years. She now stands as the company’s Data Protection Manager. Having had previous experience guiding customers on best practices around risk and compliance, Charlotte has played an extremely important advisory role within large organisations including the British Heart Foundation and NSPCC.

Linkedin: Charlotte Staples

Christian Wiese Svanberg
Chief Privacy Officer & Head of Centre for Data Protection
Danish National Police
Christian leads a team of 14 legal and privacy experts in the Center for Data Protection, for the Danish National Police. The organisation deals with matters concerning inter alia compliance checks and the design of large it-projects.

Linkedin: Christian Wiese Svanberg

Christophe Baur
Data Privacy Officer
NGI Bank
Christophe is currently leading the GDPR implementation work for retail bank, ING, with a substantial international footprint. Previously, Baur worked as a data protection expert at MGSI Sarl and has accumulated experience in the field to deliver relevant privacy programmes.

Linkedin: Christopher Baur

Cristina Cabella
General Counsel
IBM Europe
Cristina is currently a member of the General Counsel for IBM Europe. She is also the Global Privacy Legal leader and Data Protection Officer for IBM. Cabella contributes actively in developing initiatives in support of the awareness and leadership of  ‘the women in IBM.’

Linkedin: Cristina Cabella

Dr. Daniel Neulinger
Chief Data Privacy Officer
Airplus International
As the Chief Data Privacy Officer at the travel payment company Airplus International, Dr. Daniel Neulingerhas played an important role in the security division of financial services. Having accumulated over 8 years’ experience as an attorney at law, Daniel brings a unique perspective within the field and continues to uphold innovative security processes at Airplus.

Linkedin: Daniel Neulinger

Darren Hampton
Data Protection Officer and Director
Carnival UK
Darren is the DPO and Privacy Director at Carnival UK. His background spans both the  public and private sector and he is a vocal advocate for secure-by-design and private-by-design principles.

Linkedin: Darren Hampton

Dave Wonnacott
Chief Data Protection Officer
The Unlimited Group
Dave is working as the Chief DPO at Prophecy Unlimited, where he has a significant responsibility in the Data team. He is  primarily working towards full GDPR compliance. Additionally, Wonnacott works at Prophecy’s parent company, The Unlimited Group, as the Group DPO.

Linkedin: Dave Wonnacott

David Alexander
Global Senior Privacy Manager
David is an ISEB qualified Senior Privacy Manager at innovative entertainment company, Sony. Alexander has combined his passions for music and tech through co-founding the global music start up, Sofar Sounds. 

Linkedin: David Alexander

David Mallon
Data Protection Officer
Clydesdale Bank
David is the Group DPO at Clydesdale Bank. As part of this role, Mallon has overall authority over the legal aspects of GDPR. He also manages the team that provides legal advice relating to the products sold by Clydesdale Bank plc, as well as issues around the Banks conduct and remediation.

Linkedin: David Mallon

David Reynolds
Head of Data Privacy
David has been working at Barclays since 2012, and now takes the position as the Head of Data Privacy. Prior to that, Reynolds was the Lead Policy Officer for the ICO’s Business and Industry Group. Reynolds has a broad knowledge of privacy and data protection compliance across the private sector, having worked extensively with organisations in the finance, utilities, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

Linkedin: David Reynolds

Debbie Feeney
Privacy Officer
Debbie is the Privacy Officer for Bupa, a role which she has been in for the past 5 years. Debbie is a valued member of the team at Bupa having stepped into this role after being with the company for 18 years at the point she became the company’s privacy officer.

Linkedin: Debbie Feeney

Denise Dolan
Head of Privacy
GDS Cabinet Office
As Head of Privacy for the Cabinet Officer GDS, Denise ensures a position of organisational readiness for GDPR is maintained. She supports business transitions  in support of GDS Privacy by design. Denise also has the responsibility of managing EU exit processes within GDS and promotes stakeholder engagement across leading Ministerial Departments, in order to offer quality assurance on Data Protection.

Linkedin: Denise Dolan

Diana Andrade CIPP/E, CIPM
Privacy Officer
Diana works at PPD as a Privacy Officer for more than four years. She is responsible for providing internal and external privacy advise in EMEA as well as for the implementation and continue support of the company Global Privacy Program in Latin America. She is specialised in privacy advice for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries. 

Linkedin:  Diana Andrade

Diarmuid Lavery
Compliance Officer
Cornmarket Insurance Services
Diarmuid is an experienced Compliance Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. Prior to working as a Compliance Officer/DPO, Lavery was the Operational Support Manager for Conmarket.

Linkedin: Diarmuid Lavery

Diluki Senerath
Head of Data Protection
Diluki has many years of experience working in privacy. Prior to working as the Head of Data Protection at Travelex, Senerath worked alongside the Chief Privacy Officer at Unilever, as the Global Privacy Officer & Information Security Counsel, leading the implementation of the GDPR.

Linkedin: Diluki Senerath

Dr. Tobias Korge, LL.M
Data Protection Officer
Dr. Tobias Korge has been a data privacy professional for more than 10 years and has exclusively working for large multinationals. Currently, as the DPO for Novartis Germany, Korge has global responsibility for setting the data privacy strategy, guidelines and program for the generics division of Novartis.

Linkedin: Dr. Tobias Korge

Emma Wharram
Departmental Data Protection Officer
Department for Education
Emma heads up the Data Protection Function at the Department for Education. She has worked with KIM, Security and Privacy in HMG for over 20 years as both a Policy lead and knowledge champion. Emma previously worked for the UK Ministry for Defence in data protection.

Linkedin: Emma Wharram

Enrique Angulo
GDPR & Data Privacy Programme Manager
Compass Group
Enrique has more than 18 years of experience helping large organisations deliver complex Business, Regulatory and IT transformations. Prior to working at Compass Group, as the Data Privacy Programme Manager, Enrique worked as a Data Protection and GDPR Consultant and EJA Consulting Ltd.

Linkedin: Enrique Angulo 

Eszter Arato
Head of Compliance, Data Protection Officer
As the Head of Compliance and Data Protection Officer at Ultinous, Eszter develops and oversees different control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal policies. Additionally,Eszter evaluates the efficiency of such controls and improves them continuously.

Linkedin: Eszter Arato

Eveliina Ervasti
Data Protection Officer
Eveliina has numerous years of experience in data protection and compliance. Prior to standing as the Data Protection Officer for S-Pankki,Eveliina was the Compliance Officer & DPO at United Bankers.

Linked in: Eveliina Ervasti

George Berry
Data Protection Officer
Hargreaves Lansdown
George has been the Data Protection Officer for Hargreaves Lansdown for over a year. Prior to that, he gained esteem, profile and managerial expertise, as the Data Protection Officer, and then as a Compliance Manager at Parmenion.

Linkedin: George Berry

Gillian Cossey
Data Privacy Manager
Virgin Atlantic
Gillian is an experienced Data Protection professional with 15 years of practical knowledge. Gillian has designed and implemented successful Data Governance awareness campaigns which have led to the successful revitalisation of employee engagement across the businesses in which she worked. She now stands as the Data Privacy Manager for Virgin Atlantic. 

Linkedin: Gillian Cossey

Gyorgy Moricz
Compliance & Privacy Officer
Gyorgy is an experienced Compliance Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical, banking and telecommunications industry. Prior to his position as Compliance and Privacy Officer in GSK, Gyorgy worked as the Head of Compliance & Anti-bribery at Vodafone.

Linkedin: Gyorgy Moricz

Harneesh Sangra CIPP/E
Data Protection Lawyer and Data Protection Officer
Boots UK
Harneesh is the current Data Protection Officer and Data Protection Lawyer at Boots UK. Her prior role involved working as the Information Rights Lawyer, and a Freedom of Information and Data Protection Advisor at the BBC.

Linkedin: Harneesh Sangra

Helen Woollett
Group Compliance Counsel & Data Protection Officer
The Body Shop
Helen has over 20 years international experience with data privacy protection, corporate governance, compliance and risk management and is currently the Group Compliance Counsel and Data Protection Officer for The Body Shop. Woolett has extensive experience with implementing and applying the EU GDPR.

Linkedin: Helen Woolett

Henri Kujala
Chief Privacy Officer
Henri delivers the privacy vision of HERE, defining, establishing and managing the privacy program compliance program and overseeing its implementation across HERE products and services. Prior to being a Chief Privacy Officer, Henri worked as the Privacy Officer in Security, Privacy and Continuity at the company.

Linkedin: Henri Kujula

Ilya Vasilenko
Global Risk & Compliance and Data Protection Officer
Ilya is a CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT certified privacy professional with a background in Computer Science. As well as working as a Global Risk & Compliance DPO at Starmind, Ilya was a member of the Board of Directors at Luchsinger Mathematics AG.

Linkedin: Ilya Vasilenko

Indy Virdee
Data Protection Officer
As a DPO, Indy ensures good and effective data governance across the College, BMet. Additionally she develops and delivers a comprehensive service across to ensure that BMet complies with its legal obligations under GDPR, monitoring compliance, raising awareness, data privacy and conducting internal audits.

Linkedin: Indy Virdee

Irena Berezkova
Compliance Officer and Certified Data Protection Officer
Rigensis Bank
As a Compliance Officer & DPO and the Head of the Compliance and Methodology Department, Irena supports and advises the Bank’s management and staff members about compliance and data protection issues.

Linkedin: Irena Berezkova

Iris Pekmezi
Chief Legal Affairs and Data Privacy Officer
Telekom Albania
Iris is an experienced lawyer with a background in the telecommunications industry. Iris used to work as the Manager of Legal Department before taking the role as the Chief Legal Affairs & DPO.

Linkedin: Iris Pekmezi

James Alexander
Data Protection Officer
UK Home Office
James is currently the DPO for the United Kingdom Home Office. Having accumulated skills and managerial expertise from his time as the Head of Privacy and Data Protection for  London transportation, he now also acts as the DPO for the General Register Office.

Linkedin: James Alexander

Jean-Marie Schollaert
Senior Director and Chief Privacy Officer
As the Chief Privacy Officer and Senior Director for the Pharmaceutical Company, UCB, Jean-Marie is accountable for their privacy compliance globally. It is also his responsibility to build UCB’s privacy compliance program.

Linkedin: Jean-Marie Schollaert

Jernej Mavrič
Data Protection Officer
LON d. d.
Jernej has built upon his successes within LON d.d. to ascend from Legal Advisor, Interim Chief Compliance Officer, to standing as the current Data Protection Officer & Information Security Officer. Jernej previously worked at the Data Privacy Recruitment Ltd, as a Senior Associate.

Linkedin: Jernej Mavrič

Jill M. Stoller
Chief Privacy Officer
State Street
Jill is an experienced audit, privacy and security leader with compliance and regulatory background in the healthcare and financial services. Prior to working at State Street, Jill worked as the Senior Manager, Information Governance & Privacy Operations at CVS Health.

Linkedin: Jill M. Stoller

John Burman
Data Protection Officer
Lloyd’s of London
John currently leads, supervises and monitors the data protection regime for Lloyd’s of London. He also has vast expertise within GDPR, drafting data, privacy and IT documentation and advising on privacy matters.

Linkedin: John Burman

John Giannakakis
Chief Privacy Officer
G+P Law Firm
As well as standing as the Chief Privacy Officer for G+P Law Firm, John is also the Data Protection Expert, General Counsel and Fraud Detection Specialist for the firm in which he established and  co-founded in June 2018, as a managing partner.

Linkedin: John Giannakakis

Karl Quinn ISEB
Group Data Protection Officer
Riverside Group.
Karl is currently the interim Group DPO at the Riverside Group. He has numerous years of experience within data protection, including being the Senior Manager for Group Privacy at the Paysafe Group, the DPO for Yodel and the Director for Data Protection Assist.

Linkedin: Karl Quinn

Kirsi-Marja Salmela
Senior Data Protection Manager
Wärtsilä Group
Kirsi-Marja is a privacy, risk and compliance management professional with a business background from IT and telecommunication domains. Salmela also leads global privacy programs and has developed privacy strategies, program plans, assessed privacy impact and has successfully managed change implementation projects.

Linkedin: Kirsi-Marja Salmela

Kostas Miaris CIA, CISA
Data Privacy Officer
Piraeus Bank
Kostas has worked at Piraeus Bank for more than 11 years, starting off as an Audit Supervisor. His talent and successes within the Privacy sector led to a steady ascension to his current position as Data Protection Officer within the banking organisation.

Linkedin: Kostas Miaris

Lars Ottersen
Technology lawyer and Data Protection Officer
Visma group
Lars is a technology lawyer specialising in technology issues, security, privacy, data protection and more. Lars has worked as a DPO for the Visma Group for more than three years.

Linkedin: Lars Ottersen

Laura Matthews
Head of Legal and Data Protection Officer
Laura is the Head of Legal and the Data Protection Officer at Debenhams and provides commercial and legally robust solutions to the full range of business divisions within Debenhams. Additionally, Laura is the Co-Founder of Knowse (Know In-House).

Linkedin: Laura Matthews

Laura Perrem
Privacy Specialist
Johnson & Johnson
Laura is the Privacy Specialist at Johnson & Johnson. Prior to this role, Perrem worked as the Privacy & Data Protection Manager at Virgin Media, and as the DPO for ABA Market Researcher LTD.

Linkedin: Laura Perrem

Lisa Townsend
Head of Data Protection
Johnson Matthey
Lisa is an experienced solicitor-advocate and DPO, working in numerous roles that include acting Data Privacy Officer at BT. Currently, Townsend is the Head of Data Protection and Group DPO at Johnson Matthey.

Linkedin: Lisa Townsend

Livia Rokaj
Regulatory Specialist & Privacy Officer
Vodafone Albania
Livia is the Regulatory Specialist & Privacy Officer at Vodafone in Albania. Prior to this role, Livia was an Assistant Professor at Beder University. She has been recognised as an excellent student in her Master Program in Private Law.

Linkedin: Livia Rokaj

Louise Diaz Thorpe
Chief Privacy Officer, Head Information Security & Technology Risk Oversight
Amercian Express
Louise has been working at American Express for seven years. She is currently the Chief Privacy Officer and the Head of Information Security, having excelled in company roles including Director, Vice President of Global Privacy.

Linkedin: Louise Diaz Thorpe

Mairead Wood
Senior Data Protection Officer
Mairead is an experienced Information Governance and Data Privacy Manager, with a history of working in the Government Administration Industry. Currently, Mairead heads up the multifaceted DPO service for HEFESTIS Ltd. She stands as the DPO for Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow Kelvin College, the Glasgow Colleges’ Regional Board (GCRB) and provides support to the City of Glasgow College’s DPO.

Linkedin: Mairead Wood

Marja Lubbers
Data Protection Officer
Brussels Airport Company
Marja Lubbers has been the DPO for Brussels Airport Company for over a year. Prior to that role, Lubbers stood as the Legal Counsel. Marja continues to fundraise for Think Pink Belgium, alongside her esteemed role as DPO. 

Linkedin: Marja Lubbers

Martin Collins
Chief Privacy Officer
Invesco Ltd.
Martin has been working in the independent investment management firm, Invesco Ltd., for 16 years. Originally starting as the Head of Information Security (Europe & Asia Pacific), Collins is now the Chief Privacy Officer.

Linkedin: Martin Collins

Martin Ojala
Data Protection Officer
Martin is currently the DPO for the leading sales CRM platform for over 90,000 businesses, Pipedrive. Previous to this, Martin was a Translator, for accounts and contracts, at COBALT Estonia.

Linkedin: Martin Ojala

Martina Duchonova
Group Data Protection Officer
CNP Assurances
As a Group DPO, Martina manages and coordinates the DPO team at CNP Assurances, and co-ordinates the data protection network. She has previously held similar positions with BNP Paribas and CNIL.

Linkedin: Martina Duchonova

Mathias Wikström, CGEIT
Data Privacy Officer
As DPO, Martina governs and ensures the awareness of company compliance with GDPR. He also delivers group policy for Privacy within Telenor Sweden. Wikstrom has years of experience working within privacy, business and intelligence fields.

Linkedin: Mathias Wikstrom

Merike Kaev
Data Protection Officer
Swedbank Group Estonia
Mathias works as the DPO for Swedbank Group Estonia, where he monitors and upholds GDPR compliance within the organisation. Merike has also previously worked as the Legal Adviser of Data protection law at the Estonian Ministry of Justice.

Linkedin: Merike Kaev

Mirva Peltola
Chief Privacy Officer
Mirva has worked within the data protection profession for more than 10 years. She has thrived as an Information Security Officer at Yle, a Data Protection Specialist at KPMG Finland and she currently stands as the Chief Privacy Officer at SOK.

Linkedin: Mirva Peltola

Nicola Whiter LLM
Data Protection Officer
Nicola is an expert in Information Rights Law, records management and information sharing.  She has specialist knowledge in the NHS Information Governance agenda and Care Quality Commission Standards. Currently, Nicola is the DPO for Ocado.

Linkedin: Nicola Whiter

Nicolas Nagel
Senior Data Protection Officer & Consultant, Head of Data Protection
Universitätslektor für Datenschutzrecht und Anwendungspraxis
Nicolas has a decade of experience in data protection and private matters. Nagel has worked as DPO for major companies including IBM Austria, and TUV Austria. Nicolas has been highly commended for his efforts in data protection and privacy.

Linkedin: Nicolas Nagel

Peter Slezak
Data Privacy Manager
The AA
Peter is a data privacy consultant with a wide range of experiences across the financial services, pharmaceutical/life-sciences industry, retail, and international education sector. Slezak has been working as the Data Privacy Manager for The AA for 11 months.

Linkedin: Peter Slezak

Paul Dyer
Data Protection Officer
The Co-operative Bank PLC
Paul is the Data Protection Officer for The Co-Operative Bank based in Manchester, a role which he has been in for almost 2 years.

Linkedin: Paul Dyer

Paulina Małocha
Regional Privacy Officer
TMF Group
As the Regional Privacy Officer for the TMF Group, Paulina is responsible for various country offices within Central & Eastern Europe. As leading Officer, she ensures that local service and supplier agreements with third parties are GDPR compliant, as well as in line with other data protection legislation.

Linkedin: Paulina Malocha

Pierre Deridder
Data Privacy Officer and Legal counsel HR
Pierre is currently DPO at SWIFT, having previously served as a Compliance Manager with the same company. He has a history of working in the financial services industry and has held senior positions with Deloitte, ING Comercial Banking, and GE Capital

Linkedin: Pierre Deridder

Rachel Diedrich
Senior Legal Counsel and Data Protection Officer
British Heart Foundation
Rachel is the current Senior Legal Counsel & DPO for the British Heart Foundation. This role begins Rachel’s career in data privacy as prior to this, Diedrich was an Associate Solicitor for Druces LLP.

Linkedin: Rachel Diedrich

Rebecca O’Leary
Data Privacy Officer
As the DPO for BT, Rebecca is an experienced advisor on how to comply with GDPR and ePrivacy. O’Leary advises the business on GDPR implementation and ongoing compliance with all the privacy regulations.

Linkedin: Rebecca O’Leary

Rebecca Thery
Chief Privacy Officer and Corporate Data Privacy Officer
As a Chief Privacy Officer and Corporate DPO for Hilti, Rebecca ensures the proper implementation of privacy solutions. She stands as the single point of contact for all data protection related requests of internal and external stakeholders on a global basis.

Linkedin: Rebecca Thery

Rebecca Webb
Data Protection & Compliance Manager
Pret A Manger
Rebecca has a depth of regulatory knowledge in GDPR and Data Protection as the current Data Protection & Compliance Manager at Pret A Manger. She is ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Implementation certified.

Linkedin: Rebecca Webb

Reinier Treep
Data Protection Officer
Royal Schiphol Group
Reinier has worked in GDPR and privacy protection roles for Nuon and Vattenfall, in implementation strategies for  Northern Europe privacy regulations. Currently, Reinier is a Data Protection Officer for the Royal Schiphol Group for Netherlands.

LinkedIn: Reineer Treep

Rhianna Kinchin
Data Protection Officer
For the last 2.5 years, Rhianna has been leading Privacy at Deliveroo, the UK’s fastest growing technology company. She spent 6 months at RBS with the Tech Legal team and trained and became an associate at CMS between 2013 – 2018 before moving onto Deliveroo.

Linkedin: Rhianna Kinchin

Rhiannon Hodges
Senior Data Protection Executive
Admiral Group Plc
Rhiannon has a broad range of experience in high level legal insurance, data protection procedures and compliance. Rhiannon also has a chartered IT certification within data protection. Rhiannon has worked as a case manager for NewLaw Solicitors and Admiral Law. She now stands as the Senior Data Protection Executive at Admiral.  

LinkedIn: Rhiannon Hodges

Rhys Jones
Privacy Officer
NatWest Markets
Rhys is the current (CIPP/E) Privacy Officer for Natwest Markets. Previously, Rhys has worked with other highly recognised commercial banks such as Barclays and RBS, within head Privacy Officer roles. Overall, with Rhys’ background in law, Rhys has excelled in ensuring legal and privacy compliance is followed effectively.

LinkedIn: Rhys Jones

Robert Parfitt
Global Data Protection Officer
Robert is the expert at International Global Data Protection, with Tag. He ensures data protection compliance as well as delivering an efficient data protection management system. With 20 years of data protection experience, Robert has developed his craft, holding certifications in CIPM,CRISC. CISSP, ITIL.

LinkedIn: Robert Parfitt

Robert Scott
Data Protection Officer
Imperial College London
Having accumulated over 5 years experience within data protection at Surrey Police, Robert is currently the current DPO at Imperial College London. Robert has been certified within the BCS Chartered Institute of IT for data protection and security management principles. 

Linkedin: Robert Scott

Rohiet Jakhari
Data Protection Officer
OGD ict-diensten
Roheit is the (CIPP/E) certified Data Protection Officer for OGD ict-diensten,he has advanced his career from previous experience as a risk and compliance officer. Rohiet’s main responsibility is to ensure GDPR regulations are imparted effectively and followed correctly within the Dutch Data Protection Authority. 

Linkedin: Rohiet Jakari

Ryan Fleming
Data Protection Officer
Ryan is currently the Governance and Investigative Data Protection Officer with Extern, a non profit social justice charity. Fleming has also worked as an Information and Governance Officer with the Northern Health Social Care Trust.

Linkedin: Ryan Fleming

Sarah Wanquet
General Counsel and Privacy Officer
Acxiom – Liveramp
Sarah has accumulated over 12 years as counsel around data privacy and compliance for Acxiom, a data and technology company that integrates consumer data analysis. Wanquet has also worked within other counsel skill-set roles for both Faith Technologies and Digiplug.

LinkedIn: Sarah Wanquet

Stephan Geering
Global Privacy Officer
Stephan is currently the (CIPP/E) certified Global Privacy Officer for Blackboard. Stephan has worked as a lawyer and deputy protection commissioner for a Data protection authority in Switzerland. Stephan has also worked as an Associate Director within privacy for Barclays and has been the Head of Compliance for Citi in APAC regions.

LinkedIn: Stephan Geering 
Twitter: @stephangeering

Stephanie Baker
Data Protection Officer
Stephanie has an extensive legal background. She has worked not only as a paralegal at ASV law. Baker has also worked within data protection for Orbus Software and has extensive knowledge of current GDPR effects and strategies. Currently, Stephanie is Data Protection Officer for Savills.

Linkedin: Stephanie Baker

Stephanie Simmonds
Data Protection Officer
Ernst & Young UK
Stepanie is currently the Data Protection Officer for Ernst and Young. Her experience within Data Protection and Law is extensive, having achieved recognition as Times Lawyer of the Week 2012. Stephanie’s law achievements has seen her work as a Policy Analyst for New Zealand’s Ministry of Economic Development and for the BBC as Senior Advisor for Information Rights. 

Linkedin: Stephanie Simmonds

Stephen McCartney
Eu Director of Privacy and Data Protection Officer
Holding 18 years of data protection and privacy expertise. Stephen was a national expert for the European Data Protection programme. He has worked with the UK regulator, ICO, as the Strategic Liaison Manager of Data Protection in Government and Whitehall. Since 2004, he has been in managerial data privacy roles, as the Policy Manager at Google and Director of DP Governance at Royal Mail. Currently, Stephen is an EU Director of Privacy with Pearson.

Linkedin: Stephen McCartney

Stjepan Perko
CEO & Lead Data Privacy Consultant
lolongo d.o.o.
Stjepan is the Lead Data Privacy Consultant for Lolongo d.o.o. He is also gaining his PHD in Political theory,  focusing on ePrivacy and GDPR. Stjepan’s career has progressed organically from standing as Croatian government MP advisor to leading the Lolongo d.o.o team’s data privacy initiatives.

LinkedIn: Stjepan Perko

Susan Bingham
EMEA Data Privacy Counsel
Bloomberg LP
Susan has a diverse academic and career-based background, from pursuing Law to Psychotherapy. Susan has worked for GE Capital as Lead Counsel for 5 years. Currently, Susan focuses on data protection for the internationally recognised company Bloomberg LP.

Linkedin: Susan Bingham

Susanna Koskinen
Privacy Officer, CIPP/E
Telia Finland
Susanna is a highly qualified professional Privacy Officer for the Finnish-based telecommunications company, Telia. Susanna has progressed at an accelerated rate within Telia, beginning at group managerial level to senior program level, and then as a current Privacy Officer. 

LinkedIn: Susanna Koskinen

Sylvester A. B. Galsgaard
Privacy Officer
Q-Park Operations Denmark A/S
Sylvester is a CIPP/E certified professional and is the current Advocate Legal Counsel for Vesterbro Retshjaelp (Civil Rights and Action). Sylvester has achieved academic successes within a variety of majors that explore practices within European Data Protection and Law. Sylvester is the current Privacy Officer at Q-park Operations, where he has implemented extensive GDPR frameworks. 

Linkedin: Sylvester A.B. Galsgaard

Tine Vandamme
Legal Counsel and Privacy Officer
NHV Group
Tine has accumulated academic achievements within Law, and specifically in European Criminal Law and Forensics. Tine has been a lawyer for 3 years at Lexcour Advocates. She has progressed to the position of lead legal counsel/privacy officer for NHV Group, which is one of Europe’s biggest Aviation operators. 

Linkedin: Tine Vandamme

Titta Penttilä
Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Privacy Office, EU Cloud Service
Huawei Consumer Business Group
Titta is certified in CIPP/E. Titta’s specialisms are within the telecommunications industry. Having worked for 17+ years for the finnish based company Telia, Titta is currently the Chief Privacy Officer at Huawei Consumer Business Group. Tittas  achievements and responsibilities have focused on implementing effective long term privacy programmes. 

Linkedin: Titta Penttilä
Twitter: @tittapenttila

Ulrik Fredrik Thyve
Corporate Privacy Officer
Ulrik has been in leadership positions within the Security Sector for over 7years. He has also ventured into governance-finance sectors, previously standing as Senior Tax Attorney for Kulturedepartementet in (Denmark). Ulrik has worked his way from a privacy advisory role to becoming a Corporate Privacy Officer for Statkraft. 

Linkedin: Ulrik Fredrik Thyve

Vanda Kellerová
Data Protection Officer and Senior Privacy Counsel
T-Mobile Czech Republic
Vanda has worked within the telecommunications sector  for over 11 years. Previous roles have included acting consultant to the Economic Deputy Minister of the Czech Republic and Legal Counsel to Eurotel and globally recognised company, Vodafone. Currently, Kellerova has pursued the legality of data and privacy security, becoming the key Data Privacy Officer for Vodafone.

Linkedin: Vandra Kellerova

Victoria Perez-Riu
Chief Privacy Officer & Privacy Counsel
Astra Zeneca
Victoria has previously worked in the EU commision and HR and Finance sectors,  whilst pursuing compliance, privacy and legal roles. Currently, Victoria is the Chief Privacy Officer and Privacy Counsel for Astra Zeneca. Here, Victoria has provided extensive guidance on data and privacy law,  in-house training and risk assessments. Victoria is also certified in CIPP/E.

Linkedin: Victoria Perez-Rui

Vivienne Artz
Chief Privacy Officer
Vivienne began her advanced career at Director level for Citi. She addressed diversity issues and used strategic expertise to develop cyber security. Vivienne is a STEM advocate and Gender Champion,  working as the President of ‘Women in Banking and Finance’ for over 3 years. She is currently the Chief Privacy Officer for Refinitiv, the company provides open data to tackle financial crime. Vivienne is very  accomplished in the field and has achieved many awards including ‘Winner of the Women in Banking and Finance Champion for Women Awards 2016.’

Linkedin: Vivienne Artz
Twitter: @VivienneArtz

Wanda Andujar de Calon
Data Privacy Officer
Philip Morris International
Wanda has pursued specialisms within the legal, compliance, finance and data/privacy sectors for the African continental region. Wanda  is currently the Data Privacy Officer at Philip Morris International. She has worked within ethical compliance and has implemented training programmes, including risk assessments for internal investigations. Wanda is also a US and Spain BAR member and is a member of the International Alumni Association.

Linkedin: Wanda Andujar de Calon  

Willy Vanbuggenhout
Chief Privacy Officer
Johnson & Johnson
Willy has been the long standing Chief Privacy Officer for the internationally recognised company Johnson and Johnson, for over 18 years. He has worked previously as the Chief Compliance Officer. Willy has been responsible for health care compliance and has implemented programmes within various cross-industry organisations, to ensure anti-corruption.

Linkedin: Willy Van Buggenhout

Adrian Asher
London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)
As the Chief Information Security Officer for The London Stock Exchange Group, Adrian has accrued extensive experience and specialist knowledge in the field of Security, particularly due to his  background in technology within business. 

Linkedin: Adrian Asher

Alejandro Ramos
Global Chief Security Operations Officer
Alejandro stands as the Global Chief Security Operations Officer for the ElevenPaths cybersecurity  sub-unit of the Telefónica Group, where customers are armed with privacy solutions to become digitally assured. Having had previous experience at ING, within the field of security strategy, Alejandro has accumulated a wealth of security specialist knowledge.

Linkedin: Alejandro Ramos

Ally Pinkerton
Head of Information Security Governance & Assurance
Bupa Group
Ally is an Information Security professional with a demonstrated history of working in the health insurance industry. She is highly skilled in Risk Management and Compliance from her many years within Bupa in various IT risk-related roles.

Linked in: Ally Pinkerton

Andrea Polereczki
Inter-Computer-Informatikai Zrt.
Andrea is the current Chief Cyber Security Officer at Inter-Computer Infromatikai Zrt., which has become one of Hungary’s biggest standing system integrators offering both software and hardware services. Alongside this, Andrea stands as a Board member of WITSEC, Women in IT Security, which thrives to alleviate the opportunities of women within the IT industry.

Linkedin: Andrea Polereczki

Andrew Rose
Chief Security Officer
Andrew stands as CISO for the Mastercard Company, Vocalink. His extensive security knowledge and leadership drove organisations to ISO27001 certification, and his success made him winner of the European CISO of the year 2018 at SC Awards in London. His wealth of achievements has led his expertise to be shared among the Wall Street Journal and many other renowned sources.

Linkedin: Andrew Rose

Angela Sasse
Chief Scientifc Advisor
As the Chief Scientific Advisor for OutThink and iProov, Angela has played an important role in Human risk protection initiatives, having accumulated over 7 years of experience in an advisory role in the field. Angela’s particular human-centred research interests have followed the amalgamation of innovative technologies within societal frameworks at University College London. 

Linkedin: Angela Sasse

Anna Olga Aaskilde Laursen
Anna has had a breadth of experience from working in real estate development to working as a consultant for the Glostrup Executive Secretariat. More recently Anna stands as the Chief Information Security Officer for ‘Centre for IT,Medico og Telefoni’ (CIMT) in Hovedstaden.

Linkedin: Anna Olga Aaskilde Laursen

Annette Sercombe
Met Officer
Annette has accrued over 13 years experience within the Met Office. She now stands as the Chief Information Security Officer, giving her overall responsibility for the cyber resilience of the organisation and developing protocol to meet the rapid development of the digital world.

Linkedin: Annette Sercombe

Anoop Chopra
Maersk Group IS
Anoop is currently the Corporate Information Security Manager for Maersk, having accumulated substantial Information Security and Risk Assessment experience and management strategies from his time within various organisations. Particularly within Telco, Retail, Retail Finance, Online and in logistics.

Linkedin: Anoop Chopra

Arnoud Tijssen
Security and Privacy Officer
Arnoud is an experienced IT security professional with a demonstrated proficiency in IT security & networking industry. Prior to working as Security & Privacy Officer at Cogas, Arnoud worked as a Freelance Cyber Security Consultant at The Future Group.

Linkedin: Arnoud Tijssen

Bjørn R. Watne
Storebrand Group
As the Chief Information Security Officer for the Storebrand Group, Bjørn has drawn from over 18 years experience within the Security field. He also stands as a voluntary committee member for various organisations, including the Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council, using enterprising initiatives to promote good practice within security.

Linkedin: Bjørn R. Watne

Brian Brackenborough
Having accumulated over 12 years as Head of Information Security at the BBC, Brian became CISO at national broadcaster, Channel 4, in 2011. He now continues to  protect the extensive Information Security requirements of the major Broadcaster.

Linkedin: Brian Brackenborough

Brian O’Toole
Chief Information Security Officer
Brian is the Chief Information Security Officer for Ericsson, which stands as a Global Entrepreneurial Organisation within the field of IT services. Due to his knowledge in the field, he is also a volunteer member of Europol, an advisory group on Telecommunications for Cybersecurity.

Linkedin: Brian O’Toole

Bryan Littlefair
Chief Executive Officer
Cambridge Cyber Advisors
Bryan is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Cyber consultancy company, Cambridge Cyber Advisors. Due to over 20years experience in cyber security, overseeing initiatives and leading security teams, he was recognised in the list of the ‘Top 100 Chief Information Security Officers in the world for 2017.’

Linkedin: Bryan Littlefair
Twitter: @CyberCambridge

Carmina Lees
Financial Services Advisory Lead
Carmina is the Financial Services Advisory Lead for Accenture, in both the UK and Ireland. With over 20 yrs experience in the field, she has given a unique direction to the implementation of C-suite client support. As an advocator for Women In IT, she has also sponsored the Accenture Security Women’s programme.

Linkedin: Carmina Lees
Twitter: @CarminaLees

Caroline Rivett
Digital, Security & Privacy Lead
Caroline has amassed over 20 years’ experience in technology and security, in managerial roles. As the standing KPMG account lead in cybersecurity for international pharmaceutical companies, Caroline has used her experience in privacy and security for medical information to propel her into the field of digital information protection and health.

Linkedin: Caroline Rivett

Cath Goulding
Head of IT Security
Nominet UK
Since 2012, Cath has stood as the Head of IT Security for Nominet UK, which has been in operation for over 20 years. Accumulating success in the field, Cath became the Security Champion for Women in IT in 2015 and has continued to implement extensive Security initiatives.

Linkedin: Cath Goulding

Cheri F. McGuire
Group CISO
Standard Chartered Bank
As Group CISO for Standard Chartered Bank, Cheri manages strategies around cybersecurity and policy to ensure information security is streamlined and teams within the organisation are well trained and engaged with InfoSec. Having accumulated experience in well-known businesses like Microsoft, Cheri is now part of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Cybersecurity among other prestigious groups, to share her diverse knowledge.

Linkedin: Cheri F. Maguire
Twitter: @CheriFMcGuire

Chris Sutherland
CISO and Tribe Lead
Chris is currently the Chief Information Security Officer and Tribe Lead in Fraud and Cyber Security for the Global Bank, ING.  Chis has seen extensive success in the field and was awarded the 2017 SANS Difference Makers to honour his leadership and industry breakthroughs. Due to his knowledge and Philosophy around using security as an enhancer rather than an inhibitor in organisations, he has served on various U.S. Senate committees as well as on the Cyber Resilience Leadership Board within Scottish Government.

Linkedin: Chris Sutherland
Twitter: @DrFedDC

Christiane Ella Hartmann
BTX Group A/s
Christiane is currently the Key Account Manager and Chief Information Security Officer at BTX Group A/s. The woman-centred Fashion organisation situates strong fashion brands, to maximise on individuality and identity. Christiane is a key individual in the security and business side of the European fashion industry.

Linkedin: Christiane Ella Hartmann

Damon Morris
EDF Energy
Damon is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the biggest electricity provider in the UK; EDF Energy. With over 20years experience in Information Security, Damon has accumulated a diverse catalogue of management and leadership roles. He has worked in the financial industry and nuclear industry among countless other fields and has established and delivered information security strategies in diverse corporate and government organisations.

Linkedin: Damon Morris

Dane Warren
Dane is currently the Global Head of IT Security at Intertek. Dane also spent several years as a Director of IT Security at Zurich Insurance Company, in charge of business information security for a number of APAC, European and Middle Eastern countries. His earlier roles include Head of Information Risk and Security at Virgin Mobile (Australia), and CSO – Financial Services (APAC) at EDS.

Daniel Barriuso
As Chief Information Security Officer at Global Bank, Santander, Daniel has drawn on extensive experience in computer science to underpin his guiding knowledge around cyber security’s technical mechanisms. He stands at the heart of the bank’s vision around security due to his accumulated success coordinating cyber security initiatives across BP and multiple other organisations.

Linkedin: Daniel Barriuso

Darren Hepburn
Network Rail Telecoms
Since 2012, Darren has been the Chief Information Security Officer at Network Rail Telecoms. Having played a vital role in the Threat Management strategies of QCC Information Security for over 3 years, Darren is now responsible for the logistical and physical security strategies in the transportation organisation, which stands at the heart of the regeneration project of Britain’s transportation services.

Linkedin: Darren Hepburn

Darren Thomson
CTO and Vice-President
Darren is the CTO and Vice-President of Symantec. Due to his extensive experience, accumulating over 25+ years in the industry, Darren has held managerial positions in very high profile organisations and environments. Due to his breadth of knowledge around IT, Darren has recently published ‘Delivering Utility Computing: Business Driven IT Optimisation.’ 

Linkedin: Darren Thomson 
Twitter: @darrencthomson

David Shaw
Head of Information Security
Central Bank of Ireland
David is the Head of Information Security at the Central Bank of Ireland, having had over 9 years experience in Accenture management, enterprising IT initiatives that have revitalised Banking processes in the UK and Ireland. His consultancy in the field has helped change policy and processes in financial services.

Linkedin: David Shaw

Dee Deu
British Land
Accumulating over 13 years experience in Cyber Security, Dee has been recognised for her achievements and leadership strategies, having been awarded earlier this year with the ‘CISO of the year award’ by SC Awards Europe. She is currently CISO for British Land, however, her expertise has elevated cyber programmes across many organisations including IBM, Halfords and SecureWorks and in 2017 she was a finalist for ‘Security Leader of the year.’

Linkedin: Dee Deu

Elsa Aaquist Storeng
Sykehusapotekene HF
As CISO at Sykehusapotekene HF, a Hospital/Pharmaceutical Organisation, Elsa has focused on development strategies within Security and Information Security, through management processes. From her position and experience with process control systems, she has encouraged a culture of security protection within the organisation. 

Linkedin: Elsa Aaquist Storeng

Emma Smith
Group Technology Security Director
As Group Technology Security Director at Vodafone, Emma is responsible for overseeing security policy implementation and providing solutions to make cyber defences within the organisation structure, more operationally developed. She has stood at the forefront of global cyber security in Vodafone for over 4 years and continues to lead teams to maximise customer protection.

Linkedin: Emma Smith

Ewa Pilat
Security Executive
Jaguar Land Rover
Ewa is currently the Security Executive for Jaguar Land Rover, having established over 20 years expert experience across various organisations within the telecoms, media and financial industry. Due to her success developing security protocol, Ewa was noted in the 2017 Top 100 CISOs globally.

Linked in: Ewa Pilat

Fabrice Gallo
Carrefour Management
Drawing on over 15 years expertise in information systems and security procedure, Fabrice stands as the CISO for Carrefour Management. He has accumulated experience within aerospace and defence organisations as well as retail and cosmetic industries, carrying out security audits globally to ensure security governance is upheld and developed. Managing four CISOs for Carrefour, Fabrice leads the organisation in developing long term organisational strategies.

Linkedin: Fabrice Gallou

Dr. Felix Greve
Hamburg Süd
Having worked in Hamburg Süd for over 8 years, Dr. Felix Greve has risen to the position of Chief Information Security Officer, establishing enterprising initiatives in Security and establishing cutting edge strategies to uphold protected technologies. Having acquisitioned experience in law, Felix has specialised in the juncture between Computer technology and law, giving a unique perspective to the industry.

Linkedin:  Felix Greve

Florent Halbot
Group CISO
Florent is currently the Group Chief Information Security Officer at the automotive supplier, Valeo. The company is known for its innovative system products that target the reduction of Carbon emissions.  He has been in this role for over 2years and has synthesised expert knowledge in software design and operation to underpin his development of cyber security within the role.

Linkedin: Florent Halbot

Gary Payne
Gary has been CISO for the major broadcaster, BBC, for over 3 years. He’s responsible for overseeing the developed Information Security procedures of the organisation and leading a team to deliver an all-encompassing security architecture that upholds the BBCs confidentiality and integrity promises.

Linkedin: Gary Payne

Gianluca Varisco
Gianluca is currently the CISO of Arduino, which stands as one of the global leaders in open source software and hardware. As a gateway to being creative with technological tools, the organisation is very popular with product developers. Gianluca leads the security and engineering teams, ensuring security procedures are smooth and efficient, transforming any systemic deficiencies to excel the organisation further in the industry.

Linkedin: Gianluca Varisco
Twitter: @gvarisco

Gitte Melph
Aalborg Universitet
Gitte is the CISO for Aalborg Universitet, using her strategic management expertise to sustain a delivery of excellence across all security platforms within the organisation.

Linkedin:  Gitte Melph

Greg Dakin
Interserve Plc
At Interserve Plc, Greg is the Chief Information Security Officer, having acquisitioned over 20years management experience within the field of IT. He has worked specifically in Information Security Management for Aerospace, Energy and Healthcare and has a wealth of experience across all levels of European and International industry.

Linkedin: Greg Dakin

Hervé van Wayenberge
Hervé began his career in IT over 17 years ago, focusing previously on managing projects in anti-money laundering. He now stands as the CISO of the energy distribution network operator, Sibelga, delivering expertise in security and integrating effective security systems within the organisation.

Linkedin: Hervé van Wayenberge
Twitter: @HerveVW

Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline has worked in the security sector for over 20 years and has strived to ensure corporate security encompasses all areas of businesses, to ensure effective integration of all processes within the organisations, and to ensure they are operationally resilient. Her expertise has been widely asserted in the field, as a session speaker in forums including Gartner Summit, SINET and Davos.

Linkedin: Jacqueline Johnson

Janusz Nawrat
Head of Information Security Management
Raiffeisen Bank
Since 2005, Janusz has been the Head of Information Security Management for Raiffeisen Bank, amassing successes in the field of policy and security management, particularly in deliverance of security training to industry employees. His governing of these systems has helped business owners effectively manage security risk. 

Linkedin: Janusz Nawrat

Jaya Baloo
KPN Telecom
Having gained experience in the field for over 18 years, particularly in network security architecture, Jaya now leads the information security department of 50 employees in KPN. Having worked for global telecommunications organisations including Verizon, Jaya is highly regarded in the industry, winning the Cyber Security Executive of the year award in 2015 for her vast achievements.

Linkedin: Jaya Baloo

Dr Jessica Barker
Dr Jessica Barker has been the co-founder and socio-technical lead for Cygenta since 2017, as well as this, she is chair of ClubCISO which is a private members forum. This forum helps European information security leaders, working in a range of organisations, to expand their knowledge around InfoSec.

Linkedin: Jessica Parker

Jodie Gilbert
Global Digital Eagle Leader
Jodie was nominated for the TechWomen50 awards which recognises successful women in the world of tech, for her achievements in the digital security industry. She has driven digital innovation within the financial services and continues to deliver on customer-centred policies to ensure security remains at the heart of banking.

Linkedin: Jodie Gilbert

John Meakin
As CISO of the science-led global healthcare company GSK, John has overseen the innovative cyber security strategies of the leading organisation. His expert advice has guided F5 cliental, Security company and FinTech and he continues to draw on over 22years experience in the field to further propel businesse’s security processes.

Linkedin: John Meakin

John White
Director for Information Security
AEG Europe
John is currently the Director for Information Security across European businesses for AEG Europe, having held previous roles in Information Security for almost 15 years since his first role at Raymarine PLC.  John is highly recommended for his abilities in the information security sector.

Linkedin: John White

Jordan Schroeder
Jordan is a globally renowned cybersecurity expert, accumulating over 13 years experience finetuning his craft and now standing as the CISO for HEFESTIS Ltd. Working with tech start-up companies, government organisations and established businesses, his diverse innovations have served all levels of the industry. He was awarded ‘CISO of the year’ in 2018 by Cyber Security Awards among countless other prestigious recognitions.

Linkedin: Jordan Schroeder

Julie George
Julie is currently a CISO, Director and Board Advisor across various industries and for a number of different start-ups. She has a wealth of experience in the industry, having held similar roles for numerous affluent organisations including Arriva and Accenture. Julie is held in high regard by her colleagues and former colleagues for her work as a CISO.

Linkedin: Julie George

Kay Behnke MBA
Kay is a successful CISO at the Dutch company, FrieslandCampina. Having served for the company for almost 5 years, she takes responsibility for defining and implementing their Information Security Strategy. Kay has held similar roles for Philips and NXP Semiconductors and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor. 

Linkedin: Kay Behnke

Dr Kevin Jones
Acting CISO
Dr Kevin Jones stands at the forefront of Cyber Security global initiatives and innovation. For over 3 years he has been working with Airbus, providing expert knowledge around security, while being central to operational development in the field. He has spoken publicly on various occasions on security innovation and has played an advisory role on research programmes.

Linkedin: Kevin Jones

Krisztina Tóth
Krisztina is currently CISO for Hungarian company, BKV Zrt. Colleagues have described Krisztina as enthusiastic about the work she conducts in her current role and that she is a valuable asset to the company. Krisztina is also a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

Linkedin: Krisztina Tóth

Leon Kers
Leon became the Chief Information Security Officer of Volksbank, Netherlands in 2015 and is currently leading their Corporate Information Security Office & Business Continuity Management (CISO & BCM) department. Leon’s passion for information security stemmed from his role as an analyst for PwC in 2004.

Linkedin: Leon Kers

Lilian Baunbæk
IT-Universitetet I København
In her current role as CISO for IT-Universitetet I København in Denmark, Lilian manages all levels of information security and boasts a wealth of knowledge of GDPR and how to implement the regulation. Lilian has held an ISACA Certified Information Security Manager qualification since 2015.

Linkedin: Lilian Baunbæk

Linda Charlotte Nedberge
Skagerak Energi
Linda has recently started her role as CISO for Skagerak Energi having previously served as the Senior Advisor on Information Security for the same company.  Linda’s career started as an IT instructor for IT-Akademiet AS, a small technology services company in Norway.

Linkedin: Linda Charlotte Nedberge

Marc Leymonerie
AirFrance KLM
Having worked for AirFrance KLM for over 20 years, Marc is now the Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and also the Director Cybersecurity Solutions & IT Compliancy. Marc has been described as a visionary who is always ready to question himself in order to discover out of the box solutions.

Linkedin: Marc Leymonerie

Mariana Papava
Cyber Security and Intelligence Specialist
Mariana is a Cyber Security and Intelligence Specialist for NOZOMIRO, a role where she provides private IT security services, cybersecurity consultancy, and training. This is Mariana’s first CISO role and so she has undertaken a number of courses relating to the role to maximise her subject knowledge.

Linkedin: Mariana Papava
Twitter: @marianapapava

Marija Ćorović
Erste Bank Serbia
Marija Ćorović is the CISO of Erste Bank Serbia and has been for over 6 years, having worked for the organisation for over 13 years she has helped guide the vision of the information security division. 

Linkedin: Marija Ćorović

Mark Henshaw
Charles Taylor PLC
Mark is currently CISO for Charles Taylor PLC. He also stands as Director for Fortissium Consulting Ltd, a cybersecurity consulting practise based in the UK. Mark has had a wealth of experience in the field, including senior positions in companies such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and General Motors.

Linkedin: Mark Henshaw

Markus Schmall
Deutsche Boerse
Markus is the CISO at Deutsche Boerse based in Germany. His career in Information Security began in 2001 as a security expert for T-Mobile. This underpinned his progress to Vice President of Application Security and Security Testing (Cyber Security) within the same company just 8 years since first starting there.

Linkedin: Markus Schmall

Marta Majtenyi
Tungsram Group
Having accumulated 15 years’ experience in IT Service Management, Governance and Information Security, Marta is currently CISO and Core IT Manager for Tungsram Group. She has previously worked for GE and Avis Budget Group, EMEA. Marta has worked her way up through the ranks since first starting out as a Help Desk Agent. 

Linkedin: Marta Majtenyi

Mary-Jo de Leeuw
Executive Director
Platform Internet of Toys
Mary-Jo was the Founding Board Member for Women in Cyber Security for 6 years having held various senior positions previously in the cyber-space. Mary-Jo has written a number of publications based on her knowledge of the industry and has been nominated for and won a number of awards relating to digital and cybersecurity, one of which is ‘The 50 Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity UK 2018.’

Linkedin: Mary-Jo de Leeuw

Matthew Bryant
Matthew was previously a Principal Cyber Security Consultant for ITC Secure before recently becoming the CISO for Monese. Matthew has been commended by a number of his colleagues for his work in Information Security, having previously worked for BT and Ofcom in similar roles. 

Linkedin: Matthew Bryant

Mieke Kooij
Security Director
The Security Director for Trainline, Mieke, is a Senior Information & Cyber Security Professional with CISSP credentials and over 17 years experience in the Information Security sector. She has held senior positions in other travel organisations such as TUI and British Airways. 

Linkedin: Mieke Kooij

Mylene Jarossay
Mylene is the CISO for LVMH alongside being the Director for the Information and Digital Security Experts Club (CESIN) in France. The organisation  is partnered with CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority and acts as a place of exchange and the sharing of knowledge in the digital industry. 

Linkedin: Mylene Jarossay

Neha Jain
Global Head of IT Risk and Controls
HSBC Asset Management Group
Neha is the Global Head of IT Risk and Controls at HSBC Asset Management Group. She has worked in Goldman Sachs and  Morgan Stanely among other prestigious financial organisations and has extensive experience in this field

Linkedin: Neha Jain

Oran Hollander
Head of Cyber Security
Oran is Head of Cyber Security for the largest mobile operator in Germany, Telefonica. He has previously excelled in a similar role at EY. Oran has over 15 years in the field, and describes himself as passionate about everything surrounding cyber-security, innovation, technology, and business strategies. 

Linkedin: Oran Hollander

Paolo Lovisone
AXA Italia
Italian cyber professional, Paolo, has over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity activities and is currently the CISO for AXA Italia. He is CISM & CISA certified. Paolo’s career path changed towards cyber-security during 2014 when he landed his first job as Head of ICT Security (CISO) at A2A.

Linkedin: Paolo Lovisone

Parthena Caracassis
Parthena has recently started her role as CISO at Danish company, Tryg. Prior to this, Parthena has held a number of senior roles relating to cybersecurity which have included EY and Hewlett Packard Enterprises. Her first major role was Security Consultant for Deloitte, in 2006. 

Linkedin: Parthena Caracassis

Paul Watts
Dominos Pizza
Paul is currently CISO for Dominos Pizza and boasts over twenty-four years of experience in various industries. Paul has also been named as one of the top 100 global CISOs in the “CISO 100 2017”. 

Linkedin: Paul Watts
Twitter: @paulwattsUK

Phedra Clouner
Deputy Director
Centre for Cybersecurity
Phedra is currently the Deputy Director at the Centre for Cybersecurity in Belgium and she has been a Founding Member of the Women4Cyber Initiative since 2018. Phedra has been a subject matter expert speaker at Brussells Management School for just over a decade and was previously an Information Security Advisor for the Ministry of Justice in Belgium.

Linkedin: Phedra Clouner

Phil Cracknell
Cyber Security Specialist
Phil is a self-employed Cyber Security Specialist. Phil has been awarded with ‘Cyber-security personality of the year 2015/16,’ ‘BCS Information Security Professional of the year – 2014’, and was also Runner-up of the 2017 SC Awards for ‘CISO of the year.’ Before becoming self-employed, Phil had been Group CISO for HomeServe.

Linkedin: Phil Cracknell

Pia Klinge
Senior Director, CISO and IT Quality
GN Store Nord
Pia is the Senior Director, CISO and IT Quality at GN Store Nord in Denmark. Pia has substantial experience in “Good IT Governance in the Life Science industry”, Data Integrity and Compliance hereunder GMP, ISO and GDPR.

Linkedin: Pia Klinge

Piergiacomo Ferrari
Piergiacomo is currently a CISO for Generali, Italy. Having previously worked for Allianz Italia, Piergiacomo held regional responsibility in IT Security for the group and for GDPR implementation. Piergiacomo is CISM and CRISC certified.

Linkedin: Piergiacomo Ferrari

Rachel Laursen
Global CISO and Head of Cyber
Marks and Spencer
Rachel is a cybersecurity specialist and is currently Global CISO and Head of Cyber at Marks and Spencer. Rachel has held similar roles in major companies which have included Pearson and Vodafone, she has been highly commended by past and present colleagues for her work in cyberspace, being described as an “expert in information security”.

Linkedin: Rachel Laursen

Ragna Fossen
Norweigian CISO, Ragna, has over 10 years experience in the industry, currently heading group functions for information security, IT risk and IT compliance at Intrum Group. Ragna is also Head of Information Security, IT Risk and Compliance at Lindorff.

Linkedin: Ragna Fossen
Twitter: @Raggetass

Raluca Stefan
Information Security Analyst
Public Service of Fees and Local Taxes Constanta
Raluca is currently the Information Security Analyst for Public Service of Fees and Local Taxes Constanta, a role which she has held for over 2 years. She has experience of implementing GDPR alongside her day to day job of implementing and updating the information security systems within the company.

Linkedin: Raluca Stefan

Rebecca Cox
Global Head of Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance
Rebecca has over 10 years experience in the Security, Resilience, Crisis Management arena and is currently Global Head of Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance at HSBC, based in the UK. She has held similar positions in a number of large companies including EY and Lloyds Banking Group. 

Linkedin: Rebecca Cox

Richard Brinson
Cyber Strategist, CISO, Co-Founder
Savanti Consulting
Richard is an experienced FTSE 100 Executive, Board Advisor and a Global Top 100 Chief Information Security Officer. Richard is currently Cyber Strategist, CISO, Co-Founder of Savanti Consulting and has previously been Interim CISO for both Unilever and Sainsbury’s.

Linkedin: Richard Brinson
Twitter: @SavantiRich

Robert Coles
Advisory Board Crossword Cybersecurity PLC
Robert is highly talented in the realm of Information Security, with over two decades of experience. He is currently Chair of the Advisory Board Crossword Cybersecurity PLC which identifies promising Cyber Security Intellectual Property (IP) based on research from university partners. 

Linkedin: Robert Coles

Robert Duncan
Robert is responsible for the Cyber Security, Technology Risk, Data Privacy, Operational Resilience and Risk teams at Direct Line Group. Robert uses his bounty of knowledge and experience in the field to provide sessions on Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance.

Linkedin: Robert Duncan

Roel Schouten
Roel is an Information Security and Cybersecurity Specialist, who leverages over 25 years’ experience. He currently holds the position of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Novozymes, a company he originally joined in 2013. Roel has previously worked at PwC and is CISSP certified.

Linkedin: Roel Schouten

Ruth Davis
Commercial Strategy and Public Policy
BT Security
Ruth currently heads up the Commercial Strategy and Public Policy team at BT Security. She is experienced in formulating and evaluating Cybersecurity policy, and has advised large PLCs and public sector organisations on organisational structure and commercial opportunities whilst working at Deloitte.

Linkedin: Ruth Davis

Sadie Creese
Professor of Cyber Security
Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford
Sadie Creese is a Professor of Cyber Security in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. She teaches threat detection, risk assessment and operational aspects of security. She is also Director of the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre at the University of Oxford.

Linkedin: Sadie Creese
Twitter: @sadiecreese

Saher Naumaan
Threat Intelligence Analyst
BAE Systems
Saher is a Threat Intelligence Analyst at BAE Systems, her first role in the Cyber Security arena since completing her Master’s Degree studying ‘Intelligence and International Security’ at King’s College London.

Linkedin: Saher Naumaan

Sarah Armstrong-Smith
Group Head Business Continuity & Crisis Management
London Stock Exchange Group
Sarah holds over 20 years experience delivering large scale Business & ICT Continuity, cyber security, data protection and resilience programmes. Currently, Sarah is Group Head Business Continuity & Crisis Management at the London Stock Exchange Group and was a 2019 finalist for Women in IT ‘Business Role Model of the Year’.

Linkedin: Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Sharon Barber
Lloyds Banking Group
Sharon has over 17 years experience at Lloyds Banking Group in various roles, her most current being joint roles as Chief Security Officer and Director of IT Cyber Security & Risk. 

Linkedin: Sharon Barber

Simone Santini
Cnp Vita S.p.A.
Simone is an experienced Infrastructure Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. She is skilled in Financial Risk, Penetration Testing, ISO 27001, Risk Management, and Network Security and is currently CISO at Cnp Vita S.p.A., Italy. Simone has also acted as a DPO assistant for the implementation of GDPR.

Linkedin: Simone Santini

Sofia Burendahl
Sofia’s career with PwC started as IT Security Service Area Manager. In the past 2 years, she has become CISO for PwC in the Nordics and Sweden. Prior to this, Sofia began her career in the cybersecurity space as the IT security consultant at Simovits Consulting.

Linkedin: Sofia Burendahl

Stephan Freeman
CEO and Founder
Stephan is an Information Security professional with a wide range of experiences and involvement in several industry bodies. Since his first role in Information Security during 2000, Stephan has worked for a number of companies including Transport for London, Ofcomm, and Telegraph Media Group, and has now founded his own cybersecurity company, Axcelot, which is focused on providing managed cybersecurity detection services. 

Linkedin: Stephan Freeman
Twitter: @StephanFreeman

Stephan Gerhager
Allianz Deutschland AG
Stephan is currently Chief Information Security Officer for Allianz Deutschland AG. Stephan is also a researcher around the information security of modern cars. He is currently looking at the downside of digitalization in modern cars, the hacking of automobiles and the threat level for different groups of interests from hackers and/or insurance view. 

Linkedin: Stephan Gerhager

Susanne Møller-Hansen
Freelance Security Consultant
Susanne is a freelance security consultant delivering maximum security for organisation’s security budget. Her experience stems from 13 years in the industry at various consulting levels. Alongside her consultancy efforts, Susanne is also CISO for FDC, a Scandinavian company which provides IT solutions for the insurance and pension industry.

Linkedin: Susanne Møller-Hansen

Swati Lay
Funding Circle UK
Swati is the CISO/CIO at Funding Circle UK. Prior to taking the role in March 2017, she worked with Betfair and Barclays Bank in various information security roles. She is highly commended by past and present colleagues for her efforts in information security and risk management.

Linkedin: Swati Lay

Thom Langford
Information Security Advisor
Comic Relief
Thom is a Chartered IT Professional Fellow (FBCS CITP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) with proven capabilities in information security, corporate risk, IT governance, BCP, DR and incident management, IT support and service desk management. Thom is currently the Information Security Manager for Comic Relief.

Linkedin: Thom Langford 
Twitter: @ThomLangford

Thomas Degardin
Group CISO
Bouygues Construction
Thomas is a seasoned cyber risk and security leader who has worked in various industries. He is currently Group CISO for Bouygues Construction, France, a position where he defines and maintains Information Security referential and designs group awareness campaigns amongst other responsibilities. His previous roles have seen him serve in Carrefore and BNP Paribas.

Linkedin: Thomas Degardin

Tone T.
TDC Group
Tone is currently the VP & Deputy Group Security/CISO for TDC Group, as well as being an Associate Partner at EY, a role where she provides security related consulting services, and manages security, laws and regulations within the information security areas of the business.

Linkedin: Tone T.

Tone K. Nygård
Finans Norge Forsikringsdrift
Tone is the CISO at Finans Norge Forsikringsdrift where she has worked for almost a decade. Prior to taking the role, she worked as an IT manager in various companies. She holds a degree in Digital Security Culture from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. 

Linkedin: Tone K. Nygård

Troels Oerting
Board of World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity
Troels is a global influencer in the cyber security space, and is currently Chairman of the Board of World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity (C4C) in Switzerland. He also acts as an advisory board member and director for a number of companies. His career started of as Head of European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol.  

Linkedin: Troels Oerting
Twitter: @TroelsOerting

Zoë Rose
Zoë is a hands-on cyber security specialist, who helps her clients better identify and manage their vulnerabilities and embed effective cyber resilience across their organisation. Rose has developed extensive experience in designing and executing cyber security improvement programmes and specialises in helping people become more aware of cyber threats. Zoë frequently speaks at conferences, is quoted in the media, and has been featured in Vogue.

Linkedin: Zoë Rose

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