10 things we learnt from PrivSec Global

All the talking points and takeaways from this week’s global live stream experience. This week, many of the world’s leading privacy, data protection and cyber security professionals turned on and tuned in to our PrivSec Global virtual event The event, organised by PrivSec Report publisher GRC World Forums, featured four whole days of keynote sessions, […]

European Commission proposes new rules on data governance

The European Commission has published proposals for new rules on data governance in a bid to enable easier data-sharing between sectors and member states. Under the plan, published yesterday, “neutral and transparent” data intermediaries would be used to organise data sharing and pooling of data to increase trust. This would represent an alternative model to […]

British MPs warn UK-Japan trade deal has “profound implications for privacy” in open letter to the government

A group of cross-party MPs say the UK-Japan trade deal has “profound implications for privacy and for international trade” and urges the government to provide more information before the Agreement is assented on or before December 7. In an open letter to Liz Truss, secretary of state for the Department of International Trade, the MPs […]

Thousands set to attend four-day PrivSec Global 2020 virtual event

Thousands will attend the PrivSec Global 2020 virtual event over the next four days. The event offers exclusive four days of content from data protection, privacy and security leaders from across the globe, bringing together 10,000 professionals. PrivSec Global will deliver inspiring keynote speakers and explore new technologies and platforms. It will feature discussions about […]

Improving outcomes for children through ethical data use

Alex Hutchison explains the work of The Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF, a partnership between UNICEF, The Scottish Government and the University of Edinburgh’s Data Driven Innovation Programme, and how it uses data and data science to improve the lives of children around the world.  The Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF was established just a year […]

French food retail giant Carrefour fined €3m for GDPR breaches

The French multinational retailer Carrefour has been fined €3m for multiple data protection failings. Data protection agency CNIL has fined two companies of the Carrefour Group for breaches of GDPR in several areas, including the obligation to inform individuals, use of cookies, limiting the retention of data, the obligation to facilitate the exercise of rights […]

Secure foundations: an interview with cyber security specialist Zoë Rose

PrivSec Global speaker Zoë Rose talks us through her journey into cyber security and her thoughts on common enterprise mistakes. With the UK government’s current focus on retraining and attracting people from less “typical” backgrounds to fill the cyber skills gap, they might be intrigued to hear that, over in Dublin, botany’s loss has been […]

Protecting data security during digital transformation

As organisations embrace the distributed workforce and become “Everywhere Enterprises”, digital transformation needs to go hand in hand with data security, says Brian Foster. There is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, which shows no sign of slowing down. Businesses had to close physical facilities nearly overnight and pivot to online, virtual, […]