Interview: Behind The Great Hack, with David Carroll

Newly released on Netflix, The Great Hack is a documentary that explores the murky data-sharing relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. To briefly recap, in 2014, the private data of up to 87 million Facebook users fell into the hands of UK-based Cambridge Analytica, a data intelligence company, or “full-service propaganda machine” if you ask […]

#privacy: Recent Texas cyber-attacks increase federal security tensions

Cyber-attacks that struck cities across Texas recently have put other local governments across the US on high alert. Federal agencies that do not hold comprehensive data backups could face a choice between paying a crippling ransom or spending higher sums of money to rebuild compromised IT systems. Officials across the States are looking to cyber-security […]

#privacy: StockX faces lawsuit following data breach

StockX, a sneaker trading platform, is facing a lawsuit over a data breach that resulted in more than 6.8 million customer records being exposed. Filed on Monday in U.S District Court, the lawsuit is on behalf of a minor from Kansas and other minors whose personal data “was accessed, acquired, stolen and re-sold by hackers […]

#privacy: Smart city cyber-security investment dangerously low, study finds

New research contained in the Smart City Cybersecurity report is shining a light on the trajectories being taken by smart cities, as developers seek to address urbanisation demands with digital solutions. The report, put together by tech market data intelligence firm, ABI Research, comes to some concerning conclusions as the global demand for stronger data […]

#privacy: Cyber-security firm to help strengthen privacy in US and Latin American markets

Cyber-security firm, ERMProtect, has announced the expansion of its Privacy Practice to help clients in the Americas to comply with an ever-changing regulatory landscape. The privacy group will focus on developing, implementing and reviewing data protection practices at client organisations to ensure compliance, enhance brand reputation, elevate customer trust and boost profits. The move by ERMProtect […]

#privacy: Regulator in Malta received no Facebook / Cambridge Analytica complaints

Reports reveal that no complaints were received by the Data Protection Commissioner in Malta concerning the data privacy scandal that erupted out of the shady relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Facebook is currently coming under heavy governmental fire in the US for its data handling practices, and faces a $5 billion fine from the […]

#privacy: Accenture deal will help Britain’s NHS to create “world class” perimeter for cyber-security

Accenture has developed a new contract with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to offer free-to-adopt perimeter cyber-security services across the NHS. NHS Digital says the contract will let NHS organisations improve the security and management of their digital systems, and bring down the risk of cyber-attack. As digitisation improves efficiency across the public and […]