Interview: Behind The Great Hack, with David Carroll

Released this summer on Netflix, The Great Hack is a documentary that explores the murky data-sharing relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. To briefly recap, in 2014, the private data of up to 87 million Facebook users fell into the hands of UK-based Cambridge Analytica, a data intelligence company, or “full-service propaganda machine” if you […]

PrivSec podcast series

Stories of huge data breaches, record-breaking fines and the crucial issue of data privacy have seldom been out of mainstream media spotlight as we settle into the GDPR era. The revelations have fallen for good reason – for over 12 months now, European data regulators have been flexing new legislative muscles in a bid to […]

PrivSec200: Recognising privacy and security professionals from across the US East Coast

PrivSec 200 (East Coast) sponsored by OneTrust celebrates the achievements of individuals who are driving forward the much-needed evolvement of privacy and security processes in their organizations. As the world shifts to a privacy and security first frame of mind, it is important those who have a say over the practices of their organizations are [...]

#Privacy: Avoid falling into the GDPR loophole

Were you aware that data privacy regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may have inadvertently created a security vulnerability? GDPR and other “privacy by design” laws, established to empower individuals to claim back control over their data and protect their identities, have allowed loopholes to occur – cybercriminals can easily take advantage of these […]

PrivSec:Report Weekly Roundup

Each week, PrivSec:Report presents the top 5 headlines from the week’s news and upcoming events in the privacy and security industry. This week #DeleteFacebook starts trending following secretive meetings between Zuckerberg and politicians and it’s also been revealed that CEOs could get jail time for violating a new US privacy bill. Safe-browsing isn’t safe It […]

#Privacy: Phishing attack targets Stripe users

A phishing campaign has been identified attempting to harvest customers’ bank account information and user credentials.  The Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) researchers who discovered the Stripe phishing campaign, found that the attackers are using the “Review your details” button, which redirects customers to their phishing pages, to hide their actual destination.  “The true destination […]

#Privacy: Digital fatigue and consumer privacy must be addressed by businesses, study says

While 54% of consumers say the internet is integral to their social lives, nearly half (45%) actively seek time away from their smartphone and other internet-enabled devices — rising to 53% among consumers aged 25-34. This is according to a global EY study, Decoding the digital home, which evaluates consumer attitudes to a range of technology, […]

#Privacy: Montreal cloud robotics firm appoints DPO to spearhead GDPR compliance

Cloud robotics firm, C2RO, which is based in Montreal, Québec, has appointed a new Data Protection Officer (DPO) to help guide the company as it develops its presence in European markets. Dr. Gérard Haas DPO will drive C2RO’s compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as set forth by the European Parliament and Council […]