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Any Fortune 500 company is going to spend at least $1 million on CCPA compliance and budgets go as high as $100 million. – PwC

The cost of GDPR for all Fortune Global 500 companies has been estimated at $7.8bn which works out on average $15.6m per company a study by EY found. 

With the cost of compliance so high, organisations around the world are looking for ways to support their compliance journey. The cost of compliance, however, is nothing compared to the cost of non-compliance with intended fines reaching £100s of millions already. 

Data protection world forum is a leading producer of publications and events and provides professionals around the world access to the latest information, guidance and advice. 

Privacy and security are two sides of the same coin, however, for a long time they have worked in silo. 

Our events and publications bring together the privacy and security community, and enable them to learn, collaborate, innovate and progress. 

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