Gravicus: GDPR-an effective summary for CEOs

GDPR provides Directors with extensive legal responsibilities for risk management, effective data management and governance requirements. The risks and associated costs of non-compliance should be addressed at board level with GDPR featuring within Corporate Governance reviews. Board members must demonstrate accountability, compliance and transparency, and be seen to be supporting the sharing of information, decision […]

GDPR and ePrivacy legislation applied to mobile advertising

Mobile applications that incorporate advertising usually share location and other data with downstream systems via integrated SDKs. These SDKs communicate the data to Ad Networks and other similar organisations (e.g. geofencers, geo-trackers). This processing of data must be disclosed to the user and the user needs to provide active opt-in consent. The host application must […]

Gravicus: A marketer’s guide to GDPR

If you have customers, then everyone inside your organisation will be affected by and responsible for complying with GDPR. According to a survey by the Direct  Marketing Association (DMA) a staggering 54% of businesses expect to be compliant by 25 May 2018 – ready or not, you will be required by law to comply with […]

Whitepaper: Addressing the challenges of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

In recent years, the integration of social and economic elements and the overlapping of the private, public and business domains have led to an increased ow of personal data. At the same time, the exchange of personal data between the public and private sector, the rapid technological developments and globalisation have brought new challenges to […]

CCTV industry set to benefit from new data protection rules

The GDPR will require a wholesale reassessment of data protection for the UK’s 5.9 million CCTV cameras, which to date have benefitted from relatively light touch regulation. However, it will enable the sector to enhance its public image and create opportunities for new valued-added services, according to a White Paper from cloud-based video surveillance company […]

Whitepaper: GDPR an introduction

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most signicant development in the area of data privacy for the past 20 years and it will a ect organisations globally. GDPR concerns the protection of personal data of, or relating to EU citizens. This identification can be either direct or indirect. Since it is applicable […]

Whitepaper: EU General Data Protection Regulation, a new era in data protection

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation applies to information which directly or indirectly identifies an individual, including customer lists, contact details, genetic/biometric data, and online identifiers like IP addresses. Aon discusses complex data ownership models that could become pitfalls for companies to be non-compliant under the incoming regulation. View the full white paper from Aon, the insurance […]