GDPR and the state of employee data privacy

This past May, GDPR transformed the global landscape of data protection and privacy. But while many organisations have focused their compliance efforts on consumer data, often overlooked is employee-created personal data. A recent study surveying IT decision makers and influencers found that only 23% of IT decision makers and influencers were “very confident” their own […]

Whitepaper: In-depth guide to GDPR

The GDPR has two high-level objectives: Harmonise the previously fragmented legacy legislation among EU member states, and address public perceptions that doing business on the internet is inherently risky. Protiviti’s whitepaper on understanding GDPR provides readers with an in-depth look at the regulation and answers many questions that are often unclear for businesses. Topics include […]

An Experian data breach response guide

Data Breaches are one aspect of GDPR that organisations fear the most. The consequences of a breach could lead to reputational damage and significant fines. Jim Steven, Head of Data Breach Services at Experian, will be speaking at GDPR Summit London on Monday (23rd April). Mr Steven will discuss ‘HR best practice and mitigating risk’ which will cover: data […]

Gravicus: GDPR-an effective summary for CEOs

GDPR provides Directors with extensive legal responsibilities for risk management, effective data management and governance requirements. The risks and associated costs of non-compliance should be addressed at board level with GDPR featuring within Corporate Governance reviews. Board members must demonstrate accountability, compliance and transparency, and be seen to be supporting the sharing of information, decision […]

GDPR and ePrivacy legislation applied to mobile advertising

Mobile applications that incorporate advertising usually share location and other data with downstream systems via integrated SDKs. These SDKs communicate the data to Ad Networks and other similar organisations (e.g. geofencers, geo-trackers). This processing of data must be disclosed to the user and the user needs to provide active opt-in consent. The host application must […]