Tech youth’s auto-lawyer can help data breach victims to sue

Josh Browder first hit the headlines for creating software that allows users to challenge parking ticket fines.  The innovation prompted the 21-year-old to adapt the tool to help with problems including disputes with landlords and compensation searches for travellers who lose their flight luggage. The tech wizard’s app, DoNotPay, became a decisive aid earlier this […]

Tackling the supply chain

The supply chain turns the cogs for most businesses. From outsourced payroll or marketing services, to medical insurance providers and even the company that waters the office plants – the supply chain is a jigsaw that is often larger than first anticipated. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that it will be one of the […]

The Survey Says: 59 per cent think that GDPR is confusing and nobody is surprised

A recent IDC survey indicated that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is confusing, but why is this? At just under 90 pages long, the regulations aren’t that large; the document is certainly no “War and Peace.” However, it still seems to be posing huge challenges for organisations of all sizes. A few specific factors […]