#Privacy: New Data Protection Bill to arrive before parliament soon, says India minister

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Indian government’s Union Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Minister, has said that a new Data Protection Bill will soon be ready for the Indian parliament. The Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 is built upon recommendations made by the government-constituted higher panel headed by the country’s former Supreme Court judge, Justice BN […]

#Privacy: Guidance appears on CCPA compliance in the US

Leading warranty marketing, analytics and programme management firm, After, Inc. has cited the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which comes into being on the 1st January 2020, as a regulation that businesses need to take seriously. The CCPA, passed on June 28, 2019, provides California residents with the rights to: know what personal information is […]

#PrivSecDUB: Information Security in support of Privacy

The coffee-break bell has tinkled, signalling to delegates and VIPs to retake their seats for mid-morning presentations on data privacy and cyber security at PrivSec Dublin. In the Cyber and Business Continuity theatre, Greg van der Gaast, Head of Information Security, University of Salford presents on accountable information security. The CISO underlines how Information Security […]

#privacy: UN entities “not subject to the GDPR” UNICEF media chief explains after data breach

 UNICEF, the United Nations children’s agency has said it may have caused a data breach to reveal the private information of thousands of online learners through the Agora platform. The Agora website gives UNICEF staff and public members the chance to go through free training courses that teach on children’s rights, humanitarian action, research and […]

#privacy: New Zealand Transport officials red-faced after data breach announcement

A technology glitch at the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has led to an embarrassing data breach announcement made by officials at the government body. The glitch occurred within a data key which was known for its strong cyber-security. “The transport agency can confirm the Google API was incorrectly left open as part of the […]

#privacy: Letter describes facial-recognition practices conducted at King’s Cross in London

Developers at King’s Cross Central in north London have revealed that facial recognition employed at the site was installed to identify individuals who are guilty of having committed a previous offence. The insight came in a letter penned by one of the developer’s managers, sent to Sadiq Khan in mid-August of this year after the […]

#privacy: Facial recognition technology surveillance at King’s Cross station to “protect privacy”

King’s Cross station developer has defended its use of facial recognition technology on the 67-acre site in central London, news reports reveal. King’s Cross is currently using the technology to record images of members of the public, a practice which needs full justification under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. A spokesperson for the firm […]

Anonymisation does not work for big data due to lack of protection for direct & indirect identifiers and easy re-identification vs pseudonymisation

  Recently, well-publicised research by data scientists at Imperial College in London and Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium as well as a ruling by Judge Michal Agmon-Gonen of the Tel Aviv District Court have highlighted the shortcomings of outdated data protection techniques like “Anonymisation” in today’s big data world. Anonymisation reflects an outdated approach to data protection developed when the processing […]