Keeping up with the cybercriminals

What do supermarkets, video games and search engines have in common? They all belong to sectors that have seen major hacks over the last few years. The cyberattacks on Tesco Banking, Sony and Yahoo, are just some of the most public examples in demonstrating that the ‘hacker industry’ is continuing to gather strength, attacking vulnerabilities […]

Five ways to ramp up your security strategy

Every day, and usually without organisations realising it, their networks are being breached. With confidential information exposed to the wrong eyes, secrets can become commodities capable of ruining well held reputations. We live in a world where network incidents are so common that no one can deny their existence. As attacks proliferate, problems mount. With […]

Practice makes perfect: Taking control of cyber security

Targeted cyberattacks in the financial industry show no signs of waning. The financial sector is a ‘perfect target’ for cybercrime and it’s been estimated that financial services encounter security incidents 300% more frequently than other industries. It makes sense; attackers will focus on the most lucrative targets –  from attacks on payment systems to the theft […]

Blind trust is not a security strategy

With Infosecurity 2016, arguably the biggest security show in Europe, just around the corner I’ve been thinking about all the new technologies, innovations, standards and trends that will be displayed and discussed over this coming week. This also got me thinking about some research that we recently commissioned and how, even in today’s super-technical and […]

Tackling cyber security threats

The news headlines are increasingly filled with news of cyber attacks hitting organisations, as they become more prevalent and sophisticated.  It is therefore of no surprise to hear that the UK Government has decided to invest £1.9 million over the next five years into protecting Britain from cyber attacks. Consequently, cyber security has become a […]

PrivSec200: Recognising privacy and security professionals from across the US East Coast

PrivSec 200 (East Coast) sponsored by OneTrust celebrates the achievements of individuals who are driving forward the much-needed evolvement of privacy and security processes in their organizations. As the world shifts to a privacy and security first frame of mind, it is important those who have a say over the practices of their organizations are [...]