Blockchain technology: Market disruption

Although still in its infancy, many believe that the emerging Blockchain technology is likely to be the biggest digital disruptor in the coming decades, through the facilitation of ‘permission-less innovation’. Despite this, many are still either blissfully unaware or know very little about the technology. Why should we take notice? “Blockchain is a distributed ledger […]

Rudimentary attacks pose greatest risk to midsized organisations according to new threat report

A recent cyber threat report by eSentire, Inc., the largest pure-play Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider found that rudimentary attacks, such as intrusion attempts, information gathering, and policy violations pose the greatest risk to mid-sized organisations. Produced by eSentire’s Threat Intelligence team, the “2016 Midmarket Threat Summary Report” provides an overview of the cyber threats […]

Going beyond regulation

The cyber-security landscape is plagued by the fact that cyber-criminals seem to be permanently one step ahead and rather than addressing the problem, it seems that regulation is, in some cases, compounding the problem. Understandably, many organisations are opting to define security policies based on regulatory requirements, however the result is that their security postures […]

“Weeping Angel, Hidden documents”: CIA leaks, professional hackers and upcoming challenges in data protection

Recently, the world was rocked by the release of official documents released from the CIA’s private collection. It was WikiLeaks’s most thorough collection of official documents yet: the vigilante group leaked roughly 9000 documents stolen from the CIA’s specialist digital team. Analysis of the documents revealed that they were designed as a record of new […]

Why communication is vital during a cyber-attack

Cyber-attacks are a constant threat to organisations. Cloud-based communications platforms can help an organisation improve emergency communications and recover from the effects of a cyber-attack. In today’s globalised business environment, organisations of all sizes face the prospect of falling victim to a cyber-attack or IT outage that could cause serious damage to its infrastructure and […]

RiskIQ identify new threat NoTrove delivering millions of scam ads, threatening consumers, and the digital advertising industry

Earlier this year, RiskIQ, the leader in digital threat management, reported an eight-fold increase in internet scam incidents that deny the $83 billion digital advertising industry millions of dollars. Now, researchers at RiskIQ have identified NoTrove, a newly discovered and major threat actor that is delivering millions of scam ads that threaten consumers and further […]