Aviation cyber risks

When discussing the vulnerability to cyber attacks of the Internet of Things, few scenarios strike more fear into the public than that of an airline brought down by a hack. Less attention is paid to the financial consequences for airlines resulting from not only cyber attacks, but also less sinister IT network outages, and the […]

SS7 – the hack that can drain your bank account

Deployed for over 35 years, System Signaling 7 (SS7) is the signaling that enables mobile and fixed network operators to setup and teardown calls, route text (SMS) messages, support inter-network connectivity, transparent roaming, and provide per-session information such as caller ID. Today, SS7 is a critical part of the global telecommunications infrastructure. However, since SS7 […]

Exploring cybersecurity’s diversity problem

The latest report from the Centre for Cyber Safety and Education and Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy (EWF) on Women in Cybersecurity, sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alta Associates, Veracode, IBM Security and (ISC), confirms that cybersecurity is still a predominantly male, middle-aged profession that is failing to attract female recruits. The […]

Combat the DDoS of Things with These 5 Simple Tactics

Threat actors have weaponised the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices. They’re using unsecured IoT devices and creating botnets to launch catastrophic distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. This has given rise to the DDoS of Things (DoT). Fuelled by headline-making malware like Mirai and Leet, these DDoS attacks have reached unprecedented levels with DDoS of Things attacks […]

Pandora’s Box: Vault 7 and the wider implications for enterprises

Cyber attacks can generally be categorised into two main groups: nation state and organised crime. Many corporations typically view nation state cyber attacks with little concern; they consider defending against potential attacks by organised crime gangs as a more effective use of their resources. Until recently, this risk/resource decision made good business sense but now, […]

Be Proactive not Reactive; Five simple steps to protect your business from future cybersecurity attacks

On Friday 12th May, a global coordinated ransomware attack began, affecting thousands of large and small private and public sector businesses. Although the vast majority of the media coverage has rightly focussed on the impact this has had on the NHS in particular, experts at cybersecurity firm Secarma are warning businesses large and small that […]