Protecting your organisation from itself: The threat from within and how to mitigate it

In February of this year security researchers proved that with a simple USB drop in a hospital it was possible to hack patient records, critical medical equipment and patient monitors. Vital signs could be manipulated, drug doses changed and medical equipment operated remotely. You can find the full whitepaper here by Bryan Lillie, QinetiQ’s Chief Technology Officer.

Data Leaks and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is very much the topic of the day, with billions invested by the UK government in developing strategies to combat security concerns and regular news stories of attempted incursions into government, business and infrastructure, aimed at disrupting the lives of many. For governments, businesses and even everyday IT users, cybersecurity is the watchword that […]

Cyber threats and attacks: You can’t protect what you don’t know you have

Software Asset Management, or SAM, includes the management and optimisation of software within an organisation. It involves monitoring applications right from purchase, through to deployment, and then removal whilst tracking usage and maintenance. Part of the broader IT Asset Management (ITAM) discipline, SAM data underpins business decisions by assisting all departments with payment structures, contract […]

The Ugly Reality of Ransomware for SMEs

This malicious software will kidnap your data, hold a gun to its head and say: your move. Some attacks go even further and plant incriminating evidence on your computer to prevent the authorities getting involved. Ransomware exists in numerous forms and its methods are constantly evolving. Attackers employ this software to obtain leverage over you […]

The rise of the connected car and cyber security measures to ensure consumer safety

Ten years ago in-car connectivity was almost non-existent. However, with advances in technology developing at an almost supersonic rate, the proliferation of connectivity in the automobile manufacturing process is set to increase dramatically. By current estimation it is thought that at the very least 75% of new cars will feature some form of connectivity by […]