Stereotypical hacker image is damaging the UK cyber security industry

Britain is struggling to recruit the best talent in cyber security because of the negative stereotypes surrounding computer hackers, industry experts say. The message comes within a wider warning that the UK’s cyber defences may be suffering because students are put off the profession by the image of the sun-starved, socially inept computer nerd, City […]

The ‘security principle’ of GDPR and what organisations should be doing to avoid the penalties of non-compliance

Google recently hit the headlines when it was fined €50 million by France for violating GDPR. It’s not the only company struggling with keeping to the rules. Just eight months after the introduction of GDPR, the European Commission reports that regulators have received more than 95,000 complaints about possible data breaches. GDPR enforcement is still […]

‘Finished Intelligence’ is a requirement for successful security

For executive protection teams tasked with safeguarding business leaders in an increasingly complex threat landscape, having rapid access to relevant information is essential. But as more threat actors shift operations online—and often to illicit, exclusive communities and platforms—many of the insights most useful to executive protection teams are becoming decentralised and difficult to access. These […]

Celebrity Twitter accounts hacked by vigilante security firm

Hackers have infiltrated a number of celebrity Twitter accounts with the intention of highlighting weaknesses in the social media giant’s defences, according to reports. Among the high-profile users whose accounts were broken into are documentary expert, Louis Theroux, and TV presenters, Eamonn Holmes and Saira Khan. Last week, Insinia Security placed a message on targeted […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 flaw shows the importance of maintaining software updates

Millions of Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones are vulnerable to hackers. 1811: Archduke John of Austria founded Graz University of Technology. March 2016: Galaxy releases the Samsung S7. August 2018: Researchers from Graz University of Technology claim to have found a way to exploit Meltdown, a security vulnerability uncovered earlier this year, in the Galaxy S7. […]