Data breaches show US healthcare cyber security weakness

Data breaches hitting Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp illustrate the very real dangers facing healthcare in the US, reports suggest. The data breaches have seen huge swathes of payment, insurance and health data compromised, showing how vendors are being targeted more and more by cyber-criminals seeking to get their hands on the greatest hauls of personal […]

Invisible net usage grows as hackers keep law at arm’s length

The so-called invisible net is growing in popularity as cyber criminals increasingly seek refuge from law enforcement authorities, research finds. More effective policing of the dark net has seen communities turn to “gated” chat platforms to operate illicit marketplaces, where encryption offers a further layer of protection, researchers say. Police fear that the switch will […]

New adware found in 238 Google Play applications

Security researcher Kristina Balaam of Lookout explained in a blog post how the adware had been installed by 440 million Android users. Dubbed as BeiTaAd, the obfuscated advertising plugin was found hidden within a number or applications in Google Play. Balaam wrote: “The plugin forcibly displays ads on the user’s lock screen, triggers video and […]

Over 40,000 containers hosting devices found exposed

Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 announces the results of its research into container hosting devices. Researchers discovered more than 40,000 unique container hosting devices, which have default container configurations on the internet, exposing personal information. Using the open source Shodan, 20,353 Kubernetes were located in the United States, Ireland, Germany, Singapore and Australia, whilst 23,354 […]

Cyber security standards at Huawei must improve says senior UK official

A high-ranking GCHQ director has spoken out about his fears of cyber security standards at Chinese tech firm, Huawei. The company’s security is “shoddy”, the technical director says, and well below cyber security standards of industry competition. The firm is coming under increasing global pressure following accusations that it facilitates espionage and surveillance on behalf […]

Facial recognition bank deleted by Microsoft

Microsoft has erased a major facial recognition database holding around 10 million images. According to the Financial Times, the digital online collection that harboured 100,000 well-known faces was being used to improve facial recognition technology. Released three years ago, the database is thought to have been part of efforts to train a computer system run […]

5G is regarded as a catalyst of digital transformation

Capgemini conducted a study surveying over 800 industrial companies’ executives and 150 telecoms executives across 12 countries. When asked which technologies will be the most integral to their digital transformation over the next five years, 75% of respondents answered that 5G would be a key enabler, followed by 84% of respondents stating cloud computing would […]

Vulnerabilities found on Ukranian TV streaming platform

Security researchers at Check Point discovered multiple flaws in a popular IPTV middleware platform that is used by regional and international media streaming services. Ministra TV platform is a middleware platform for media streaming services which manages Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Over-theTop (OTT) and Video-on Demand (VoD). The vulnerability is located in the administrative panel […]