#Privacy: Most organisations not equipped to work from home securely

Despite 84% of organisations continuing to work from home beyond lockdown, most are not sufficiently equipped to do so securely.  In the latest 2020 Remote Workforce Report, Bitglass surveyed IT professionals to better understand how prepared their businesses were for the sudden shift in working remotely amidst the global pandemic.  The report revealed that organisations […]

#Privacy: Research reveals C-Suite executives are weak link in mobile device security

New research by MobileIron identified that C-level executives often request to bypass mobile security protocols.  The “Trouble at the Top” research, combined research from 300 enterprise IT decision makers across Benelux, France, Germany, the UK and the US, and discovered that 74% of IT decision makers claim C-level executives are the most likely group to […]

The Crucial Security Gap Within Software Applications

A key aspect of modern software inhibits traditional data protection efforts In many organisations, it is all too easy for the technical implementation of data protection to fall through the cracks. In concept, many different functional areas have a vested interest in this: compliance officers, cybersecurity teams, the CTO’s organization, business units, and more. In […]

“Evolution of IoT Attacks” study exposes the arms race between cybercriminals and cybersecurity

The number of devices connected to the internet is expected to reach 50 billion worldwide by the end of 2030 (1), posing dangerous risks to people, businesses, and critical systems. To illustrate the divide between cyberattacks on these devices and business preparedness, Sectigo, a leading provider of automated digital identity management and web security solutions, today […]

Put up the best possible defence: COVID-19: Top ten cyber security tips

Cyber security criminals are using the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic to unleash a torrent of attacks designed to infiltrate businesses when they are potentially at their weakest.  Phishing attacks seem to be the weapon of choice, with hackers sending text messages and emails to employees, encouraging them to click on the links contained within.  If they […]

Stablecoins ecosystem: a promise that can be kept

The Stablecoin Ecosystem – an introduction  The European Parliament, on 13 September 2019, issued a note wherein it observed that the introduction of a privately governed currency (here, Libra) could fundamentally challenge the current EU financial framework, conflict with EU law and tax requirements, and violate consumer rights. Towards the end, the note concluded that […]