#Privacy: Hospital data breaches are seriously impacting patient care

Research by Vanderbilt University and the University of Central Florida investigated the relationship between breach remediation efforts and hospital care quality.  Researchers analysed breach data from 3,025 hospitals between 2012-2016. It was found that breaches appear to have a serious negative impact on patient care, with the mortality rate increasing.  The research detected an increase […]

#Privacy: Proceed with caution – the ICO opinion of facial recognition technology

By Michael Drury & Julian Hayes, partners at BCL Solicitors LLP Ahead of an upcoming appeal against the High Court ruling permitting police use of facial recognition technology (FRT), the Information Commissioner on 31 October published her first ever official opinion under the Data Protection Act. Coming from the UK’s respected data supervisor, the document, tackling […]

#Privacy: Regulator “advocating a more cautious approach” to facial recognition technology

The UK data regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office is “not seeking to curtail its use completely,” Julian Hayes says, following the ICO’s official opinion on the Bridges case regarding the use of facial recognition technology (FRT). “A gradualist path is likely to achieve longer term “buy-in” from legislators and the wider public, ensuring the crime-fighting […]

#Privacy: Precision engineering companies targeted by phishing campaign

Threat actors have been targeting precision engineering companies in Italy with phishing campaigns.  The campaign utilises a legitimate-looking Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is embedded with malicious exploit code that silently infects the computers.  In a blog post, security researcher Marco Ramilli explains that the threat actor pretends to be a customer and sends a well […]

#Privacy: Malicious app has infected 45K devices over the past 6 months

Xhelper can hide itself from users, download additional malicious apps, and display advertisements.  Researchers at Symantec, observed an increase in detections for Xhelper, and discovered that it has infected over 45,000 devices in the past six months.  Many users have been complaining about Xhelper on various online forms, stating how the malware keeps showing up […]

#Privacy: Fashion site Sixth June becomes the latest victim to Magecart hackers

The French apparel site Sixth June has suffered a digital skimming attack on its website. Rapid Spike security researcher “Jenkins” took to Twitter, stating that the brand had a live payment skimmer on its website, stealing customer credit card details.  Jenkins posted screenshots of malicious Javascript and added that he reported the hack to the […]

#Privacy: Swedish police will install spyware on the devices of crime suspects

Starting from March 2020, Sweden’s police force will be able to deploy spyware on suspects’ devices in order to intercept encrypted communications.  Announced on Tuesday, October 22, Sweden’s Interior Minister Mikael Damberg announced that the spyware will also be able to activate the devices’ microphones, cameras, and exfiltrate any data deemed as necessary by the […]