#privacy: Foxit Software announces breach 

The company behind the popular Foxit PDF reader app are urging customers to reset their passwords following a data breach. In a security advisory, Foxit announced that an unauthorised third party gained access to Foxit’s “My Account” customer data, containing passwords, users’ names, phone numbers, IP addresses, email addresses and company names.  Customers were alerted […]

#privacy: UK watchdogs voice concern over lip-reading CCTV

If lip-reading CCTV is to be deployed, British citizens may be left “cupping their hands over their mouths” in the street. The UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, has warned that in the future, citizens may have to hide their conversations from CCTV until regulations are put in place for intrusive technologies.  Porter has warned […]

#privacy: TrickBot variant targets mobile carrier customers’

A new TrickBot variant has been found collecting the PIN codes and credentials of mobile carrier customers. Researchers at Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), identified the new variant during August 2019.  The banking trojan has now been modified to carry out SIM swapping attacks by intercepting login credentials and PIN codes for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile […]

#privacy: Research reveals a surge in fireless attacks

According to new research from Trend Micro; BEC, digital extortion, fileless malware, ransomware attacks have grown significantly from 2019 and the first half of 2019.  In its mid-year roundup report, Evasive Threats Pervasive Effects, over 26.8 billion threats have been blocked, to which over 90% were email-borne.  The report identified an overwhelming 265% increase in […]

#privacy: Social media apps pose security threats to enterprises

A poll of IT professionals reveal that organisations are putting themselves at risk due to the lack of security policies put in place. The survey commissioned by Gigamon and conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2019, found that 17% of organisations are adding as many as 10 new applications into enterprise networks everyday, however 14% of organisations […]

#privacy: Data breach at Ministry for Culture and Heritage

The personal information of more than 300 New Zealand citizens were compromised following a data breach.  It was revealed on Sunday that the Ministry of Culture and Heritage had exposed the information of more than 300 people – aged between 16 and 30 – due to a “coding error” on the ministry-commissioned website.  The information […]

#privacy: Phishing campaign uses malware hidden in resumes

A phishing campaign is now targeting companies by hiding malware in resumes sent as email attachments.  The campaign involves an employer receiving an email from a “job seeker” with an attached resume which is used to deliver the malware.  Researchers at Cofense discovered that the campaign was utilising multiple anti-analysis methods to deliver Quasar Remote […]

#privacy: Amazon Ring partners with over 400 police forces raising surveillance concerns

The Amazon owned company has partnered with more than 400 police forces across the United States.  The partnerships will grant police access to homeowners’ camera footage as part of what Ring calls the nation’s “new neighborhood watch”. Police forces will be able to request to view footage within a specific time and area. Ring, the […]

#privacy: Ransomware attacks grown by 118%

Research reveals that more than 2 billion stolen account credentials are available on the cybercriminal underground.  McAfee released its latest McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2019, examining cybercriminal activity and the development of cyber threats in the first quarter of 2019.  It was revealed that a 118% increase in ransomware attacks included the “discovery” of […]