#Privacy: Fashion site Sixth June becomes the latest victim to Magecart hackers

The French apparel site Sixth June has suffered a digital skimming attack on its website. Rapid Spike security researcher “Jenkins” took to Twitter, stating that the brand had a live payment skimmer on its website, stealing customer credit card details.  Jenkins posted screenshots of malicious Javascript and added that he reported the hack to the […]

#Privacy: Swedish police will install spyware on the devices of crime suspects

Starting from March 2020, Sweden’s police force will be able to deploy spyware on suspects’ devices in order to intercept encrypted communications.  Announced on Tuesday, October 22, Sweden’s Interior Minister Mikael Damberg announced that the spyware will also be able to activate the devices’ microphones, cameras, and exfiltrate any data deemed as necessary by the […]

#Privacy: Three men have been arrested over €10m BEC bust

Three men have been arrested by the Spanish Police, in connection with a €10m Business Email Compromise (BEC) ring targeting corporate victims worldwide.  On Tuesday, the Guardia Civil stated that 12 companies located in Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, the UK, the US and Venezuela, were targeted by the attackers.  Through phishing the […]

#Privacy: Man gets 12 years for Los Angeles Superior Court phishing scam

A Texas man has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison, after hacking into the Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) computer system.  Oriyomi Sadiq Aloba had gained unauthorised access to the LASC computer system, and used its servers to send around 2 million malicious phishing emails, obtaining hundreds of credit card numbers.  During the […]

#Privacy: Students hack into school website to win water fight

Students from Downington East High School in Pennsylvania are being questioned by the police after hacking into their school website. Downington Area School District discovered the breach on October 11, and following an investigation it was revealed that 12,600 students’ addresses, grade point averages (GPAs), SAT scores and ID numbers had been compromised. The school […]

#Privacy: Report found that most people admit to peeking at their coworkers screens

A new report by HP as revealed that people are extremely concerned about their data privacy, yet they feel powerless in protecting it.  The “HP Creepers and Peekers” report surveyed 1,500 office workers and 3,000 general consumers across the US, the UK and Canada.  The report revealed that consumers approach to personal privacy needs to […]

#Privacy: Home Group customers warned over data breach

One of the UK’s biggest housing associations, Home Group has announced that it has suffered a data breach.  Around 4,000 customers have been warned by Home Group that their personal details have been stolen as a result of the data breach.  The Newcastle-based housing association said that the breach involved customer names, contact information, addresses […]

#Privacy: Over 3,000 privacy complaints were made by Australians last year

The number of privacy-related complaints made by Australians has increased 12% in 2018-19 to 3,306.  The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has revealed that the increase is said to be due to the privacy policies and practices driven by the finance industry, health service providers, the telco industry, Australian government entities, retail and […]