Identity as an enabler: How can security teams shift their reputation?

For many, digital transformation has been little more than a buzzword that is thrown around, never really materialising into change at the organisational level. However, this is likely to change as we emerge from the pandemic and businesses take steps to prepare for any future disruption, learning from this year’s remote working successes and failures. […]

Anonymisation and pseudonymisation – a few considerations based on examples of Covid19 apps

Written by Paulina Komorowska, global law firm CMS’ IP/TMT Group. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has generated a new reality. The need to protect public health has brought up many discussions on the use of technology and data to ensure safety for the population. As a result, the aspects of anonymisation and pseudonymisation of data have, […]

#Privacy: The DEA has been given immediate authority to conduct covert surveillance on George Floyd protesters

Temporary authorization has been given to the DEA to exercise surveillance powers that are outside of the scope of their usual authority A two-page memorandum obtained by Buzzfeed News has revealed that The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been given new authority to “conduct covert surveillance” on those participating in protests following the death of […]

#Privacy: Working from home threatens corporate IT security

More than half of UK employees working remotely use unmanaged personal devices to access corporate systems A new study by CyberArk has revealed that employees’ work from home habits, including password re-use, are putting critical business systems and sensitive data at risk. The majority of remote employees (60%) are engaging in practices including using unmanaged, […]

Recognising the biggest threat to your business during lockdown – and how to deal with it

By Mark Lomas, technical architect, Probrand We’re constantly told that we need to improve our cyber-security measures and, during the Coronavirus lockdown period, things have been no different. But, it’s for a good reason. Hackers haven’t been showing any displays of good conscience during the Covid-19 pandemic – the opposite is true. The most significant […]

Last Thursday in Privacy: A fireside chat with Jon Ronson on privacy

Jon Ronson, renowned author and documentarian, will be joining Joe Tidy, BBC News Correspondent for a virtual fireside chat on June 25th to discuss his forte into privacy, and how he went from being a journalist exposing people’s secrets to becoming more cognizant with people’s right to privacy.  As a writer, Jon is an international […]