Estate agency in London issued ICO fine under Data Protection Act

An estate agency in London has received a fine notice of £80,000 following a data breach that compromised the confidential information of thousands of its customers. Life at Parliament View Ltd (LPVL) was handed the financial penalty by the Information Commissioner’s Office for the security downfall that saw the private data of 18,610 customers exposed […]

How US companies can start to prepare for a new era in data privacy regulation

A year has passed since tech firm, Teemo became the first company to fall foul of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when it received a stern letter from French regulators CNIL. As reported by AdAge, the Paris-based company’s CEO, Benoit Grouchko, remebers: “It was by far the hardest time in our company because […]

Monmouthshire council decides not to tell ICO about a data breach involving a child

Monmouthshire county council (MCC) in east Wales has been accused by a businesswoman of falling short in its duty to protect personal and private data. The criticisms come after the council received an email containing sensitive information belonging to a child. The alleged data breach occurred when Lisa-Marie Harris, applied for performance licences for children […]

MPs call for halt to police’s use of live facial recognition

Authorities in the UK have called for a suspension of the use of AI-powered facial recognition camera use, MPs have said. According to reports, the House of Commons Science and Technology committee has said that police should not be using the technology until it has been properly tested and regulated, with inherent software bias cited […]

Independent Age data breach merits no regulator action

Confidential data of employees at older people’s charity, Independent Age, have been accidentally exposed to a former worker. The blunder occurred as the company responded to the ex-staff member’s submission of a DSAR (data subject access request). Independent Age says that the security breach compromised personal data, including bank information, sort codes, account numbers, pension contributions, […]

AMCA data breach has another victim

Last month, news broke about the American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) filing for bankruptcy following a data breach that compromised the personal information of millions of patients. Now another organisation has said it too is involved; according to TechCrunch, Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) may have 2.2 million of its patients caught up in the incident. The […]

FaceApp privacy should be investigated by FBI, US Senator says

A politician in the US has asked FBI to look into the data privacy credentials of FaceApp, a popular new smartphone programme that alters users’ selfies to make them look younger or older. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has flagged up the trend, which has seen millions of madcap consumers share wizened versions of their […]

Ex motor industry worker to pay £25.5K from data theft proceeds

A motor industry employee who was sentenced to six months in prison in November 2018 for accessing personal data without permission, has been ordered to pay a £25,500 confiscation order in a case brought by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Following a hearing at Wood Green Crown Court, London on 15 July, the judge determined […]