#privacy: European Central Bank confirms data breach and shuts down website

The European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed that it has suffered a data breach at its Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD) website.  In a short statement released on Thursday, the bank had stated that an unauthorised party had breached the security measures that were put in place to protect BIRD.  Subsequently, the contact data of 481 […]

#privacy: UK’s biggest forensic services provider targeted by ransomware

A “highly-sophisticated” ransomware attack on Eurofins Scientific, has led to the suspension of work between the company and the British police.  Eurofins Scientific, is an international group of laboratories that carry out DNA testing, firearms testing, toxicology analysis and computer forensic for police forces across the UK.  In June, Eurofins Scientific had been targeted by […]

#privacy: Alison Pepper to speak at PrivSec New York

Alison Pepper will address audiences at PrivSec conference, taking place November 5th and 6th at Columbia University, New York City. Alison Pepper currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Government Relations at the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) in Washington, D.C. In that role she works with regulators, legislators, and cross-industry stakeholders on […]

#privacy: Clickjacking is still continuing to thrive

According to a research paper, clickjacking has become an extremely popular method of attack for online scammers. Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Microsoft Research, Seoul National University and Pennsylvania State University found that clickjacking is a threat that is evolving, and new tactics are emerging.  Clickjacking is the process whereby attackers launch […]

#privacy: ICO to investigate facial recognition at King’s Cross

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is to launch an official investigation into the facial recognition processes in operation at King’s Cross in north London. When news of the technology’s use broke earlier in August, a spokesperson for the developer, Argent, said that monitoring was being carried out on the 67-acre site to “ensure public safety”, […]

#privacy: DanaBot banking trojan is on the move

The banking trojan DanaBot has expanded its targets to Germany from Australia since June. Webroot explains that DanaBot “works to gather sensitive banking information from unsuspecting users for fraud and other criminal activity.” The malware had been first observed targeting Australia in its earlier campaigns, and it appeared that it only came from one threat […]

#privacy: Web regulator in China says app operators must clamp down on data collection malpractice

The Internet regulator in China has instructed a high number of mobile app operators to improve the way they harvest and process private data. Collecting too much personal data has become a problem in the Asian nation, where over 800 million smart device users are turning to the internet to satisfy the full extent of […]

#privacy: Malware that can record computer screens discovered

A new malware has been discovered that is able to record the screen of an infected machine and identify a user who is viewing porn.  Researchers at IT security company ESET, first observed the malware dubbed “Varenyky” in May 2019. A month later, researchers saw the first malicious document infecting a victim’s computer which had […]

#privacy: Personal data of Visa applicants accidentally leaked 

The personal data of 317 people applying for Australian Visas were accidentally emailed to an incorrect address due to a “typo”.  In an investigation by ABC, it was uncovered that a spreadsheet had been sent accidentally to an unknown individual’s email address.  The breach happened in 2015 by a subcontractor of Bupa, Sonic HealthPlus (SHP). […]