#Privacy: Phishing campaign found targeting Android devices

Researchers at Cofense have uncovered a phishing campaign that attempts to deliver the Anubis malware. The Anubis malware, originally used for cyber espionage has now been repurposed as a banking trojan. Subsequently, with the new campaign, Anubis can install a keylogger, hold a device’s data for ransom, and even hijack an Android mobile device to […]

#Privacy: Facebook’s social media accounts hacked

Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram account was briefly hijacked by known hacking group OurMine.  The hacking group, OurMine, managed to hack into the official social media account on Twitter and Instagram for Facebook and Messenger Friday afternoon.  OurMine tweeted on Facebook’s Twitter account: “Hi, we are OurMine. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their […]

#Privacy: Banking trojans revealed to be a popular financial services threat

Following the release of its whitepaper, “Follow the Money”, a survey from Blueliv has revealed that Banking and Financial services are struggling with a skills shortage.  The Spanish threat intelligence firm conducted a Twitter poll of 11,000 users in November, which revealed that 31% of respondents are concerned about the impact of banking Trojans will have […]

#Privacy: TfL enforces mandatory password reset for its Oyster and contactless accounts

Transport for London (TfL) has locked all Oyster and contactless accounts following a data breach incident which took place earlier this year. In August, a credential stuffing attack resulted in threat actors targeting 1,200 Oyster card account holders and taking control of them for a brief moment. Subsequently, TfL locked all Oyster and contactless accounts […]

#Privacy: Mixcloud breach exposes millions of users

The personal data of tens of millions of Mixcloud users have been put on sale on the dark web.  In a statement, the British streaming service, Mixcloud announced that it has received reports about hackers gaining unauthorised access to some of its systems.  “Our understanding at this time is that the incident involves email addresses,  […]

#Privacy: New malware campaign found targeting hotel guest data

At least 20 hotels have fallen victim to a new malware campaign impacting hotel guest data in 12 countries.  The malware campaign, named RevengeHotels, has been targeting hotels, hostels, hospitality and tourism companies since 2015.  Researchers at Kaspersky, have noted that the campaign has since expanded, targeting more than 20 hotels in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, […]

#Privacy: Smartwatch exposes kids location and personal data

Researchers have warned that a children’s smartwatch has been leaking users’ personal and GPS data, exposing them to multiple threats. Created by the Chinese manufacturer, Shenzhen Smart Care Technology (SMA) Ltd., the SMA M2 smartwatch helps parents track their kids’ location, make phone calls, send messages and even send them notifications when their child leaves […]

#Privacy: Adobe announces Magento Marketplace data breach

Adobe has disclosed a data breach incident that exposed the account information of Magento Marketplace users.  According to Adobe, an unauthorised third-party had exploited an undisclosed vulnerability within the marketplace website. This ultimately allowed them to gain unauthorised access to a database containing information on the marketplace’s registered users.  The exposed information included names, email […]

#Privacy: Church’s Chicken investigates possible data breach

Church’s chicken, an American restaurant chain has launched an investigation into a possible data breach involving credit and debit card information. The company stated that it had detected unauthorised activity in the IT systems used to process payments at some of its 165 restaurants in the US. “Although our investigation is ongoing, what we currently […]