88 percent of Java apps susceptible to widespread attacks from known security defects

Over the past 12 months, several high-profile breaches in Java applications were caused by widespread vulnerabilities in open source or commercial components.These are the findings from the 2017 State of Software Security Report, a comprehensive review of application security testing data from scans conducted by CA Veracode’s base of more than 1,400 customers. One example of […]

Securing an organisation against insider threats

Organisations face many threats online and the dangers come from many different directions, one of which is from inside the organisation. Although insider threats can take various forms, all have the potential to damage the performance and value of the organisation. As such, it is crucial that security teams possess a keen awareness of the […]

Data masking: anonymization or pseudonymization?

Among the arsenal of IT security techniques available, pseudonymization or anonymization is highly recommended by the GDPR regulation.  Such techniques reduce risk and assist “data processors” in fulfilling their data compliance regulations. If it can be proven that the true identity of the individual cannot be derived from anonymized data, then this data is exempt […]

Insider Threat: 74% of security incidents come from the extended enterprise, not hacking groups

New research by leading data security company, Clearswift, has shown that year on year cyber security incidents, particularly insider threats; continue to rise, but that companies are able to spot suspicious activity significantly quicker than two years previous. The research, which surveyed 600 senior business decision makers and 1,200 employees across the UK, US, Germany […]

Private and unconfidential business need to go back to basics to protect against cyber threats

British businesses are running the risk of being hacked and having confidential data leaked, due to a laissez-faire attitude towards digital security. The news comes at a time when cyber threats are at an all-time high, GDPR legislation is coming, and businesses are exposing themselves to significant fines and risk reputational damage as a result. […]