#Privacy: Malicious Android apps spike in Q1 2020

The number of malicious Android apps in the first quarter of 2020 has doubled in comparison to the same period last year.  A new report released by Upstream’s Secure-D, exposes the workings of mobile ad fraud and its connection to malware, whilst sharing real-world statistics to provide an accurate picture of the current threat landscape.  […]

#Privacy: Vulnerability can hijack Android camera and record video without permission

A new security vulnerability has been found within Android devices, whereby attackers could hijack an Android Camera and spy on unsuspecting users.  Researchers from Checkmarx, disclosed a new vulnerability that allows apps to take pictures and record videos without obtaining permission.  Known as CVE-2019-2234, the vulnerability impacts the Google Camera and Samsung Camera apps if […]

#privacy: Since 2013 vulnerabilities in IoT devices have doubled 

A follow up study investigating the security of IoT devices has found that since 2013 vulnerability rates are not decreasing.  Research firm Independent Security Evaluator (ISE) published a study in 2013, “SOHOpelessly Broken 1.0” which looked into the vulnerabilities across 13 SOHO wireless routers and NAS devices, to which a total of 52 vulnerabilities were […]

#privacy: Ordinypt malware targeting German users through fake resumes

A new scam campaign disguised as a job application is attempting to infect German-speaking users with the destructive Ordinypt malware. In a report by Bleeping Computer, the campaign is aimed at German-speaking employers. The campaign sends an email that appears to be a job application from someone named “Eva Richter”.  The email also contains a […]