Internet of Things remains privacy concern for consumers

New research has found that consumers worldwide have reservations about the security of connected devices within the Internet of Things (IoT). A study conducted by the Internet Society, in partnership with global consumer group organisation, Consumers International, poled the views of citizens in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, the UK and the US regarding views on […]

Blockchain to be used to implement data privacy programmes

Leading enterprises in the States are turning to blockchain technology in a bid to drive cyber security and privacy, reports reveal. Ant Financial, RGAX and VMware have announced that they will partner with Israeli blockchain security company, QEDIT, to help implement privacy solutions through their blockchain networks. QEDIT has used Zero-Knowledge Proofs to help banks […]

Data privacy regulators debate at IAPP Summit in the States

Regulators from around the world met at the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit recently to discuss evolving privacy laws and organisational compliance strategies. The Summit opened this week with the UK’s Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham speaking with Irish and Austrian counterparts, Helen Dixon and Andrea Jelinek, in a conversation moderated by […]

“Privacy by Design breeds innovation and creativity” says former Information and Privacy Commissioner

Nearly 12 months on from the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, organisations adaptation to stronger data protection laws has evolved into a broader discussion on how best to drive innovation while championing data privacy. The issue sparked debate on social media yesterday following a comment published by Chris Hoofnagle‏ (@hoofnagle) in response to […]

Facebook allegedly broke privacy rules in Canada

The Canadian regulator has accused Facebook of “serious contraventions” of the country’s privacy laws. According to the federal privacy commissioner, the social network has also been neglecting its duties as a protector of personal private information, following a probe into Facebook’s conduct in relation to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Canada’s privacy commissioner, Daniel Therrien, stated: […]