#Privacy: T-Mobile discloses security breach impacting its prepaid customers

In a data breach notification, T-Mobile disclosed that the account information of a number of its prepaid customers were accessed by an unauthorised party. The company’s cybersecurity team discovered and shut down unauthorised access to information relating to customer’s T-Mobile prepaid wireless account. The exposed information included customer names, billing addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, […]

#Privacy: Over 2.2m gaming and cryptocurrency passwords dumped online

The personal information and passwords of more than 2.2 million users have been published online. Security researcher, Troy Hunt, told Ars Technica on Tuesday, that users of GateHub a cryptocurrency wallet service and EpicBot, a gaming bot provider, had their information posted online despite being heavily encrypted. Hunt uncovered databases online with as many as […]

#Privacy: ‘Data Privacy’ Searches Skyrocket to All-Time Highs in the U.S.

According to a new report by PreciseSecurity.com, interest in data privacy within the United States has reached its highest level in history. The report revealed that the search term “Data Privacy” reached an interest level of 100, in comparison to 68 in July this year – an increase of over 47%. In June 2004, the […]

#Privacy: Portland, Oregon considering banning facial recognition

Portland, Oregon is considering banning facial recognition, with city officials planning on meeting to discuss banning “Smart City” technology, a news report reveals. Technology falling within the ban would include traffic monitoring and identification tools used by city employees and the police department. Recently, the technology has come under fire for allegedly misidentifying individuals. In May, San Francisco, Calif. became […]

#Privacy: NYPD deletes illegal database of juvenile fingerprints

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) have finally deleted an unlawful database of juvenile’s fingerprints, earlier this week. Despite New York law, mandating authorities to destroy the data, the NYPD unlawfully maintained a database of thousands of juvenile fingerprints – many of whom were never found guilty of a crime.  Since 2015, attorneys with […]

#Privacy: Internal passwords belonging to Orvis leaked twice

A report has revealed that Orvis.com, an American retailer, leaked hundreds of internal passwords on Pastebin.com. According to Krebs On Security, the leaked credentials related to backend management, firewall administration, router settings and database servers.  Krebs received a tip from Hold Security in late October about the data breach, stating that there was a large […]

#PrivSecNY: Cyber-security meets data privacy in fascinating opening day at PrivSec New York

A global audience of privacy and security professionals met at PrivSec New York at Columbia University for an insightful two days of keynote talks and panel debates. Thanks to the engaging presentations on a range of topics delivered in two separate theatres, attendees found themselves at the forefront of the global debate on data protection […]