#Privacy: Lawmakers introduce bill to restrict NSA surveillance

A bipartisan coalition of US lawmakers have introduced a new bill that would protect Americans’ rights against unnecessary government surveillance.  The Safeguarding Americans’ Private Records Act, introduced by US Senator Roy Wyden, D-Ore, will reform section 215 of the PATRIOT Act and prevent abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  The bill comes ahead of […]

#Privacy: What SMEs should be asking their service providers about MSP targeting

Malicious attacks on managed service providers (MSP) are on the increase. Hackers are infiltrating MSP networks enticed by the chance to victimise multiple companies with just one hack. Guy Lloyd at CySure explains the impact and highlights the questions all SMEs should be asking their service provider New research has revealed that cyber criminals have […]

#Privacy: German car rental company exposes PII of over 3m customers

The German car rental company, Buchbinder, has exposed the personal information of over 3.1 million customers due to an unsecured database.  Matthias Nehls, Executive Director of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Cybersicherheit, uncovered the unsecured database as part of a series of routine scans for unprotected databases.  A report by c’t explained that the exposure was due […]

#Privacy: Privacy and AI in focus with new remote working trends, study finds

GetApp, a recommendation engine that helps SMBs make informed software purchasing decisions, has announced the results on a new research study which examined the impact emerging technologies are having on workforces, large and small. The study, of more than 900 respondents who reported full-time employment in the United States, identified how emerging technologies have impacted […]

#Privacy: Former FBI scientist joins bot mitigation firm as threat intelligence hacker

White Ops, a company that specialises in bot mitigation, verifying the humanity of more than 1 trillion digital interactions per week, today announced the appointment of Dr. Russell Handorf, former Computer Scientist with the FBI, to Principal Threat Intelligence Hacker. In his new role, Dr. Handorf will lead investigations and operations into dark corners of […]