Targeted Attack Uses Fake EE Email to Deceive Users

The Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) has discovered a spear-phishing campaign designed to defraud corporate executives’ payment details by spoofing EE, a well-known UK-based telecommunications and internet service provider.  These spear phishing messages were reported to the Cofense PDC by end users whose email environments are protected by Microsoft 365 EOP and Symantec. This new, […]

Typosquatting & Duplication of Pharmaceutical Domain – Possibly Used for Phishing Activity

US Pharmaceutical Domain Typosquatted And Duplicated As part of the EclecticIQ Fusion Centre’s on-going coverage of cyber activity related to COVID-19, analysts began monitoring for the targeting of vaccine producers. On April 21st 2020, EclecticIQ analysts observed the duplication of a major US pharmaceutical company’s domain on a domain registered to look similar to the […]

Purpose limitation principle could create the power for citizens to break cascading monopolies

In a riveting talk, Brave Software’s Johnny Ryan explained why the purpose limitation principle could give power to citizens to break cascading monopolies. There is power in data. This power could become almost suffocating, as companies that collect data for one purpose find that data can enable them to carve out a business in another […]

Last Thursday in Privacy virtual event takes place today

Today will be the inaugural Last Thursday in Privacy. A monthly series of events looking at privacy and cyber security topics. This event will deliver guidance on overcoming challenges, addressing hot-button topics in the form of  webinars, panels, fireside chats, eBooks, whitepapers, forums and more, that will be hosted and produced by global subject matter experts in data protection, privacy, security […]