#privacy: Third party exposes data from UK property preservation company

An open database containing more than 18,000 records was found exposed due to a third party provider. Security researcher Mark Daniels discovered the CouchDB database on July 30th. It had contained 18,667 records including names, account numbers, transaction details, admin passwords and user credentials.  Additionally the database also had IP addresses, Ports, Pathways and storage […]

#privacy: Darwin to host cyber-crime lessons for Northern Territory businesses

Cyber scams are costing Australia’s Northern Territory-based businesses around A$1m (£559,780) each year, prompting calls from Darwin police forces for firms to improve their cyber-security offering. However, some of the NT’s more landlocked companies must travel long distances if they want to learn from cyber-security professionals at conferences being held at the state capital. A […]

#privacy: Flaw in Google Nest Cam IQ could be exploited by hackers

The Google Nest Cam IQ has been identified containing a plethora of security flaws which could allow hackers to take control of the vulnerable device.  Researchers Lilith Wyatt and Claudio Bozzato of Cisco Talos discovered the vulnerabilities in the Nest Cam IQ Indoor camera.  Version 4620002 of the Nest Cam IQ Indoor camera was found […]

#privacy: Visa announces new feature to prevent payment fraud

New payment security services will be added by Visa to prevent and disrupt payment fraud.  The new innovative security capabilities will break new ground in cybersecurity and fraud prevention, by detecting and disrupting fraud threats targeting financial institutions and merchants.  The new capabilities will be available to Visa clients at no extra cost or sign-up.  […]

#privacy: Data controller registration will impact upon controllers beyond Turkish borders

Data protection legislation in Turkey stipulates that data controllers must notify the Turkish Data Protection Authority of their processing activities. This means that all data controllers, whether organisations or individual people, who process personal data in Turkey have to be registered with the Turkish DPA’s Register of Data Controllers Information System (VERBIS) before processing can […]

#privacy: MoviePass exposes thousands of customers’ credit card numbers 

MoviePass, the movie ticket subscription service has left tens of thousands of customer card details exposed on an unprotected server.  Security researcher, Mossab Hussain, from cybersecurity firm SpiderSilk found the unprotected database and presented a sample of 1,000 records to TechCrunch to confirm that the customer data was left unencrypted and accessible to anyone.  The […]

#privacy: Banks in Australia issue customer warning after data breach

Bank account holders in Australia have been notified of a new financial institutions data breach concerning PayID data. The incident was disclosed to new payments platform supervisor, NPP Australia on Friday of last week. NPP Australia said that a quantity of PayID records “and associated data in the Addressing Service were exposed by a vulnerability […]

#privacy: Workers need to be more aware of cyber-security risks, study finds

Despite a rise in automation, industrial processes are at risk due to human error, a report on industrial cyber-security reveals. Human errors were discovered to be behind over half (52%) of problems to hit operational technology and industrial control system networks over the past twelve months, research shows. The findings illustrate how organisations need to […]

Cloud computing and IoT perceived to pose greatest cybersecurity risk

A new report from EY have found that over two thirds of British companies feel that cybersecurity concerns prevent them from adopting new technology.  The survey of 175 C-suite executives at UK-based organisations, identified that cybersecurity fears are “thwarting” adoption in vital areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and IoT.  It was also […]

#privacy: Facebook announces new tool “Off-Facebook Activity” 

Users will now be able to view all their data that is shared by third-party websites and apps to Facebook.  The new setting will allow users to clear their history, prevent any future activity from being tracked, and selectively stop specific websites from sending users browsing activity to Facebook. The feature simply removes the connection […]