Transgender charity suffers data breach

Mermaids children’s charity has issued an apology following a data breach exposing parents’ personal emails online. The data breach published more than 1,000 pages of Mermaids’ confidential emails which included the correspondence personal details; names, addresses and telephone numbers, as well as personal messages from parents talking about their children’s suffering. In an official press […]

New Mirai variant called Echobot spotted by researchers

The variant, Echobot has been found containing more than 20 different exploits, targeting IoT devices and enterprise systems. Security researcher Larry Cashdollar announced in a blog post that he had discovered 26 different exploits in Echobot, which is used for its infection vectors. With Echobot, extra modules are added on top of the original Mirai […]

Houdini Worm targeting commercial banking customers

A new variant of Houdini Worm has been identified targeting commercial banking customers with campaigns containing malicious files. In a blog post, cybersecurity researchers from Cofense detected the new variant dubbed WSH Remote Access Tool (RAT), which had been released by the malware’s author on June 2, 2019 . The variant takes five days to […]

Data breach disclosed by Oregon State University

Oregon State University is one more in a line of North American universities to have experienced a data breach in recent weeks. Oregon State University (OSU) has disclosed a data breach which may have compromised the personal and private data of students and their families. Last week, OSU revealed that 636 records of student and […]

Healthcare found to be a favourite target of cryptolockers

Researchers at Positive Technologies investigated the cybersecurity trends of the first quarter in 2019 in the “Cybersecurity Threatscape: Q1 2019” report. The report identified an increase in ransomware trojans from 9% in the last quarter of 2018 to 24% in the first quarter of 2019. However attackers are earning less from “traditional” ransomware and therefore […]

The most dangerous threat to ICS has a new target

It has been identified that the “most dangerous” hacking group, has expanded its target to the utilities sector. According to the security company Dragos, the cyber threat to industrial control systems are proliferating. The hacking group XENOTIME have been found probing into the networks of electric utility organisations in the US using similar tactics that […]

Twitter removes thousands of accounts linked to the Iranian government

The microblogging platform revealed on Thursday that 4,779 accounts have been eradicated as it is believed they are all associated with the Iranian government. Twitter has been releasing transparency reports since October 2018 about state-backed information operations. In the latest report, Twitter has revealed that thousands of accounts located in Iran have been deleted. Twitter […]