PrivSec Podcast: Privacy is a Core Brand Value of a Customer-Centric Business

The next instalment in the PrivSec Podcast Series brings Steve Wright, former Data Protection Officer for the Bank of England, John Lewis and Unilever, into conversation with Chris Combemale, Group CEO at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA).  An experienced Chief Executive Officer, Chris has a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and technology […]

Honda struck by 40GB data breach

Honda Motor Company has suffered a massive data breach after an unsecured Elasticsearch database belonging to the company was discovered to be exposing confidential files. The lost data relates to the firm’s internal systems and devices, with the firm believing that documents compromised may total 134 million. The unsecured data mine was found by security […]

Seattle woman detained for Capital One data breach

This week, news reports broke of a cyber-attack on financial services company, Capital One, which led to the data theft of around 106 million individuals. In a statement, the company said: “The largest category of information accessed was information on consumers and small businesses as of the time they applied for one of our credit […]

PwC fined €150,000 by Hellenic Data Protection Authority

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA) is requiring PwC to implement corrective measures within three months.  In response to a complaint, the Hellenic DPA conducted an ex officio investigation into the lawfulness of the processing of personal data of employees working at PwC. According to the complaint, employees were required to give consent to the […]

Researchers reveals risk of IoT devices utilising unencrypted protocols

New research investigates how IoT devices within smart buildings could be attacked by cyber criminals. In a new report titled “Rise of the Machines: Transforming Cybersecurity Strategy for the Age of IoT”, Forescout Research Labs set up a smart building environment containing video surveillance, smart lighting, and other IoT devices, and analysed how an attacker […]