Ex cyber security chief says Government are using Westminster attack to gain more unnecessary spying powers

The Ministry of Defence’s former cyber security chief has stated that he believes the Government are using the Westminster attack to obtain intrusive surveillance powers which are unnecessary. Major General Jonathan Shaw explained that ministers were using the attack to push for security services to have more control, even though there is a weak case […]

How can marketers stay personal in an age of privacy?

With the imminent arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), media conversations about the potential implications continue to incite panic among marketers. The relationship between marketing and data has continued to grow alongside digital development, to the point where it is now difficult to imagine maintaining relationships with customers without a heavy reliance […]

Google announces plans to downgrade trust in Symantec certificates after more illegit HTTPS certificates are issued

Google has announced that they are downgrading the level of trust that it has in Symantec certificates following an investigation that revealed ‘a continually increasing scope of misissuance’ by Symantec over a period of several years which has exposed users to significant dangers. Google Chrome developers plan to restrict transport layer security certificates sold by […]

Experts warn of the continuing rise of ransomware attacks on internet-connected gadgets

New research this week by National Crime Agency and National Cyber Security Centre revealed that a particular kind of security breach, ransomware, has grown significantly over the past year, with the popularity of internet-connected gadgets increasing the risk of attacks for consumers. The report stated that more devices connecting to the internet means that criminals have […]