Google seeks to dampen Fitbit privacy concerns

Tech giant Google has sought to allay privacy fears now it has completed the acquisition of health and fitness smartwatch maker Fitbit. “This deal has always been about devices, not data, and we’ve been clear since the beginning that we will protect Fitbit users’ privacy,” said Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice-president for devices and services, […]

WhatsApp delays privacy policy changes following Facebook data-sharing concern

WhatsApp has announced a three-month delay to changes to its privacy policy following concerns over mandatory data-sharing with parent company Facebook. The messaging platform had previously announced that from 8 February users would need to agree to some of their data being shared with Facebook if they wish to continue using the service. This included […]

4,000 files feared stolen in cyber attack on Scottish regulator

An environmental regulator in Scotland has confirmed that at least 4,000 files have been accessed and likely stolen by criminals in an ongoing cyberattack on its systems. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) said 1.2GB of data was stolen, including information not publicly available.  SEPA also said this week that it believed the attack, which […]

German retailer vows to fight €10.4million GDPR fine for video-monitoring employees

An online electronics retailer fined for GDPR breaches over its use of video cameras in the workplace has branded its $10.4m fine “unlawful” and vowed to fight it. AG (NBB) was issued with the fine last month by the State Commissioner for Data Protection (LfD) Lower Saxony. LfD said the company had video-monitored its […]

Five Eyes network warns ePrivacy directive change will make online child abuse easier

The intelligence-sharing network Five Eyes has reportedly warned that changes to the European Union’s ePrivacy directive will hamper efforts to combat online child abuse. An amendment to the European Electronic Communications Code, which came into force on December 21, extends the scope of privacy rules to ‘Over-the-top’ applications, including instant messaging services such as Facebook […]

New Zealand reserve bank hit by cyberattack

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has been hit by a cyberattack which may have compromised commercially and personally sensitive information. The bank in a statement earlier today said it was responding “with urgency” after a third-party file sharing service it uses to share information with external stakeholders was hit. It is working to confirm […]

Data stolen in cyber attack on London local authority ‘has been published’

Criminals responsible for a cyber attack on Hackney Council’s  IT systems have now published some of the stolen data, according to the London borough. The council yesterday provided an update on the investigation into the October attack, which caused widespread disruption to public services. In a statement, it said some of the stolen data has […]