China drafts data law amendments

China’s National Information Security Standardisation Technical Committee has released amendments to 2017’s Information Technology – Personal Information Security Specification for public comment. Since becoming effective in May 2018, the standard has set out best practices expected by Chinese regulators, and has been widely used by companies to benchmark compliance in China. The amendments reflect evolved […]

Australian political parties hacked

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has revealed that computer networks of political parties and parliament were infiltrated by malicious software recently. Just months before the Australian nation heads into an election, the PM said that the intrusion was caused by a sophisticated “state actor” and explained that no electoral interference had taken place as […]

UK politicians put renewed regulation pressures on Facebook following Zuckerberg ‘failure’

MPs in Britain have once again voiced the need for Facebook to have stricter regulations, calling for urgent measures to combat the proliferation of fake news through the social network, a BBC report reveals. The firm’s chief, Mark Zuckerberg has been accused of failing to demonstrate leadership and personal responsibility by a Commons committee, due […]

GDPR requests finds that Netflix records adventure film choices

Choose-your-own-adventure production, Blackmirror’s Bandersnatch, which is available on Netflix, keeps a record of all user choice data, a Motherboard report reveals. Research conducted by Michael Veale unearthed the tracking behaviour when he emailed Netflix, requesting his viewing data under GDPR subject access request rules. Veale had intended to execute the action to teach people how […]

CEO’s still risk being the weakest link as security measures struggle to keep pace with innovation

A new report from The Bunker, the UK’s most secure cloud, managed services and data centre provider, has highlighted that senior executives are still often the weakest link in the corporate cybersecurity chain and that cybercriminals target this vulnerability to commit serious data breaches.   According to the white paper, Are You the Weakest Link? How Senior Executives […]