Cost of application breaches hits £5.89m amongst UK businesses

New research has found the average cost for app denial of service attacks has risen to £5.89m per incident amongst UK businesses. Findings from the recent 2018 Application Protection Report reveal businesses across the globe are struggling to protect rapidly expanding application environments, with over a third (38%) of IT and security practitioners admitting they […]

Is Google riding for a GDPR fall?

It has already been fined by the EU once this year. Now an investigation by Associated Press has found that Google tracks our location and stores it, even when we think we have disabled the tracking function. Eric Schmidt, the Google chair once said: “You have to fight for your privacy or lose it.” Well, […]

Pressure group calls for breakup of Facebook

A pressure group backed by a number of disparate organisations has called for the breakup of Facebook, primarily thanks to privacy fears. “Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have amassed a scary amount of power,” says a pressure group called Freedom from Facebook. It said that Facebook “tracks us almost everywhere we go on the web and, […]

ICO strengthens commitment to technology and innovation with appointment of new executive director

The Information Commissioner’s commitment to encouraging new ideas and emerging technologies while protecting people’s privacy has been strengthened with a high-profile appointment. Simon McDougall is joining the ICO as Executive Director for Technology Policy and Innovation – leading new approaches to information rights practice and promoting the legally compliant processing of personal data as a […]