#privacy: New cyber-security enterprise drive comes to Singapore

Multinational cyber-security companies of all sizes which chose Singapore as their base will be able to harness the Republic’s technical expertise, workforce and networks, the city state’s Senior Minister, Teo Chee Hean has said. The coordinating Minister for National Security, Mr Teo underlined how the firms that come to Singapore can take advantage of global […]

#privacy: Bold.com exposes thousands of records

Bold.com, a company that provides solutions that help jobseekers find jobs, and employers find people, exposed part of its internal infrastructure. In a blog post, security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered the unprotected Elasticsearch cluster on August 10.  The cluster contained thousands of records which belonged to the company’s infrastructure team and was not intended to […]

#privacy: UK university to lead doctoral training programmes in cyber-security

EIT Digital, the European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation, is supporting the development of the new programmes. University of London’s Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (CitAI) and Institute for Cyber Security (ICS) will lead two new Doctoral Training Programs (DTPs), supported by the European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation EIT Digital. Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year will be a DTP […]

#privacy: Instagram vulnerability exposing user data is now fixed

Facebook confirmed that a security vulnerability on Instagram put users data at risk leaving them open to attacks.  Israeli hacker, @ZHacker13  discovered the flaw, and found that it would allow threat actors access to user’s account details, names and phone numbers. Essentially the security on Instagram was being bypassed.  In a report by Forbes, the […]

#privacy: New server promises to improve security and data auditing

A new server created by IBM will provide more security in data storage while making information auditable wherever it is held, reports reveal. The global IT firm’s new z15 mainframe has been engineered to support customer data privacy through hybrid multi-cloud ecosystems. The enterprise platform is the culmination of four years’ development – a journey […]

#privacy: Research reveals the most popularly-searched cyber-security terms

Almost 18 months into the era of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, cyber-security has seldom been out of the media headlines. It makes sense that associated terminology, such as ‘fraud’, ‘cyber-crime’, ‘data breach’ and ‘cyber-security’ have increasingly crept into the lexis of the average consumer – a trend to which Google can testify. This […]

#privacy: A third of security pros have admitted to bypassing security checks

Research by Outpost24 found that companies are facing increasing pressure to release applications faster to meet demands.  The survey of 300 security leaders found that 34% of organisations admit to bypassing security checks to get products out to market faster, therefore putting customers at risk of attack.  Alarmingly, 64% of organisations believe that their customers […]