Action is required, says member of Lords Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies

“The pace of change, the velocity of what’s happening – we need to really get far more of a grip and understand how to legislate and regulate in a world where things can go global in a fraction of a second,” says Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE, a member of the House of Lords Select […]

The more accurate facial recognition gets, the more dangerous it becomes, says privacy and technology expert

Professor of Law and Technology and privacy expert, Woodrow Hartzog, and Practice Lead at Securys, John Lloyd, discuss the ethics surrounding facial recognition technology in the lead up to their Last Thursday in Privacy session with Jenny Brennan: “Focus on Ethics: The Global Controversy About Facial Recognition Technology”. The preliminary conversations touched on many of […]

Women in Privacy: Cristina Cojocaru, senior legal counsel for data privacy at Huawei

Data protection and security lawyer, Cristina Cojocaru, senior legal counsel for data privacy at Huawei, talks with PrivSec about the benefits and challenges of being a woman in the increasingly high profile field of data protection and security.  What technical skills are most useful to adopt as privacy and security fields become more intertwined? As […]

FBI warns of fraudulent unemployment claims

US law enforcement body, the FBI, says it has seen a spike in unemployment insurance claims using stolen personally identifiable information (PII). Methods utilised by criminals include online purchase of stolen PIIs, previous data breaches, computer intrusions, cold-calling victims in impersonation scams, phishing, physical theft of data, and from public websites and social media accounts. […]