FBI warns of fraudulent unemployment claims

US law enforcement body, the FBI, says it has seen a spike in unemployment insurance claims using stolen personally identifiable information (PII). Methods utilised by criminals include online purchase of stolen PIIs, previous data breaches, computer intrusions, cold-calling victims in impersonation scams, phishing, physical theft of data, and from public websites and social media accounts. […]

Blockchain could provide privacy-enhancing route for immunity passports

Immunity passports have many challenges including verification, standardisation between countries and counterfeiting, according to a panel discussion at the Last Thursday in Privacy online event on 25 June. Digital wallets that share the minimum information required to prove immunisation could be a possible solution to the verification problem, according to Jamile Hamideh, Chief Legal Officer […]

LTIP panel: Staff surveillance risks missing chance for new relationship

Organisations which use the coronavorus as the impetus for much greater surveillance of their employees may be missing an opportunity to create a “transformative relationship”, according to a panel at The Last Thursday in Privacy online event. The panel “How to minimise insider threats in cyber security during the current pandemic”, as part of LTIP […]

“Even if AI was rid of bias, do we want it?”, asks privacy experts

A push for algorithmic accountability and transparency is growing steadily in the era of Black Lives Matter, but privacy experts are asking an important question. Even if predictive technologies were no longer biased, do we want them? In this month’s Last Thursday in Privacy event, privacy experts discussed how negative characteristics of social life, such […]

AI is key weapon on both sides of the phishing war

The use of artificial intelligence to both cause and combat data breaches reflects that the crime is less about pure technology than it is about understanding human behaviour, according to Mariana Pereira, director of email security products at Darktrace. In a presentation at this month’s Last Thursday in Privacy, organised by the Data Protection World […]