COVID-19 FOCUS: Contact tracing in Ireland

As countries across the world grapple with tracking the virus while protecting data and privacy, Ireland’s contact tracing app has had a better reception than most. PrivSec Report looks at the Irish app’s development and privacy journey. “We got a call back in March from HSE [Ireland’s Health Service Executive] asking if we could help. […]

Cloud facial verification tech used for first time in establishing national digital identity in Singapore scheme

Cloud facial verification technology has been used for the first time in a government national identity programme in Singapore. The country’s National Digital Identity (NDI) programme, driven by Singapore’s GovTech agency, will utilise the technology in SingPass – the digital identity for Singapore residents used by four million people – as proof of ID for […]

Hackers turn hunted in new AI-based cyber security deception tool

The University of Strathclyde has announced that researchers at its Centre for Intelligent and Dynamic Communications are working on a cyber security solution that uses AI and deception to protect network systems. Upon identifying a breach, “Lupovis” – a name derived from “lupus” (Latin for wolf) and “ovis” (sheep) – aims to convince a cyber […]

Participants selected for ICO Sandbox

Many projects, including innovations in crime prevention and technological advances in the health sector, are many to have been selected to take part in the ICO Sandbox.  The ICO Sandbox is an initiative which will support organisations that are developing innovative and viable products and services using personal data that has clear benefits to the […]

AI solutions company raises $12.6 million 

Text IQ, a leading provider of AI solutions has announced that it raised $12.6 million in Series A funding led by FirstMark Capital with Sierra Ventures.  The funding will be used in helping the company accelerate its expansion into enterprise compliance and privacy, as well as help support the expansion of sales and marketing, and […]

IOT & Industry 4.0: Creating the factory of the future with industry 4.0

At the IOT & Industry 4.0 Expo in the Manufacturing & Supply Chain conference and exhibition, Ian Gardner, Industry 4.0 Solutions Architect for IBM, stresses how important data is.  “The most important thing we really need to consider is that really it’s all about data. You can look at sensors, you can look at machines, […]

Containers and Kubernetes are rapidly growing in 2019

A survey released by Diamanti, has revealed that container technology is entering the enterprise mainstream quickly. The survey questioned more than 500 IT leaders and it was discovered that in 2018, just 17% of IT operations teams were driving container adoption, however in 2019 the number has jumped to 35%. This is a clear sign […]