The Great Digital Disruption: Adjusting to a New Normal in Cybersecurity

COVID-19 has forced societies, governments, businesses and individuals to suddenly rethink long-held practices and processes. This includes fundamental aspects of our lives, such as how and where we work, teach, learn, live and interact. It is hard to think of any other single event that has caused as much disruption in such a short moment […]

#Privacy: Financial services organisations are not prioritising compliance in their modernisation efforts

The 2020 Mainframe Modernisation Business Barometer Report reveals just 6% say it’s essential to modernise legacy systems to meet current regulatory and legislative demands According to new global research from Advanced, just 20% of financial services organisations cite an inability to meet compliance and regulatory demands as their top reason for modernising mainframe based legacy […]

#Privacy: How data as infrastructure encourages direct data ownership in the GDPR era

Comment, by Ross Woodham, Chief Privacy Officer at Aptum In a newly published White Paper – ‘Artificial Intelligence: A European approach to excellence and trust’-  the European Commission (EC) has announced plans to position Europe as a global leader in data driven technologies. Although focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), the White Paper covers everything from critical infrastructure to cyber security. In a positive step that […]

New WSO2 Identity Server Release Provides Passwordless Authentication

Some 90% of all the security breaches can be avoided by using multi-factor authentication (MFA). Yet, the majority of enterprises still rely only on usernames and passwords—and avoid other strong second-factor authentication methods—to make user sign-on convenient. To help enterprises combine strong security with a simple user experience, WSO2 has introduced passwordless authentication with FIDO2 […]

A third of organisations have full confidence in their disaster recovery capabilities

New research from Databarracks reveals that more needs to be done to bring business continuity higher up the agenda. The Data Health Check survey, questioned over 400 IT decision makers in the UK, regarding critical issues relating to IT, security, disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity practices.  It was revealed that just 35% of respondents […]

Cyberattacks against manufacturing sector doubled in the past six months

Half of organisations in the manufacturing sector are affected by cyberattacks. IBM’s X-Force IRIS incident response team published new research looking at recent cyberattacks they had assisted with. It was revealed that Industroyer, NotPetya, or Stuxnet, where three types of malicious code which had been designed primarily to cause damage, instead of data theft. The […]

Japan announces the launch of new data-sharing framework

At the G20 summit, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed the launch of the “Osaka Track”. The initiative seeks to promote cross-border data flow with enhanced protections for personal information, intellectual property and cybersecurity.  The Osaka Track follows Abe’s “Data Free Flow with Trust”, a concept that calls for the creation of international regulations which will […]

Nokia warns UK over using Huawei kit

The Finnish company has warned the UK against utilising Huawei’s equipment following fears over network security.  Huawei, the leading telecoms company had been under increasing global pressure following accusations that it conducts surveillance on behalf of the Chinese government, with the US being the most vocal about it.  Huawei has continuously denied all allegations.  Marcus […]