Cloud facial verification tech used for first time in establishing national digital identity in Singapore scheme

Cloud facial verification technology has been used for the first time in a government national identity programme in Singapore. The country’s National Digital Identity (NDI) programme, driven by Singapore’s GovTech agency, will utilise the technology in SingPass – the digital identity for Singapore residents used by four million people – as proof of ID for […]

Three things to consider when securing multi-cloud environments in the public sector

Public sector organisations are all at different points on the cloud transformation and digitalisation journey. Many already recognise the benefits of moving to the cloud and have advanced multi-cloud strategies and stacks, whereas others may just be making the first forays into building a cloud infrastructure. But, in both cases, the digital transformation has led to traditional network perimeters eroding and the cyber risk coming to the fore. In fact, almost […]

BUSTED: Five False Claims About Biometric Authentication

Biometrics authentication technology has been growing in popularity because it can securely authenticate customers without negatively impacting the user experience. Fingerprint and facial recognition technology have become cornerstones for authentication in the financial sector, mimicking the rise of mobile banking, but other forms of biometrics including voice and behavioral are also emerging as key technologies. […]

Somerville: Second U.S city to ban facial recognition

Somerville, Massachusetts has become the second city in the US to ban the use of facial recognition technology.  The “Face Surveillance Full Ban Ordinance” passed Thursday night by Somerville’s City Council, bans the use of facial recognition software in public spaces by any agency, department, bureau and/or subordinate division of the City of Somerville. The […]

Report reveals concerns over visibility and access to trusted data

In Panaseer’s first Security Leader’s Peer Report, a survey of 200 enterprise security leaders was conducted. The report revealed that 89% of security leaders are struggling with insight into trusted data and visibility, with 31% raising concerns that a lack of visibility will impact their ability to adhere to regulations. The report identified that 16.5% […]

Businesses are at risk from fraudulent domains, research reveals

The Domain Fraud Report 2019 by Proofpoint analysed over 350 million domains to help identity domain trends on a global and regional scale. It was identified that domain fraud is a threat to businesses across a variety of industries and geographies with 76% of respondents finding “lookalike” domains posing as their brand, and 85% of […]

Company fined €20K for employee surveillance

France’s data protection authority, CNIL have imposed a penalty against Uniontrad Company following complaints from several employees. Employees from the company had filed complaints about the company filming them at their workstation, between 2013 and 2017. CNIL alerted the company surrounding the rules that employees should not be filmed continuously and all information present on […]

Facebook reveals details on new cryptocurrency Libra

Libra will allow users worldwide to make financial transactions starting from 2020. The digital currency is described as a “global, digitally native, reserve-backed cryptocurrency built on the foundation of blockchain technology”. It allows individuals that may not necessarily have a bank account to transfer money and use it as a method of payment. Authors of […]