Mobile enablement of the workforce – three key components of an enterprise app

The mobile enablement of the workforce is now a pre-eminent focus for any forward-thinking CEO. The world is changing, everything is now more dynamic and distributed, and the workforce needs information instantly wherever they are. Maintaining focus and consistency across a far-flung enterprise team however isn’t easy. More than ever, mobile teams need seamless access […]

GDPR: How should you prepare?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted by the European Parliament in April 2016 replacing the current EU Data Protection Directive which has survived since its introduction in 1998. Interestingly less than 10% of UK households held an internet connection at that time. Unlike the Data Protection Act (DPA), the GDPR sets out responsibilities […]

The unseen threats of wireless connections

Unsecured wireless networks can haemorrhage personal and business data and even create far-reaching legal issues. Once upon a time, owning electronic equipment also meant owning a plethora of cables – it was an accepted drawback of the emerging information age. Even television sets were controlled through cables – anyone remember the Zenith ‘Lazy Bones’ system […]