FBI aims to tackle major increase in dating website fraud

The FBI has put out a warning to dating website users in the US, after the agency reported a 70% leap in numbers of “confidence/romance scams” aimed at love-seekers online. The scams are being used by organised cyber-criminals to dupe daters into sending money, buying products or even laundering cash, the latter of which has […]

North Korea uses $2B in stolen funds to fund weapons program

North Korea has generated $2 billion as a result of repeated cyberattacks on financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.  According to a confidential UN report, seen by Reuters, the $2 billion has been allocated towards North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction programs.  The report said that “sophisticated attacks” had been launched in order to generate income. […]

Twitter may have shared user data with personalised ads without consent

On Tuesday, Twitter announced that an issue on the platform resulted in the company sharing some user data with advertising partners without consent. In a blog post, Twitter stated that it discovered some issues within its setting choices. Impacted users include those who clicked or viewed an ad for a mobile application, and subsequently interacted […]

More details needed over Facebook Libra data security

Data privacy experts across the world are warning of the security dangers presented by Facebook’s forthcoming Libra cryptocurrency. This week, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office joined forces with data privacy commissioners from the US, Australia, Burkina Faso, Canada and the EU to issue a statement of concern. “While Facebook and [its crypto wallet-focused entity] Calibra […]

Bahrain introduces Personal Data Protection Law but is business ready?

Experts fear that enterprises in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain are not adequately prepared to meet tighter data privacy standards enshrined in new data laws. The recently-activated Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) obliges organisations to obtain consent from consumers to harvest, process and store personal data. Consent will also have to be obtained for […]

Data law a priority concern in UAE

Data protection experts in the Gulf are welcoming new data privacy laws being brought in by UAE. UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is due to establish new legislation which specialists anticipate will introduce stricter controls over data privacy and ways in which data is shared with agencies. According to Talal Wazani, a security manager at […]

Gulf data privacy regulators build enforcement powers

Data Protection Authorities in the Gulf are building towards stronger data privacy regulations and improved data law enforcement, following the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation last year. Quatar is standing out from other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nations after launching its Privacy and Protection of Personal Data Law in 2016, while Bahrain […]

Singapore PDPC imposes fines on organisations in breach of PDPA

Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission announced fining five organisations, a total of $117,000.  CDP and Toppan Security Printing were fined $24,000 and $18,000 respectively, for the unauthorised disclosure of CDP’s account holders’ personal data. The most expensive penalty, $54,000, was imposed on Horizon Fast Ferry, for failing to develop and implement data protection policies and […]

StockX confirms being hacked

StockX, a sneaker trading platform, has reportedly been hacked, exposing more than 6.8 million customer records.  On Thursday, customers received a password reset email, with a message attributing the reset to “recently completed system updates on the StockX platform.” The company did not explain further as to what caused the update, leaving customers confused.  When […]

MegaCortex ransomware requests as much as $8.5 million

An updated version of the dangerous ransomware MegaCortex has been identified targeting enterprises in Europe and the US.  Leo Fernandes, Senior Manager of the Malware Analysis and Countermeasures (MAC) team, explained that the operators behind the ransomware are targeting corporations instead of home users. Currently, cybercriminals have only employed MegaCortex in manual, post-exploitation, targeted attacks […]