Webinar on SARs: Challenges and Solutions

Data Protection World Forum in partnership with Data Guidance by OneTrust present SAR Challenges and Solutions webinar. This exclusive broadcast sees Subject Access Rights discussed by our panel of industry professionals, including: Data Protection Officer at iSTORM Solutions Limited, Richard Merrygold; DPO at GDPR Institut, Ray Ford and APAC and CIS Privacy Analyst at DataGuidance […]

Partnership enhances security through space-based backups

Open-source blockchain-focused company SpaceChain has signed a security partnership with Biteeu DCX OÜ (Biteeu), the Global Virtual Currency Exchange powered by Bittrex. The partnership focuses on enhancing the security and data protection through space-based storage solutions. Biteeu is a fully licensed and compliant cryptocurrency exchange in the European Union that views data integrity and security as top priorities for their […]

Report reveals FTSE 250 organisations have weak security

A report by the cybersecurity company Rapid7 examined the overall cyber-exposure and security of the companies listed in the FTSE 250 index. The report reveals that FTSE 250+ organisations, on average, expose 35 servers and devices, with many companies exposing over 1,000 systems/devices. 88% of the FTSE 250+ organisations (231) have weak or nonexistent anti-phishing […]

New York state may ban the use of facial recognition in schools

The emerging technology has been referred to as “new and untested” by lawmakers, putting pressure on the Department of Education to conduct a study. New York state would effectively place a one-year moratorium on using facial recognition technology at schools to allow for more research to be conducted on the issue. The bill had been […]

Google Calendar being exploited by spammers

Experts at Kaspersky have identified multiple cases of a scam targeting users through unsolicited Google Calendar notifications. Google’s anti-spam module avoids flagging notifications from its own services as spam, but spammers are abusing this to bypass the spam filter and deliver emails to inboxes by exploiting the default feature on Google calendar that automatically adds […]

Cyber security type-approval granted by Korean Register

A smart shipping integrated communication system has been granted Korean Register’s first cyber security type-approval certificate. The Korean Register of Shipping is a non-profit classification body founded in South Korea that grants verification and certification for marine vessels regarding design, construction and maintenance. Hyundai Electrics are the recipients of the cyber security type-approval certificate, in […]

Data protection must improve for Malaysia’s e-commerce

E-commerce and e-hailing companies in Malaysia must do more to strengthen data protection standards, the country’s Bar Council has said. The need to bolster data privacy is, in part, due to inadequate enforcement of the nation’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), according to Malaysia’s Information Technology and Cyber Laws Committee deputy chair, Foong Cheng Leong. […]