Blockchain and the GDPR: irreconcilable foes or a partnership with great potential?

At first glance, blockchain and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may seem like they would be wholly unrelated, complete strangers.  But as applications of blockchain expand into the mainstream – payments, healthcare and security, to name a few areas – there are increasing concerns about the (lack of) compatibility between applications of blockchain technology […]

The ransomware demands hitting businesses

The recent hacking of servers belonging to Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of America, targeting files relating to the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup golf tournaments, is an example of the threat posed to organisations’ cyber defences by increasingly sophisticated types of malicious software. The continued growth of digital technologies, automation and the Internet of Things […]

ICO strengthens commitment to technology and innovation with appointment of new executive director

The Information Commissioner’s commitment to encouraging new ideas and emerging technologies while protecting people’s privacy has been strengthened with a high-profile appointment. Simon McDougall is joining the ICO as Executive Director for Technology Policy and Innovation – leading new approaches to information rights practice and promoting the legally compliant processing of personal data as a […]

The EU General Data Protection Regulation: How can legislation keep pace with technology?

Imagine a future society where artificial intelligence (AI) supersedes human intervention and data takes on a life of its own. Sound like science fiction? In fact, we’re already there. The battle lines of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have been drawn. All eyes are on the emergent flashpoints of man versus machine and the notion of […]

OneTrust processes 10,000 requests within two weeks of GDPR going live

OneTrust, which provides privacy management and marketing compliance software, has revealed that its software has received no less than 10,000 requests since GDPR went live. 25th May 2018: To enormous fanfare, The General Data Protection Regulation goes live. 13th June 2018, OneTrust which produces privacy software tools, releases data showing just how much activity there […]