#Privacy: Forensic expert underlines societal threat posed by cyber-criminals

A boss at UK forensic services provider, Eurofins, has spoken out about the major danger that cyber-criminals present to Britain and beyond. Eurofins, which is Britain’s foremost provider of forensic services suffered a cyber-attack itself in the summer of 2019, when the firm’s computer systems were hit by a ransomware virus. The bug forced a […]

#Privacy: Twitter “inadvertently” used phone numbers obtained from users to target ads

Twitter has confirmed that it had been using phone numbers and email addresses provided by users for advertising purposes.   Despite the phone numbers and email addresses being solely used for two-factor authentication, Twitter has admitted that the data was “inadvertently” used in the Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences advertising system.  The Tailored Audiences systems allows […]

#Privacy: CafePress faces class-action lawsuit

CafePress has become the target of a proposed national class-action lawsuit following a data breach exposing more than 20 million accounts.  The data breach had compromised the records of more than 23 million accounts, including their names, physical addresses, phone numbers and passwords.  The consumer-rights law firm FeganScott has claimed that CafePress allowed hackers to […]

#Privacy: Personal data of 92 million Brazilians for sale on underground forums

The personal information of 92 million Brazilian citizens are being auctioned on underground forums.  The auction is said to be present on numerous restricted-access forums on the dark web, to which anyone can access by paying a fee or being invited by someone within the community.  According to BleepingComputer, the personal data is being sold […]

#Privacy: Report reveals 243% surge in cyber-attacks against UK businesses

A report from Beaming has found that on average between July and September, UK firms experienced 157,528 attacks.  The company analysed data from thousands of UK organisations that it supplies for, to which it was revealed that cyber-attacks against UK businesses have soared by 243% this summer, in comparison to last year.  Almost half a […]

#Privacy: At least 68 US government entities hit by ransomware since January

A report by Emsisoft revealed that the average ransomware demand has continued to increase in 2019.  In the “State of Ransomware in the U.S: 2019 Report for Q1 to Q3”, it was revealed that at least 621 government entities, organisations within the education sector, and healthcare service providers were struck by ransomware.  Since the beginning […]

#Privacy: Hackers are now hiding their malicious intentions behind multiple online identities

Optiv’s new 2019 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate (CTIE) report suggests that threat actors are now using “cyber-disguises” to keep their true intentions a secret. Typically, cyber threat intelligence categorises threat actors into fixed classes, such as nation-states, cyber-criminals, and “hacktivists”. However, this report suggests that it is, “a mistake to assume these categories are rigid […]