#privacy: New report suggests cyber laws in Russia will lead to online crime increase

New research has concluded that a reworking of cyber laws in Russia could lead to a rise in global computer crime. The report put together by cyber intelligence company, IntSights, looks at the potential consequences of data laws set to be implemented in eastern European state. The nation’s “Sovereign Internet” law governing consumers, businesses and […]

#privacy: Capital One data breach may be tip of the iceberg for Seattle hacker

Lawyers in the States say that the woman charged with causing the Capital One data breach in July may have illegally infiltrated over 30 other organisations. The suspect, Paige A Thompson from Seattle was arrested last month by Federal police after she allegedly stole confidential data from over 100 million Capital One credit applications. No […]

#privacy: Popular US hotel chain in data breach incident

Choice Hotels in the US has reported how hackers are demanding a cash sum in return for restored control of 700,000 customer records, reports reveal. Among data pinched from the hotel chain are travellers’ names, email addresses and contact numbers, with the theft made all the easier due to a lack of database protection. This […]

#privacy: UK government publishes new cyber-attack defence measures for further education institutions

New guidance published by the UK government has advised colleges to take extra measures in order to protect themselves from cyber-attack. Staff training, thorough and secure data backup, email verification and firewalls are among the actions further education institutions should be executing to meet the rising threat of cyber-crime. The details were contained in a […]

High-severity vulnerability discovered in all versions of Windows

A Google researcher has discovered a high-severity flaw that is affecting all versions of Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 10.  Tavis Ormandy, the security researcher from Google’s Project Zero Team, discovered the vulnerability in the CTextFramework (CTF). CTF is part of the Windows Text Services Framework – a system that manages input methods, keyboard […]

#privacy: Financial firm in Canada spends £53m in data breach aftermath

In June, news broke of how a former employee at financial co-operative Desjardins had shared confidential data with figures outside the company. The data of around 2.9 million individual members and 173,000 business members was illegally delivered to third parties, with details comprising social insurance numbers, names, residential addresses, transaction behaviours and purchases. In the wake […]

#privacy: New Android malware available for renting

A new banking Trojan, dubbed Cerberus, is now available for threat actors to rent. Security researchers from ThreatFabric, discovered the mobile banking malware in June. Cerberus has been written from scratch and does not use any components from other banking Trojans. Once the malware is in an Android device, it will ask for accessibility service […]

#privacy: Defence, police and banks caught up in biometrics data breach

The personal and private information of over 1 million citizens has been compromised following a biometrics system data breach.  The data was found available to public access on a database used by institutions including the Metropolitan police, defence firms and financial organisations. Fingerprints, facial recognition ID, personal data and unencrypted login credentials are among the […]

#privacy: Facebook admits to using workers to listen to users’ conversations

News reports reveal that employees have been paid to transcribe audio footage created by users on Facebook. The famous social network’s disclosure of relying on third-party staff to listen in on voice messages comes after reports of the practice being used by other tech giants, including Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google. According to Facebook, eavesdropping […]

#privacy: Google replaces passwords for Android users

Google announced this week that it will start replacing passwords to provide a simple authentication experience.  In a blog post, Dongjing He, a software engineer, and Christiaan Band, product manager explained that new security technologies are “surpassing” passwords, in regards to strength and convenience.  With that in mind, Google has announced that users of Pixel […]