The global evolution of data protection law – are you meeting your obligations?

Written by David Varney, Head of GDPR at Burges Salmon, Jeremy Dickerson, Head of Technology and Communications at Burges Salmon, Eva Pulliam, Partner at Arent Fox and Christine Chong, Associate at Arent Fox. The introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) at the beginning of the year continues a global trend of law-makers introducing new and more stringent […]

#Privacy: Hackers are using fake coronavirus maps to spread malware

Cyber security researchers have uncovered fake COVID-19 tracker maps infecting victim’s computers with malware once opened.  Following the growing fears surrounding the global health emergency coronavirus, individuals are urgently seeking out information about the coronavirus with many flocking to dashboards to keep track of the spread.  However, according to findings by Reason Labs’ security researcher […]

#Privacy: Hundreds of thousands of credit card details leaked online

Credit card details issued by banks from at least six Southeast Asian countries have been leaked online.   India-based cyber security start-up Technisanct uncovered a series of breaches involving credit card details issued by top banks in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.  Technisanct discovered the breaches after its threat analyst team conducted research […]

#Privacy: Danish DPA issues GDPR fines

The Danish data protection authority has fined the Gladsaxe and Hørsholm municipalities for failing to comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) security requirements.  Both municipalities had reported data breaches after one of each of the municipalities’ computers were stolen.  Nor Gladsaxe Municipality or Hørsholm Municipality’s computers were encrypted therefore leaving citizens at high […]

#Privacy: Swedish DPA fines Google $8m 

The Swedish data protection authority Datainspektionen has issued Google a fine of 75 million kroner ($8 million) for failing to comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Currently, under GDPR individuals have the rights to have search results removed from Google results if deemed irrelevant, inaccurate or “considered superfluous.”  Back in 2017, the Swedish […]

#Privacy: Facebook sued by Australian privacy watchdog

Australia’s privacy watchdog is suing Facebook over privacy breaches relating to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has announced that it had started legal proceedings in Federal Court over allegations that Facebook had “committed serious and/or repeated interferences with privacy in contravention of Australian privacy law,” by exposing users’ […]

#Privacy: Swedish DPA announces investigation into the use of Clearview AI

The Swedish data protection authority, Datainspektionen, has announced that it will investigate various Swedish authorities using Clearview AI.  In a post, the Swedish DPA explained that reports have emerged that facial recognition technology provided by Clearview AI, are being utilised by numerous EU authorities, however it is currently not known if Swedish authorities are utilising […]