#Privacy: EU mulls a five year ban on facial recognition tech

The European Union is considering temporarily banning the use of facial recognition technology in public areas for up to five years.  In an 18-page document seen by the BBC, The European Commission has outlined its plans to introduce new rules that will bolster existing regulations surrounding data and privacy rights.  “Building on these existing provisions, […]

#Privacy: Ukrainian gas company targeted by Russian hackers

The Ukrainian gas company, currently at the centre of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, was hacked by Russian military agents in November 2019. Cybersecurity firm, Area 1 Security, has announced its discovery of an active phishing campaign that has been targeting Burisma Holdings, one of the largest private natural gas producers in Ukraine.  Area 1 became […]

#Privacy: Magecart attackers strike Australia bushfire donation website

A website collecting donations for the victims of the Australia bushfires has been injected with malicious script.  The Malwarebytes Threat Intelligence Team discovered that a legitimate donation collecting website has been compromised by a Magecart script.  The Magecart attack works by loading a malicious credit-card skimmer script named ATMZOW into the checkout pages once a […]

#Privacy: Threat actors demand ransom from surgical company

Threat actors are individually threatening patients of a hacked surgical company and demanding money in return for not exposing their personal information.  In November last year, The Center for Facial Restoration, Inc. (TCFFR), was struck by a cyber attack.  Plastic surgeon and company founder, Dr. Richard Davis wrote in a statement on the TCFFR website, […]

#Privacy:  Facebook refuses to ban political ads

Facebook has chosen not to make amendments to its advertising policies which allows the spread of misinformation in political messaging.  In a blog post on Thursday, Rob Leathern, director of product management announced that Facebook updated their Ad Library to increase the level of transparency and allow people to see fewer political and social issue […]

#Privacy: Cryptojacking drops by 78% across Southeast Asia

An INTERPOL-coordinated operation in Southeast Asia has led to a massive reduction in cryptojacking.  INTERPOL discovered a global cryptojacking campaign which was exploiting a vulnerability within MikroTik routers.  After identifying cryptojacking as becoming an emerging threat in the countries of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, Operation Goldfish Alpha was launched in June […]