Rethinking ‘Disproportionate Effort’ exemption under GDPR for web-scraping

-A Legal Consultancy firm wants to access all the names and contact details of Solicitors in UK. -A marketing agency needs contact details of potential customers so it can promote products/services to them, be it via e-mail , phone or post. In all these circumstances, the business in question will need access to vast amounts […]

The IAB Europe Guide to Cookies: Privacy Promises Should Do More Than Crumble

The IAB Europe recently published a guide called ‘Guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie’ Era’ in an effort to help the AdTech industry begin to find a way forward through this complicated path. The organisation noted that the problem they are facing is huge, as the removal of third-party cookies from Chrome is the “single […]

GDPR 2 Years In: Achieving GDPR Compliance 2 Years On

“Data is the new oil”, is a phrase we hear too often in the modern world. Organisations across the world are transacting and storing explosive amounts of data. This data includes sensitive private data belonging to their customers. The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, that went into effect almost exactly two years ago – May 25th, 2018 […]