Webinar on SARs: Challenges and Solutions

Data Protection World Forum in partnership with Data Guidance by OneTrust present SAR Challenges and Solutions webinar. This exclusive broadcast sees Subject Access Rights discussed by our panel of industry professionals, including: Data Protection Officer at iSTORM Solutions Limited, Richard Merrygold; DPO at GDPR Institut, Ray Ford and APAC and CIS Privacy Analyst at DataGuidance […]

Report reveals FTSE 250 organisations have weak security

A report by the cybersecurity company Rapid7 examined the overall cyber-exposure and security of the companies listed in the FTSE 250 index. The report reveals that FTSE 250+ organisations, on average, expose 35 servers and devices, with many companies exposing over 1,000 systems/devices. 88% of the FTSE 250+ organisations (231) have weak or nonexistent anti-phishing […]

New York state may ban the use of facial recognition in schools

The emerging technology has been referred to as “new and untested” by lawmakers, putting pressure on the Department of Education to conduct a study. New York state would effectively place a one-year moratorium on using facial recognition technology at schools to allow for more research to be conducted on the issue. The bill had been […]

Cyber security type-approval granted by Korean Register

A smart shipping integrated communication system has been granted Korean Register’s first cyber security type-approval certificate. The Korean Register of Shipping is a non-profit classification body founded in South Korea that grants verification and certification for marine vessels regarding design, construction and maintenance. Hyundai Electrics are the recipients of the cyber security type-approval certificate, in […]

Over 40,000 containers hosting devices found exposed

Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 announces the results of its research into container hosting devices. Researchers discovered more than 40,000 unique container hosting devices, which have default container configurations on the internet, exposing personal information. Using the open source Shodan, 20,353 Kubernetes were located in the United States, Ireland, Germany, Singapore and Australia, whilst 23,354 […]

Report released on Cathay Pacific 2018 data breach

Cathay Pacific has been ordered to take remedial action following the data breach exposing 9.4 million people. The Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Stephen Kai-Yi Wong released an official report detailing an investigation into the Cathay Pacific breach. At the time the breach was discovered, it was found that customer data including passenger […]

Facial recognition bank deleted by Microsoft

Microsoft has erased a major facial recognition database holding around 10 million images. According to the Financial Times, the digital online collection that harboured 100,000 well-known faces was being used to improve facial recognition technology. Released three years ago, the database is thought to have been part of efforts to train a computer system run […]

5G is regarded as a catalyst of digital transformation

Capgemini conducted a study surveying over 800 industrial companies’ executives and 150 telecoms executives across 12 countries. When asked which technologies will be the most integral to their digital transformation over the next five years, 75% of respondents answered that 5G would be a key enabler, followed by 84% of respondents stating cloud computing would […]