Fraudio: Cyber-criminals fake boss voices to steal money

Millions have pounds have been stolen from a security firm through a “deepfaked” audio hacking campaign, reports reveal. Software security firm, Symantec, says it has been the victim of three “deepfake” attacks – a method whereby hackers use AI technology to manufacture other people’s voices to trick listeners into following instructions. In this case, a […]

Looking at the current state of data security

The following staggering numbers were revealed by digital security specialists Gemalto: 3.35 billion – the number of data records that were compromised worldwide in the first half 2018 alone. 214 – the number of data records that are lost or stolen every second. 72% – the jump in the number of records compromised in 2018 […]

Customer email addresses exposed in E.On email blunder

E.On has apologised after an automatic mass email inadvertently sent customers the addresses of hundreds of other customers at the energy supplier. The messages, which held requests for energy consumers’ meter readings, should have been delivered to each individual customer. However, each email also bore the details of a further 497 E.On customer names. The […]

7 out of 10 Britons call for tougher punishment when companies flout data privacy

More than a year on from the scandal in which 87 million unauthorised Facebook users’ details were shared with Cambridge Analytica, 71% of UK adults want tougher action in penalising companies that abuse our data privacy by misusing third party data. This is according to new research from YouGov*, with more than 2000 UK adults […]

ICO intends to fine British Airways £183m for data breach

British Airways could face a fine of £183 million as a result of a data breach that was disclosed by the airline on 6th September 2018.  According to Sky News, the carrier today said that it had received notification from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of the regulator’s intention to issue BA with the record-breaking […]

Data protection authority fines Marriott hotels for data breach

Regulators in Turkey have issued Marriott International with an administrative fine of TL 1.5 million (£213,122) due to the impact of the hotel chain’s five-year-long data breach on the country’s citizens. The data breach, which affected millions of guests globally who were listed on Marriott International’s Starwood Division database, compromised the private data of 1.2 […]

Police data-share put King’s College London in breach of GDPR

A review of cyber-security procedures has concluded that King’s College London violated EU data laws when it shared personal and private data of politically active students with police authorities. King’s College London (KCL) has now handed itself into the Information Commissioner’s Office. The review also concluded that none of the data subjects had “been part […]

Max Schrems to meet Facebook in court on 9th July

Austrian privacy activist, Max Schrems will once again go up against Facebook in the European Court of Justice. The outcome of the case could bring new strength to EU citizens’ data rights, and dictate the way companies around the world move private information around. Central to the case is the way the social network and […]