Monitoring in the Workplace – an international perspective on a changing environment

Technological advances are helping many employers to monitor their workforce in increasingly sophisticated ways, whilst at the same time, public attitudes towards individual data privacy are hardening. Two important drivers of these changes came to a head in 2018 – the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the public’s changing […]

Interview: Behind The Great Hack, with David Carroll

Newly released on Netflix, The Great Hack is a documentary that explores the murky data-sharing relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. To briefly recap, in 2014, the private data of up to 87 million Facebook users fell into the hands of UK-based Cambridge Analytica, a data intelligence company, or “full-service propaganda machine” if you ask […]

New Tech, New Threats: Why Organisations Must Be Alert to the Dangers of Integrating New Tech Solutions

Over the last few years, a digital transformation has swept across the world at an unprecedented level. A desperation to apply AI driven solutions, edge computing, commercial drones, cloud storage and dare I mention, IoT software wherever possible. There is no doubt that some of the ‘experimentation’ has supported increasing efficiency, driven higher profits and […]

Why employees are a threat to cyber security

The most common cyber attacks reported by UK companies in 2018 were all incidents that take advantage of employees and pose significant risks to businesses. According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 80% of companies reported phishing attacks, while 28% noted incidents involving impersonating an organisation in email or online and 27% reported viruses, spyware […]

The ICO holds CEOs responsible, but the customer is the boss

Hefty fines mean data regulation and ethics, previously a specialist topic, is now being discussed at the highest level of organisations. Facebook, in particular, knows data protection authorities have claws, being fined $5bn last week by America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Brought on by privacy violations linked to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the amount dwarfs […]

Threat Spotlight: Lateral Phishing

Account takeover continues to be one of the fastest growing email security threats, but attackers are starting to adapt, introducing new ways to exploit compromised accounts.  Teaming up with leading researchers at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego, Barracuda researchers uncovered a new and growing type of account takeover attack: lateral phishing. The study found that 1 in 7 […]

Bright new minds urgently needed to steer the course towards greater cyber resilience

The UK’s pioneering technology sector could be left trailing behind other countries in the race to develop cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and software because of an acute skills shortage, a leading tech expert fears. Businessman Austen Clark believes that competition to recruit from talent pool is so great that firms need to invest in school leavers […]

PrivSec:Report Weekly Roundup

Each week, PrivSec:Report presents the top 5 headlines from the week’s news and upcoming events in the privacy and security industry. This week it’s been revealed there’s been an increase in the number of whistleblower cases related to GDPR, and the world became obsessed with making themselves look old but were unaware of the implications […]