Identity as an enabler: How can security teams shift their reputation?

For many, digital transformation has been little more than a buzzword that is thrown around, never really materialising into change at the organisational level. However, this is likely to change as we emerge from the pandemic and businesses take steps to prepare for any future disruption, learning from this year’s remote working successes and failures. […]

BUSTED: Five False Claims About Biometric Authentication

Biometrics authentication technology has been growing in popularity because it can securely authenticate customers without negatively impacting the user experience. Fingerprint and facial recognition technology have become cornerstones for authentication in the financial sector, mimicking the rise of mobile banking, but other forms of biometrics including voice and behavioral are also emerging as key technologies. […]

Ransomware 2020: why legacy backup systems should be left in yesteryear

Year on year ransomware, and the criminals distributing it, becomes more sophisticated and subsequently harder to defend against. Until now traditional detection and prevention tools have largely protected us against criminal’s tactics of throwing a flurry of threats our way and hoping one sticks, but that won’t work in 2020 and beyond. Cybercriminals are getting […]

How can companies best protect data with complete control and transparency?

We’re approaching the second anniversary of GDPR coming in to force and data security has never been more important for all organisations and boards of directors. However, there is still confusion around data organisation and management especially when it comes to privacy compliance. Compliance regulations are increasingly prevalent and stringent, and companies are spending considerable […]