#Privacy: OneTrust annnounces CCPA same-day fast track implementation program

OneTrust has announced the CCPA Same Day Fast Track Implementation Program, providing organizations same day resources to get started with CCPA consumer rights compliance efforts and implementation by Jan. 1. With less than two months until the CCPA’s Jan. 1, 2020 effective date, it’s critical privacy professionals build programs and processes to meet the law’s requirements. OneTrust’s CCPA Same […]

#Privacy: Financial sector won’t get away with data breaches this holiday season, study warns

Fears of data loss, identity theft and fraud are leaving American consumers on edge this holiday season, and they’re prepared to hold their financial institution responsible for the damages. This is according to “How Fraud Stole Christmas“, a new study released today by leading digital risk protection company Terbium Labs, which found that a strong majority […]

#Privacy: How do you protect a company against the evolving phish?

October marks European Cyber Security Month, a campaign aimed at raising awareness of cybersecurity threats and offering guidance to European citizens on best practises to stay safe online. With much talk in the media about state-sponsored hacking, complex breaches and whole teams of criminal hackers, people may be forgiven for forgetting the threat posed by […]

Open today! Welcome to PrivSec Accountability Financial Services 2019

Today at the Barbican Centre in London, PrivSec Accountability Financial Services (FS) 2019 presents a day of exploration into the relationship between cybersecurity and data privacy in the financial sector. This one-day conference will bring unique opportunities to knowledge-share and network among senior business operatives, while benefiting from the insight of a series of subject-matter […]

#Privacy: Reducing the risks posed by artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating a new frontier in information security. Systems that independently learn, reason and act will increasingly replicate human behaviour. Like humans, they will be flawed, but also capable of achieving great things. AI poses new information risks and makes some existing ones more dangerous. However, it can also be used for […]

#Privacy: How cyber-criminals hack software to take over cars

A new report from IntSights details the ways that cybercriminals are able to break into a new generation of highly digitized cars. Cybersecurity firm IntSights recently released, “Under The Hood: Cybercriminals Exploit Automotive Industry’s Software Features,” study details how hackers are managing to get into cars and do damage. “The pressure to deliver products as fast as […]