#Privacy: Getting the most out of IoT starts with strong cybersecurity

Internet of things (IoT) applications are transforming enterprise efficiency – but they’re also introducing new threats. As IoT apps progress toward a potential $11 trillion economic impact by 2025, businesses are increasingly benefiting from IoT-driven technology like smart labels. But cybercriminals also see an opportunity in the IoT market, developing sophisticated new strains of IoT-focused malware. […]

#Privacy: Self-Encrypting Drives are the answer to data protection concerns now and in the future

The data protection landscape is rapidly changing in scope, breadth and depth. With changes to data protection laws in recent years, organisations today must keep up with all that is happening in the world of data protection. Data protection no longer solely applies to risk management such as business continuity and disaster recovery, but also […]

#Privacy: The new weak link in an organisation’s cyber security chain

Mobile computing, cloud applications and tele-work have all combined to erode the traditional corporate security perimeter — and, in doing so, have largely transferred the attack surface to end-user devices. Each endpoint is now its own perimeter in today’s Zero Trust environment — a weakness that can allow attackers to compromise the network. One errant […]

#Privacy: tool consolidation, vendor accountability and cloud breach on horizon for 2020

ExtraHop, a specialist in cloud-native network detection and response, has announced its top predictions for the cybersecurity and technology industries in 2020. Informed by insight from customers, partners, and industry analysts and insiders, ExtraHop leaders predict a year of tool consolidation, headline-grabbing breaches, and a shifting industry focus on what makes a successful tech start-up. […]