GDPR and the insurance industry

The introduction of the GDPR is going to have a significant impact on the insurance industry. On the commercial side, demand for dedicated cyber and data breach insurance policies is already growing, and will continue to grow until the regulation comes into force in May next year and beyond. But the biggest effect is going […]

The growing threat of the dark web

It seems like the UK can barely go a week without a massive cyberattack grabbing the headlines. Last month we had the NHS ransomware attack. This week Parliament was targeted with up to 90 email accounts were compromised, while the UK energy industry is saying that it’s facing a threat due to the trend towards decentralised […]

A Solution to the Confusion of GDPR

With than less than one year left to go until full compliance with GDPR is required, preparation among businesses to ensure compliance is underway. However the lack of understanding and misconceptions of the scale and full impact of GDPR is negatively influencing efforts. In fact, some businesses are incorrectly cancelling their preparations due to a […]

GDPR: focus on the opportunity

With a tsunami of regulation coming into full force, businesses can be forgiven for feeling rather overwhelmed, particularly those within the financial services space. With one year to go before we see the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there is a focus on the lack of preparation from firms to be […]