A less discussed aspect of the GDPR: is data protection consumer protection?

Under the GDPR’s strengthened data subject rights and increased accountability requirements, the consumer protection aspect of data protection is likely to become increasingly prominent, potentially adding to the emphasis on enforcement under the GDPR.  Early compliance and incorporating the principles of the GDPR into day to day operations, the architecture of products and the delivery […]

69% of UK boards neglect GDPR compliance

69% of board-level executives are neglecting to ensure the UK businesses they run will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to new research from Calligo. The figures were in a survey of 500 IT decision-makers in companies with more than 100 employees and £15 million turnover, examining how businesses are preparing for […]

GDPR and Big Data – Friends or Foes?

We have only just started to reap the benefits of “Big Data” – from foreseeing deadly infections to fraud detection.  It is a key source of value for many industry sectors: profiling, spotting market trends, product performance analysis and forecasting future outcomes. The use of large data sets that are collated and analysed to discern […]

Getting your ship in order for GDPR

Recent research has shown that UK companies are struggling to get ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in key areas such as the management of personally identifiable information and data breaches.  For example, only 40% of companies check on every occasion whether a customer has given permission for records to move between […]