Make do or mend? The realities of why organisations can’t ‘just’ patch   

The issue of security patching has come to the forefront of cyber security discussions more than ever in recent months. We know that out-of-date software, systems and servers are prime targets for attackers armed with exploits. May’s WannaCry attack exploited a Windows vulnerability, and although Microsoft had already released a security patch months earlier to protect […]

Could blockchain be the key to protecting your business ahead of GDPR?

A looming deadline Governments throughout the world are confronting the very real threat that large-scale data breaches pose, and are consequentially tightening the laws around how personal data is recorded, stored, distributed and destroyed. Despite garnering its fair share of column inches, there is still a general feeling of unpreparedness among businesses in Europe regarding […]

The price of privacy

In 1988 Blaupunkt launched the world’s first commercial SatNav system for cars – the Travel Pilot. It was pretty basic with a green screen vector-graphic display in a chunky box that sat on your dashboard and connected to a separate disk drive which held the maps. If you wanted to own this new technological marvel […]