GDPR – cloud computing can help achieve strong data security through enterprise-grade tools and measures, and preventing inappropriate access to data and information

Anybody responsible for their organisation’s regulatory compliance activities needs to be well prepared for GDPR and not underestimate what is required in complying with it. In brief, data protection requirements will become more stringent than those introduced in the pre-internet era that they replace. And, for the first time, data processors, currently not covered by […]

5 ways to prepare for an IT outage

SMEs are increasingly finding themselves facing IT outages, whether from a cyberattack, a simple failure or a natural disaster. Whilst they may not consider themselves as vulnerable as their larger counterparts, it is just as vital for smaller enterprises to understand the risks and invest in business continuity to keep business disruption to a minimum. […]

SS7 – the hack that can drain your bank account

Deployed for over 35 years, System Signaling 7 (SS7) is the signaling that enables mobile and fixed network operators to setup and teardown calls, route text (SMS) messages, support inter-network connectivity, transparent roaming, and provide per-session information such as caller ID. Today, SS7 is a critical part of the global telecommunications infrastructure. However, since SS7 […]

Ransomware attacks show that businesses aren’t ready for GDPR

Ransomware attacks are being launched against businesses, organisations and governments around the world almost every day, bringing cyber security into the forefront organisations’ strategies. The surge in cyber crime also poses a threat to the safety of customers’ personal data. On May 25th next year, General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) will come into effect, placing responsibility […]

Strategies to strengthen your cybersecurity posture

There have been too many instances of human error causing company data to be compromised. From the Snapchat breach, where an attacker posed as one of the company’s chief executives to trick an employee into releasing employee financial data, to the Seagate incident where a senior HR executive became the victim of a sophisticated phishing […]

GDPR and Wi-Fi – what you need to know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which comes into force across the EU in May 2018 – will impact every company providing public Wi-Fi services.  From coffee shops to train stations, the increased data protection responsibilities for the use and storage of EU citizen data is poised to have a significant impact on how […]

Exploring cybersecurity’s diversity problem

The latest report from the Centre for Cyber Safety and Education and Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy (EWF) on Women in Cybersecurity, sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alta Associates, Veracode, IBM Security and (ISC), confirms that cybersecurity is still a predominantly male, middle-aged profession that is failing to attract female recruits. The […]